Jody Wilson: Do You Love Me? HTML version

As for English, you can get by in the downtown area
and much of suburbia. Being an American cat, I understood
that there was only one dominant language in North America.
At the moment, Spanish is expanding in various regions of
the United States. The French language is not spreading has
not spread to the United States.
Cynthia and I loved to take long walks, read, go to
the mall and eat, watch television, and other fun stuff.
However, there was something that was still pestering
me. How to find Cynthia Corbett ‘Mr. Right’?
It would be a little bit tricky and difficult because
Cynthia wasn’t quite normal; mentally. Her experience with
the gang-rape, the cold criminal justice system, and her
other problems, weren’t going away. In fact, underneath our
relative happiness was a very depressed and anxious young
Cynthia and I decided to go to Westmount Park on a
beautiful Sunday morning. We awoke to the sound of our
alarm clock.
“Jody, please turn that ugly alarm off! I can leap
like you can. I’m only a human being,” requested Cynthia.
“Don’t worry, Cynthia, consider the alarm clock turned
off,” I responded.
I leaped onto the alarm clock then quickly turned it
Cynthia and I had gotten a good night’s sleep; however
getting out of bed for humans if often quite difficult. I
had to say this but I’ve picked up some human habits.
Waking up isn’t quite the same as it was before. I’ve
become too chummy with my human friends, especially
“Cynthia, rise and shine!” I exclaimed.
“Okay, my dear love,” responded Cynthia.
Cynthia and I got out of bed then headed for the
restroom. We took turns washing up then I exited the
Cynthia disrobed then hopped into the shower. I was
forbidden to see Cynthia in the nude. Never mind that we’re
both girls and that I’m a cat. Cynthia still hadn’t fully
recovered from her gang-rape ordeal.
Although I loved Cynthia more than anyone else in the
world and I wanted her to make a full recovery, I was
pessimistic about her making a recovery soon.
Even a cat knows that a gang-rape isn’t something that
just goes away. The memory will always be there, no matter
how much therapy the victim gets.