Jon Hersey - Family Man HTML version

It all started - 1993
Two men were charged with the task of developing new methods for use in clandestine
operations. These new methods were to provide the skills to accomplish assignments
without anyone knowing an agent was there - like ghosts. Their research included
movies, books, college thesis, field agent interviews, situation reports, retired agent
interviews, and comic books. Their two year project report was submitted to their risk-
adverse section chief who was under intense scrutiny for two failed field operations
within the past year. Their 47 page report was strategically mis-filed in an archived,
retired agent's personnel file and the document scrubbed from the computer system.
The two report authors, believed to have been idling for the project's duration, were
reduced in grade and transferred to basement jobs. Their careers were poisoned by a
section chief who is the illustration next to the definition of the Peter Principle.
Daryl Alexander and Peter Stone left the CIA after 12 years of service, two of which
were lost (much like their 47 page report). Daryl went to work for an uncle as an
insurance agent. Peter used an inheritance from a favorite aunt to buy the first of
seventeen businesses over the next six years.
It was 2005, over dinner with a close friend, Undersecretary of State Albert Hollier,
when Peter learned that a surprising 1.3% of small businesses supplying the
government, are suspected of illegal sales or service to "the enemy". The GSA, short on
resources, has enough staff to inspect only the big businesses.
In 2006 Peter founded Zeta Consulting Group. Daryl was Zeta's first employee. Daryl
arrived at Peter's home with their 47 page report.
Peter's 17 small businesses, ranging from $12M to $142M annually, provide the funding
for the private clandestine operation that is known only to its employees. The nine
employees of Peter, Daryl, Anna, three investigators, and three "disrupters" make up
the Zeta family.
Initially Peter did investigating to find the criminal companies. Daryl accepted and
excelled at finding the specific individual(s) responsible for the anti-American activities
then disrupting their lives without leaving a trace of their involvement. Daryl's
communication, analytical, and people skills made him the logical choice for employee
They quickly discover the need for a well educated specialist in computers, science, and
all things forensic. Anna was found when she was the only applicant to respond to their
classified ad:
Wanted, a computer know-it-all. On-call
24-7. Top 1% of class. Enjoys complex
problem solving with critical time
restrictions. Reports to demanding boss.