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Myra Nour
Cover art by Dawn Seewer,
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5 Stars!
This is a great scene, that’s the best way to describe this short story, and what a ride!
Joe wakes up in a garbage heap in an alleyway, having no idea how he got there, or
even what his name is, except for a name tag on his shirt. As he finally gets up and
starts to move toward the street, he hears sirens and screams. Thinking it’s an accident,
Joe moves towards the street. What he sees, is people running and total chaos on the
street, and several people lurching his way. As they get closer, Joe begins to believe
he’s stumbled into seeing a film with zombies. But as Joe continues to watch, he
realizes that it’s not a film. Joe is weak, hurt and tries to follow the people that were
running away.
This is a short story, and it’s described in such beautiful, gory detail, that you may lose
your appetite. Myra Nour is a master at endings that you don’t always expect, and this
story is no different. This is a terrific short that could easily be a scene from a longer
Cyrene Olson, Uncaged Book Reviews
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