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Afterwards, Cynthia and I sat down on a black sofa then closed our eyes.
A short while later we were awakened by the opening of the thick, steel door.
Dr. Hirsi returned with a clipboard in his hand. I figured that we had to fill out a questionnaire or a company form. No governmental forms were in sight, of course.
“Cynthia, I must ask you to fill out this form. You should not use your real name. We have given you the number 12345-A to use for identification purposes. This will be for our record. We try to keep track of how many fleshy androids we manufacture for each age, socioeconomic, racial, and gender cohort.
Hopefully, someday our services will be legal. Then we can spread our services to the rest of Canada and the United States. If all goes well, citizens from abroad will be able to order their own personalized fleshy androids.
As of this moment, we only have two standard fleshy androids for each gender.
“Cynthia, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to fill out this short form. Meanwhile, Jody, I want you to come with me for a private chat.”
I went along with Dr. Hirsi, but Cynthia didn’t like it one bit. She eyed us until we left the secret chamber.
Dr. Hirsi and I walked down a long corridor until we reached his secret office.
After entering Dr. Hirsi’s office, we sat down. Dr. Hirsi began to cry. I had to know why, so I asked him.
“Dr. Hirsi, why are you crying?”
“Jody, please leap into my arms and give me a big hug and a kiss. Also, I want you to rub your face against my cheek. I want you to mark me as all yours!
“Jody, I’m in so much pain! My wife left me because of my work. Now, I she’s with another man. I know she’s trying to rub it in. She’s a little wench! I hate her!
Jody, please tell me the three golden words.”
“Dr. Hirsi, I will on the condition that you come clean with me. It just doesn’t seem right that your wife would leave you without any reason or provocation.
What are you hiding from me?”
At that point, Dr. Hirsi broke down. His eyes became bloodshot and his shirt was drenched with tears. He looked like a man who’d just lost his life’s savings.
“Dr. Hirsi, I want to know what you did to your wife.”
“Okay, Jody, I’ll come clean! I was married for three months before our problems began.
I’d come home all exhausted and tensed up then I’d hear her bitching and more bitching. One day I got fed up with it. I told her to shut up or else I’d leave her. That’s when she threatened to go to the Montreal Gazette and tell them about my underground activities.
Jody, she and I got into a horrendous argument. That’s when it got physical. She came at me with a large kitchen knife. What was I supposed to do?
I picked up a chair then smashed her skull with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop after one smashing. I kept on going and going until her brains were splattered on the kitchen floor.
My wife was a citizen of a foreign country. For my own safety, I won’t tell you where she was from. In fact, we got married overseas. She and I came to Canada on separate flights. You see, she didn’t report her marriage to Immigration Canada. I figured if she came here as a visitor, I could later help her get her immigration status.
In effect, nobody at work ever knew that I was married. Now, as for the cadaver, I put the cadaver into a black garbage bag then dragged it to the garage.
Once there, I struggled to hoist the cadaver up unto the trunk of my van. Afterwards, I closed the hatch then returned to the kitchen.
I sprayed the entire area with ‘special solution’ to remove any trace of blood. I watch CSI, so I know what to do. Also, I painstakingly wiped every square inch of my home and van and anywhere else on the premises to erase her fingerprints.
As for her family, they never knew that she’d gotten married. You see, they wanted her to marry from her own kind. I wasn’t one of them. They would never have agreed to our marriage.
Anyway, I waited till late at night before driving to a special place. As soon as I arrived, I attached several bricks to the cadaver the tossed it into the St. Lawrence River.
Jody, I made sure that the cadaver would never surface, and would be eaten by water creatures. I cut up her body and poked some holed into the garbage bag.
Jody, do you love me?”
“Dr. Hirsi, I love you! Just don’t tell anyone in the whole world what you’ve just told me. Also, don’t do it again! You are a physician! The last thing you want to do is to get into trouble with the law!”
Dr. Hirsi was still crying. So I licked his chin and gave him a kiss on the cheek. That put a smile on his face.
We returned to the secret chamber to find Cynthia speaking to the fleshy android samples. Actually, they weren’t even turned on. Cynthia’s behavior had become a bit bizarre at times.
“Dr. Hirsi, here is your form and here is your ten thousand dollars in cash! Now, give me my husband!”
“Okay, Cynthia, just give me a few minutes to get everything straightened out. I’ll be back with your husband in a few minutes. He won’t be one of these fleshy androids.
Dr. Hirsi left the secret chamber then returned a few minutes later accompanied by a tall, handsome, athletic man. A really good-looking stud!
“Here is your husband! His name is Rock Brennan. He’s a good man.”
After carefully examining Rock, Cynthia smiled at Dr. Hirsi then thanked him.
We left the secret place with smiles on our faces. Actually, I had a forced smile on my face. I sensed that something wrong was going to happen. It was too good to be true. How could Cynthia be content with a husband who gave her everything that she wanted, without ever saying no, or even flinching?
Believe me, I wasn’t envious or jealous. I had the best in mind for Cynthia and Rock. I wasn’t pissed off at Cynthia because she had a man in her life and I didn’t have a tom cat. And, I wasn’t pissed off at Cynthia because she was married and I wasn’t. Finally, I wasn’t pissed off at Cynthia because I’d most certainly be left out of many of her escapades with Rock; really!
After walking for roughly fifteen minutes, we decided to go west on St. Catherine Street. As soon as we got there I noticed the women passer bys eyeing and winking at Rock. He was too handsome for Cynthia’s own good. Believe me, females of the human species cheat on their spouses as often as the males; they just don’t boast about it. Take it from a cat; it’s the honest truth.
Every single one of those wenches would’ve slept with Rock in a blink of an eye. Although Cynthia casually took notice of a minority of the wenches’ eyes, she was primarily fixated on Rock. I could tell, as soon as we got home, it would be lights out for all of us. I’d be sleeping in the living room, while the two love birds would be together naked wrestling.
When we got to Atwater, Cynthia told us that she wanted to go to McDonalds and eat a fish trio (fish sandwich, fries, and drink, special price).
I told her that it was a good idea. Although Rock was a newer model of fleshy android he didn’t eat or drink. Neither did he sweat. Yes, you guessed it, he was infertile. He could only go through the motions and act it out but he could never impregnate Cynthia. Well, she could’ve gone to the animal shelter near Namur Metro Station and get herself a little kitty.
As soon as we entered McDonalds two teeny boppers winked at Rock. He didn’t return the wink because he was programmed to be monogamous.
We stood in line for several minutes then gave our order when our turn came. We specifically asked for takeout. We wanted to eat at home in peace and quiet.
The cashier was a cute teenager with jet black hair, green eyes, and freckles on her face. She looked like she had a crush on Rock.
After we ordered our food, Cynthia made it clear to the cashier that Rock was hers and nobody else’s.
“Honey, Rock is mine! I know you want to make love to him, but you can’t. THIS IS MY HUSBAND! Got it?”
“Honey, maybe I won’t make love to him, but someone else will! From now on you must hold onto him tightly. I’m certain that there are other girls who are more qualified than I am to snatch him away from you.
You’re lucky that I’m on duty. Otherwise, I would’ve snatched him away from you. Got it, honey?”
After we got our order the cashier wiped a dribbling tear from her eye, she filled our takeout bag with packets of ketchup, pepper, and some napkins.
This little teeny bopper had a big crush on Rock. Meanwhile, he was frozen-faced, unable to utter a word. Lucky for Cynthia Rock was only programmed for her.
We left McDonalds Restaurant famished and obsessed with our food.
We walked on St. Catherine Street until we arrived at Greene Avenue. From there we walked due north to Sherbrooke Street. Afterwards, we continued our trek westwards.
Twenty minutes later, we were back home ready to eat. Cynthia and I got into a minor skirmish. You know how it is when you’re tired, low on sugar, and tensed up.
“Jody, stop being a lioness! You took five packets of ketchup and five of pepper while I only have two packets of ketchup and one of pepper. I want what is mine!”
“Cynthia, stop being a little wench!”
Yikes, I accidentally called Cynthia the ‘W’ word. It came out of my mouth by force and without my consent. I was very hungry and pissed off at Cynthia’s pestering me; any time except when I’m about to eat!
“Jody, you called me a wench! You hurt me just like Jeff and his buddies. Remember, when I was gang-raped. I’m certain that they called me a wench while they were violating my dignity and body.
Jody, you broke my heart! I need an apology, the three golden words, and your promise never to do it again!”
“Cynthia, I apologize for calling you a wench. As for not doing it again, I will not promise you anything. I will try my hardest not to do it again. However, you must look at your own sins before you judge mine.
Cynthia, you’ve called me a nasty name or two in the past. I never asked you to apologize to me or to promise me anything.
Cynthia, I’m very hungry! I’m stressed out! I’m tired! And I need a caffeine fix really badly! This is not the time to piss me off! I might bite your hand, or worse!” DON’T STOP!

For the following three months it was the same old story; Cynthia and Rock were madly in love; going out to the movies, to eat, skating, and taking long walks. Not to mention, late night television viewing. They’d rent out love stories; yucky stuff for me! Well, not really.

The problem that I anticipated happened on a cold Saturday evening.
Cynthia and Rock began to make love at 1:00 P.M. and were still going at it at 10:00 P.M., in spite of my repeated warnings to both of them that something terrible was going to happen.
In all, I warned them seven times. Each time I warned them Cynthia went ballistic on me.
“Jody, leave me alone! What I do with my husband is my own business and nobody else’s! Stop being a wicked witch!”
After the seventh time I called it quits. It was now only a matter of when the problem was going to occur.
At 10:25 P.M. I Cynthia began to shout at Rock. At first, I thought that he was assaulting her. I bared my teeth, extended my claws, and prepared myself for battle.
However, a few seconds of pondering answered my question. Rock wasn’t trying to harm Cynthia. In fact, he was off, for good!
“Rock, don’t stop! Keep on going! Honey, don’t lay still! I need you! I want you! I love you! Damn it, I paid ten thousand dollars for you!”
After the shouting episode came the crying episode. Cynthia began to cry like a little girl. It was like someone stole her doll.
I knocked on the door then entered. I saw Cynthia hunched over on the carpet while Rock was frozen stiff like a cadaver. In fact, he was a cadaver.
All of the action had caused a serious internal circuit problem that couldn’t be repaired by an amateur, let alone a young wife and her cat friend.
“Cynthia, did he stop suddenly, or did he slow down to a full stop?”
“Jody, I don’t know what happened! We were making love like a normal married couple then all of a sudden he stiffened. Now I don’t have a husband!
We need to go to the secret place as soon as possible!”
“Cynthia, we’ll have to wait until at least Monday morning”
“Jody, I can’t wait until Monday morning! This is my husband, not some stupid boyfriend! I want you to escort me to the secret place. When we get there we’ll tell Dr, Hirsi what happened. But first, I need proof.”
Cynthia and I removed a burned fuse from Rock’s head. I didn’t say anything about endeavors with her husband. ballistic. Our relationship would’ve been strained beyond repair.
Still, I’ve always found it impossible to believe that humans could ever have ‘our level’ of endurance. Cynthia was sick. I’d known her for far too long not to have known that.
The hours of lovemaking was a symptom of some other underlying problem. Well, as long as Rock was around, I could never find out what that problem was.
Anyway, Cynthia kept insisting that we go to the secret place there and then. After roughly twenty requests, Cynthia’s Cynthia
lioness-style would’ve gone I finally caved in. Also, it appeared as though Cynthia was about to have a nervous breakdown.
“Cynthia, I capitulate! Let’s go to the secret place and get your duplicate, or immediate and unconditional repair!”
“Jody, you are a wonderful cat! I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”
Cynthia and I washed up then exited our apartment. We ran to the elevators then Cynthia pressed the down button.
After waiting for a minute, the elevator doors opened. We entered the elevator with full earnest.
Cynthia pressed the Lobby button, causing the elevator doors to immediately close and the elevator to descend to the ground level.
As soon as we the elevator doors opened, Cynthia and I bolted out of the elevator and then the apartment building. The security guard gave us a long stare. He knew that something was wrong.
Cynthia and I briskly walked to the secret place. We were in no mood to use public transportation or a cab. We just wanted to get there in one piece and before the place closed for the night; whenever that may be.
Cynthia and I continued our trek until we near the secret place.
The secret place had burned to a crisp! There were fire trucks, patrol cars, and many onlookers from the neighborhood and abroad.
As expected the area was engulfed in smoke. It was apparent that there would be no more fleshy androids to marry.
Hereafter, Cynthia and I would have to search for a real-life husband. I noticed that her face had become pale. She needed much more of what Rock had given her. Even to repair Rock was now impossible; at least for the time being.
I was ready to search and search for Mr. Right in order to alleviate Cynthia’s frustrations and suffering.
Near us was the fire marshal, at tall, handsome, wellbuilt man in his early forties. To me, he looked like he was taken. I couldn’t imagine this man being single.
“Jody, I want the fire marshal to be my husband! I want him to make love to me right now! I love him! I know that he loves me too!
Jody, I’m going to propose to him right now!”
“Cynthia, you can’t do that! He’s on duty! He’s definitely married! He’ll think that you’re crazy! Please don’t ignore my warning!”
“Jody, stop being a witch! You don’t love me!”
“Cynthia, I love you! Please don’t do this. You’re suffering from the rebound effect.”
Thankfully, I finally convinced Cynthia to back down from what could’ve been a tragedy for her.
It was then that I notice the fire marshal was wearing a marriage ring. Yes, the stud of the fire department was married. I was right once again.
“Mr. Fireman, can you tell us what happened here?”
“Girls, we suspect arson in this matter. Also, there appears to have been some serious illegal activity in the building. As you can see, we’ve closed off the area to everyone except authorized personnel.
Also, we suspect that there are secret passageways deep underneath this burned-up building.
The police have informed us that a dark complexioned man was seen running from the building a few seconds before the fire was first noticed.
An elderly woman who was walking her cat saw this evasive man. Unfortunately, her testimony will not hold up in a court of law. She’s not all there, if you get what I mean.
In this regard, the police can’t be certain what race the suspect belonged to. A dark man on a dark night, witnessed by an eighty year-old woman won’t carry any weight.
The elderly woman also stated that the man was roughly five feet five inches and was slim. We have many men in this city that fit that description.
Girls, if you have any information pertaining to this case please call your local police department or fire department and tell them what you know; but don’t call 911. Tell the switchboard operator, in brief terms, what pertinent information you have to give. Afterwards he/she will redirect your call to the right person.
Now I must return to the business at hand. Have a nice evening and be careful.
Cynthia and I walked away from the scene. Cynthia appeared gaunt and in dire straits.
Our walk back home was bleak at best. Cynthia and I were quiet for the most part. What could we say? The fleshy android scenario was gone.
As soon as we entered our apartment Cynthia collapsed onto our bed. Shockingly she was out for ten hours. I slept four hours after she collapsed. Thankfully, we both awakened together.
At 10:00 A.M. Cynthia and I awakened to a cloudy day. Cynthia appeared very tired and in a weakened state. I figured it was depression and anxiety.
It didn’t dawn on me that Cynthia should seek medical treatment until her condition hadn’t subsided for a whole month. In fact, on the night that we went to the Royal Victoria Emergency Room Cynthia’s case had deteriorated.
I instinctively knew that something was terribly wrong. Cynthia had a serious medical problem.
Normally, I would’ve picked it up with my incredible feline senses. However, I was so worried about Cynthia that it clogged up my thinking.
Judging from what I could tell, her problem was serious and internal. A part of her body was damaged beyond control. If it wasn’t fixed soon, I worried that she’d end up in serious medical trauma.
“Jody, I’m not that sick, really! Maybe, it’s a bug or something similar.”
“Cynthia, you look very sick! Please, let me call an ambulance, immediately!”
I finally managed to convince Cynthia to go to the emergency room.
“Hello, operator, this is Jody Wilson! We need an ambulance, immediately!”
“Is it for you or for someone else?”
“No, it’s for my friend Cynthia Corbett! Please, she’s really sick!”
“Honey, are you sure she’s really sick?”
“Send an ambulance, or else I’ll chase you down like a gazelle and eat you for dinner!”
I finally convinced the operator that the situation was of urgent and Cynthia needed an ambulance, immediately.
A short while later I saw the ambulance technicians (Quebec paramedics) on the television monitor. So, I buzzed them in.
Before I knew it the ambulance technicians were pounding on the door.
I leaped up onto the doorknob then turned it, allowing the ‘saviors’ to come in.
As soon as the ambulance technicians entered our apartment they headed straight for Cynthia. She was now out cold. In fact, I wasn’t sure if she was still alive. I had to wait until one or both of the ambulance technicians confirmed that she was still alive.
“Your friend is very sick! She’s almost comatose. What hospital do you want her to go to?”
“Please send her to the Montreal General Hospital. I’ll follow you later. I’m feeling a bit dizzy at the moment; nothing serious. As you can see my best friend in the whole world may die soon.”
The ambulance technicians took Cynthia to the Montreal General Hospital Emergency Room. From there, she was taken to the physician on duty and several nurses.
I rested on the couch then closed my eyes. My intent was to take a short rest before going to the hospital. Unfortunately, in all the rush and anxiety I ended up sleeping for an unbelievable fourteen hours. I guess I was really bummed out.
Upon awakening I ate a quick breakfast then went straight to the hospital. I didn’t want anyone to talk to me, or to delay me in any way, shape, or form.
As I was walking to the hospital I began to have flashbacks of my early friendship days with Cynthia. Also, I remembered what my mother (Mandy Wilson) had told me about Cynthia. Everything that my mother said about Cynthia was good.
As soon as I crossed Atwater Street I crossed Sherbrooke Street then hid behind an apartment building. Shortly afterwards, I puked my brains out.
The incredible pain, agony, and apprehension that I felt had been too much to handle.
“Hey, don’t puke in my freaking building! I own this freaking place! Get off of my property right now, or I’ll call the cops!”
I couldn’t quite see anyone. Who the heck was really shouting at me? A human being would’ve been easy to spot. But no, this guy was almost invisible.
After careful observation of the area, I spotted a raccoon hiding behind a bushy area. He thought that I was trying to conquer his turf. Now way, I was only there to puke my brains out.
“Hey, guy, I’m not trying to move in on your turf! I only came here to puke my brains out! My friend is very sick! I’m going to visit her at the hospital!”
“Wait a minute! Are you Jody Wilson? And is your sick friend Cynthia Corbett?”
“Yes, that’s absolutely right!”
“I apologize for my utterly rude behavior. I didn’t know that you were Jody Wilson.”
For a second I actually thought that I was a VIP. Well, not quite so.
“You two girls are the talk of the town. You girls aren’t married and you seem to be engulfed into each other like you have no other friends.
Cynthia’s sickness was expected. Until she finds Mr. Right, her health will continue to deteriorate. There’s no mercy out there!
Did you try to find her a fleshy android? There’s a rumor out there that these beings have extraordinary endurance, if you get what I mean.
Jody, please go to the hospital then afterwards try to find Cynthia a good husband. Please don’t wait until she’s mentally unstable.”
I thanked the raccoon for the good chat then left the area as fast as I could.

I ended up ‘galloping’ to the Montreal General Hospital. Although I still felt a little nauseous I had to get to Cynthia, fast!

A short while later I arrived at the hospital. After scanning the area for possible enemies or problems I determined that the coast was clear.

I entered the emergency room then headed straight to the nurse’s counter.
“Hello little kitty, what can I do for you?”
“Gosh I don’t know where to start. Well, let me start by giving you my friend’s name.
Cynthia Corbett was brought in last night. Please tell me that she’s still alive.
“I remember seeing Cynthia Corbett when my shift began. She was sent to the special floor.
Please be easy on her. I only know one thing; there’s a rumor that your friend has at least one serious mental disorder. What kind of disorder/s I certainly don’t know. I’m sorry honey.
I advise you to go up there immediately!”
“Thanks for the help. I understand that sometimes you must be blunt. It’s part of your high-stress job.”
I went up to the special floor then headed straight for the nurse’s counter.
The nurse on duty was friendly and helpful. After telling me what Cynthia’s room number was I ran there like there was no tomorrow.
Upon entering the hospital room I noticed that Cynthia appeared fearful of something. No doubt, her doctor had given her some bad news, or something close to it.
“Jody, do you love me?”
“Cynthia, I love you! You don’t have to worry! I’ll be here for you through thick and thin. I don’t care how difficult things get. I will always be your best friend in the whole world!”
“Jody, leap onto my chest so I can give you a hug and a kiss.”
I leaped onto Cynthia chest then we hugged and kissed. It was emotional but worth it.
Somehow, my feline senses alerted me to a physical abnormality in Cynthia’s body. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it.
Many species of animals have this incredible sensing ability. My ancestors had to know which animal should be tossed away or killed. Furthermore, during hunting the sick and weak prey is almost always the easiest catch.
“Jody, the medical personnel say that I’m under extreme stress and that I need to see a shrink! Jody, I’m not sick!
The hospital workers have a vendetta against me! Jody, I want out! They told me that a social worker wanted to see us today. Do you want to see her?”
“Cynthia, it’s up to you. If you want to see her, so do I. If you don’t then I don’t.
Cynthia you know that I love you so much! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but although you are the one who’s making the call I think that you should listen to what the social worker has to say. You don’t have to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist afterwards.
You’re not sick just because you speak to a social worker. This is the honest truth!”
Cynthia and I chatted for roughly an hour before a hospital worker came in with a lunch tray. Thankfully, the hospital worker was a cat lover. She gave me a food tray.
At least on that count Cynthia and I enjoyed our lunch together. Remarkably, the food was good. The problems began after our meal.
At 1:45 P.M., a young, attractive, and well-dressed woman entered the hospital room.
This woman was approximately five feet and ten inches tall, slim, blue eyed, nice freckles, and straight black hair.
She was wearing a long, beautiful white dress, nice shirt, and expensive sneakers. She was almost beautiful enough to be a cat.
“Hi girls, how’s everything going? My name is Heather White and I’m the social worker assigned to your case. Please call me Heather.
Miss Corbett, may I speak freely in front of your friend?”
“My friend Jody Wilson and I keep no secrets from each other. Please continue. And you can call me Cynthia.
“Okay, Cynthia. Your doctor has informed me that you have a problem in your throat and stomach. It seems that you’ve been inducing vomiting spells.
Cynthia, I’m here to help you, not to judge you in any way, shape, or form. I want you to make a full recovery so you can get on with your life.”
“I don’t need a recovery! I’m not sick!
Heather, you don’t know what I feel like. Here you are all pretty and dressed up; you probably have a dozen boyfriends and a lonely husband. You probably have a nice house, three cars, and live in one of our beautiful suburbs. Maybe, you live in a mansion.
I haven’t been sticking my finger into my throat. You can ask Jody. She’ll tell you the truth. Won’t you, Jody.
At that point, I turned away then walked out of the hospital room.
“Jody, you come back her this moment! Right now! Tell Heather that I’m not sick!
Jody, you told me that you love me! Please come back here. I can’t live without you!”
I re-entered the hospital room then leaped onto Cynthia chest. Afterwards, I gently pawed her face several times, kissed her on the cheek then rubbed the side of my face against hers.
“Cynthia, don’t make me answer that question. Because I love you I care so dearly about you. Please listen to Heather. Just listen to Heather. I’m not asking you for much.”
Cynthia broke down in tears. I hugged her face tightly then turned to look at Heather. She signaled me to leap off of Cynthia. I did just that.
Heather cupped Cynthia’s face with the palms of her hands then she gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Now, both of them were crying.
I thought that social workers were supposed to be tougher than that. Like, they’re so used to seeing pain in others. It’s part of their job. Maybe, they never get used to it.
“Cynthia, please don’t think that I have a husband and many boyfriends. Just because I’m gorgeous it doesn’t mean that I have no problems.
I got into social work because of my painful childhood. I was tossed around from one foster home to another. Unfortunately, I was abused in more than one foster home. Although some of the foster parents were really good, they used me for as long as their hearts desired, then they tossed me away. I felt like a companion animal that’d just been dumped into shelter because her owners got sick of her.
Yes, I have problems too! I’m in recovery myself. You see, I used to binge eat, induce vomiting, then go into a deep depression.
It took much love and care from my college friends to get me back to normal. I know what it feels like to suffer immensely and to believe that nobody else knows what you feel like. That nobody else has your problem. And that you’re not sick.
Cynthia, here’s my card. We have voluntary weekly meetings at 7:00 P.M. at this address. Jody’s welcome to come along. We serve free refreshments to all.
Our group consists of women only. Some of our women have been too traumatized to open up to someone from the opposite gender. They want to be able to cry and express themselves to someone who’ll do the same.
Cynthia, we can only keep you here by force if you pose a threat to yourself. Consider this your final warning. The physician on duty almost had you transferred to a lock-up clinic.
Please take care of yourself. I do care about you. Now I must go. You have my number.”
As soon as Heather left the room Cynthia changed the subject. It was like Heather had never existed.
“Jody, I need to take a shower. Please wait for me down in the lobby. I want to go back home and crash out for several hours.
Afterwards, we can eat, watch television then take a long walk. Maybe we can go to the movies or something.
I left the hospital room then headed straight for the lobby. Meanwhile, I was thinking about Cynthia. It was no imperative that I try to find her another husband or try to fix Rock.
For the duration of my wait for Cynthia I was trying to form a game plan.
As soon as Cynthia showed up we left the Montreal General Hospital and headed home. Thankfully, we did so without incident.
However, I told Cynthia that I’d had it with her eating disorder. Although I love her dearly, the disorder was stressing me out too.
Cynthia appeared to be serious about cleaning up her act. I didn’t bring up the topic of leaving her is she repeated her actions. In reality, I’d never leave her for that.
As time passed I began to notice a decline in Cynthia’s health. It was subtle at first, but became more apparent later.
Thankfully, Cynthia’s eating disorder had been dormant the whole time. This problem had to be treated daily. For a full cure, I’d have to erase the memory of Cynthia’s gangrape and whatever else was bottled up inside her head. No doubt, she had more problems that had to be resolved.
I’m not trying to be a nosy cat, but I wanted Cynthia to open up to me completely. I wanted to know everything about her. Cats can be good for humans’ health.
Cynthia and I went out on a daily basis. We walked, went to the library, ate out at least twice a week, and hit the movies every so often. However, most of our viewing was at home. We had a giant screen television. Also, it was good for our friendship.
But even that couldn’t protect the next onslaught to come. This one was like a giant tidal wave; unstoppable!
This was by far the biggest test that Cynthia and I had to endure. Even bigger than the gang-rape and eating disorder combined; I think.

Cynthia and I went home in a somber mood. I instinctively knew that she had a medical problem. I understood that it was very serious in nature, but didn’t say anything to Cynthia until it became more apparent through symptoms.

Cynthia slowly recovered from her mental breakdown. I was there to help her through it. It took two whole months of massive cat love and cat therapy to do the job. Mind you, the job wasn’t completely finished. Cynthia had made a drastic improvement but certainly wasn’t cured.

The big day came on a Monday at 3:00 P.M. in our bedroom. Cynthia asked me to do something that was quite unusual.
She had asked me to enter our bedroom. Afterwards, she closed the door and disrobed. That was extremely unusual given that she’d never disrobed in front of me at any time during our friendship. I knew that something was up. I waited patiently to find out.
“Jody, I want you to give me a breast exam. Please leap up onto my chest and give me the exam right now! As you are aware, a grown woman must give herself a breast exam on a regular basis.”
“Cynthia, you must give yourself a breast exam. I can’t examine you. You must be your own ‘amateur doctor’.”
“Cynthia, I’ll do it. But don’t consider me a full-fledged M.D. Brace yourself, I’ll leap onto your chest then examine you right away. Don’t worry I’ll retract my incredible claws.”
I leaped onto Cynthia’s chest then performed my examination.
“Oh gosh, I must stop!”
“Jody, what happened? Is there anything wrong? Why did you leap onto the carpet like that? Why are you shivering? You look like you’re going to have a major seizure!”
“Cynthia, you should see a physician, immediately. I didn’t feel two giant lumps on your chest, really!”
“Jody your right, I need to see a physician. Then, I’ll be certain that I’m in good health.
I couldn’t tell Cynthia the truth. She had two giant ‘cancerous lumps’ on each of her breasts. It would’ve been horrible enough to have just one lump on one chest.
My feline diagnosis: BILATERAL MASTECTOMY. The surgeon would have to remove everything!
Cynthia called the nearest clinic then made an appointment. She emphasized that it was for a breast exam.
Because the clinic workers didn’t know that it was an emergency we had to wait for several weeks to see a general physician.
On a cloudy and windy Wednesday afternoon Cynthia and I prepared to go to the ‘dreaded clinic’.
Cynthia ate a big breakfast; not knowing what I knew. I, on the other hand, only had juice and toast. I didn’t have milk because I was afraid of puking my brains out as a result of all of the stress.
“Jody, after we get the good news let’s go to a movie and then hit a good restaurant.”
“Cynthia, let’s make up our minds about what to do after the appointment.”
“Jody, you sound like you’re hiding something from me. Are you?”
“Cynthia, I’m always this jumpy before important appointment.”
Cynthia and I left our apartment, she in good spirits, I in dire straits. To me, it was countdown. The closer we got to the clinic the more terrified I got. My pulse and blood pressure probably doubled; maybe even tripled.
When we were within a block of the clinic I flipped over onto my side. My legs gave in. I was that terrified and anxious.
“Jody, what’s the matter? I’m the one who’s got the appointment not you!”
After talking myself out of this mini-predicament I convinced Cynthia to continue our trek towards the clinic.
As we entered the clinic I took notice of the obese woman working the counter. Although she was very jolly, I knew that deep down she was depressed. I could tell by her fake smile. I figured the poor woman was teased as a child and as an adult.
To tell you the truth, I don’t think that it’s anyone’s business how fat a person is. Much less, make fun of the person.
“Hi girls, how are you doing? How can I help you?”
“Umm, Cynthia Corbett has an appointment with Dr. Claire Donnelly at 2:30 P.M.”
“Just a minute, please. Let me see our records.
Yes, you are scheduled for an appointment. Please give me your Medicare Card so I can swipe it. Afterwards, you can take a seat. Your name will be called out. So, Cynthia, if you are in the restroom your friend should inform the ‘announcer’ that you are in the restroom. That way, we’ll know that you are still here.
We have many phantom patients. They either don’t have patients, or they’re chickens.”
Cynthia and I waited patiently for the announcer to call out the right name.
We waited for roughly thirty minutes before hearing Cynthia’s name.
After following the announcer to a selected room, she walked away only to be replaced by a nurse.
The nurse, a skinny woman with freckles on her face, looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. Furthermore, she smelled like tobacco.
“Cynthia, please sit down while I check your pulse and blood pressure”
Cynthia did as told. I stood clear, not wanting to disrupt the important activity.
After the nurse was finished she smiled, said goodbye then reassured us that Dr. Donnelly was on her way.
Meanwhile, I began to pace the room without any let-up. This is when Cynthia became suspicious. But, she was still in good spirits; too good for her own sake. When you’re that uppity, falling into a depression is like taking a nose dive from an airplane. Descending to the bottom of the depression is like the collision of the airplane with the ground.
A short while later Dr. Donnelly entered the room. She was a very attractive, highly intelligent, well-dressed, nice smelling, and ambitious woman; the kind of woman that ‘others’ envy and backbite behind her back. But they speak kindly about her to her face.
“Girls, how are you? I hope that you are ready for the physical examination?”
“Thank you, Dr. Donnelly, we’re doing just fine! I’m ready to be examined by you. I hope that my friend Jody can stay in the room with us. I feel more secure with her near me.”
“Most certainly, I think that it’s a tremendously good idea to have a companion animal with you at the doctor’s office.
Jody, please sit on that seat. And Cynthia, please disrobe.”
I could tell that Cynthia had a giant tire lodged in her throat. She never got used to the ‘disrobe’ word; even if it was uttered by another woman. Even if that woman was her own doctor!
“Gosh, Cynthia, I take it that you don’t feel too comfortable with the ‘disrobe’ word. Don’t worry, I have another word.
Please be a naturist for the physical examination. I think that it will help me dearly.”
Cynthia’s expression and demeanor changed drastically. She now felt more comfortable disrobing. I guess it’s a word game.
Anyway, Dr. Donnelly gave Cynthia a full physical examination. Unfortunately, when she examined Cynthia’s breasts Dr. Donnelly’s face turned pale, then she glanced over at me. Judging from the expression on her face, something was terribly wrong. It now appeared that Cynthia had breast cancer of a sort.
After Dr. Donnelly finished her physical examination she asked Cynthia to put on her close and have a seat.
After Dr. Donnelly she smiled at us then left the examination room.
A short while later Dr. Donnelly returned to the examination room with a stack of requisition forms. Instantly, I knew that things were really bad. It was now only a matter of finding out how devastating Cynthia’s condition was.
I was already familiar with the different kinds of problems relating to female breast cancer.
“Cynthia, please go to the Montreal General Hospital for each one of these tests. For the blood test, you must fast for twelve to fourteen hours; only clear water is permitted. While you’re at it, you’ll be given a special urine sample cup to use.
We left Dr. Donnelly’s examination room in dire straits. No doubt, Cynthia understood the possible ramifications of having breast cancer. Even that wasn’t the worst case scenario.
I accompanied Cynthia to each and every one of her requisition form tests. If I hadn’t been with her, I think that she would’ve had a major nervous breakdown.
The big day came ten days later. Dr. Donnelly entered the examination room with a somber expression on her face. After organizing Cynthia’s file she asked us to brace ourselves for the onslaught.
“Cynthia, are you married? I mean, you left that question blank”
“No, I’m certainly not married?”
“So, do you have any relatives that we can notify in case of emergency?”
Cynthia broke down in tears. She fell onto the carpet and cried her brains out. I understood that she could never see her blood kin; we were in a different dimension; but what about me? I wondered. Wasn’t I like a younger sister to Cynthia? I’m family damn it!
Cynthia managed to get back up and sit in her seat. She wanted to hear what Dr. Donnelly had to say about her breasts problem.
“Well, Yes, Jody’s like my younger sister. I love her dearly. If something terrible were to happen to me please contact her.”
Now that statement put a big smile on my face.
After answering several more questions, Dr. Donnelly prepared us for the ‘horrible news’.
“Girls, there is absolutely no easy or comfortable way to say this, so I’ll be blunt: Cynthia, you have a very serious, possibly life-threatening case of breast cancer. You have multiple lumps on each of your breasts; one prominent lump on each breast, the size of a golf ball.”
Dr. Donnelly stood up, approached Cynthia, then held her hands and kissed her on the forehead. Afterwards, she cupped her hands and placed them on Cynthia’s cheeks.
I was dazzled by her behavior. It seemed quite odd for a physician to do that.
Cynthia, you’re a very brave woman! I want you to take this card and participate in a cancer survivor session this coming Friday at 6:30 P.M.”
“It’s all right! I can handle having a ‘breast trim’. A little fat, skin, and/or excess tissue removal won’t kill me.”
“Cynthia, you don’t understand! You must have a radical mastectomy; bilateral not ‘unilateral’!”
“I can handle a more ‘rigorous’ breast removal. I’m a very strong woman! Being small breasted won’t kill me either. I can handle that!”
“Jody, can you please explain to ‘your sister’ what a bilateral radical mastectomy is?”
“Cynthia, get ready for some horrible news. The surgeon must remove everything on both your breasts. This includes fat, much skin, both of your nipples, muscle tissue, the nodes underneath your arms. In other words, you’ll be left with a ‘slicing scar’ on each side of your former breasts.
Cynthia, you can have reconstructive surgery as soon as you’ve healed from the surgery.”
“Cynthia, I went into medicine because I want to help people. I want them to be healthier and happier. I could’ve made two or three times my present salary, but I opted to stay here. Cynthia, you have a very loveable friend sitting beside you. I can tell by the expression on her face that she loves you dearly. Please remember that you must have the surgery soon! Your breast cancer is spreading.
Please take a few days off and think about your problem. Call me up so I can schedule you an appointment with the surgeon. She’s very kind and caring.”
We left Dr. Donnelly’s office in mental shambles. Cynthia was terrified. Her legs were wobbly; so were mine.
As soon as we left the area I convinced Cynthia that we should take a long walk together and try to figure out a solution to the horrible problem at hand.
I certainly couldn’t imagine what it would be like for any of our sisters to lose either of her breasts, let-alone both of them.
I inherently know that there had to be a way out of the breast cancer ordeal. Unfortunately, I had to think real hard and be alert.
In the back of my head was a ringing thought; what if Cynthia and I were to leave this dimension. We were once interdimensional travelers. All we’d have to do is find another portal.
As you probably remember from my previous book the whirling tunnel was eradicated once and for all.
There had to be another portal to leave this dimension! I was going nuts over my friend Cynthia.
We decided to walk in Westmount, but not on Sherbrooke Street. We decided on a quieter and open area. We ended up walking on the hilly part of Westmount.
This is a good place to walk. It’s quiet, upper class, relatively safe, friendly people, clean and polished, less densely populated, long and short streets, and much green. This is exactly what we needed to calm our nerves. Breast cancer is never a trivial matter.
“Jody, I’m so scared! I don’t know what to do! This bilateral radical mastectomy thing is worse than the gang-rape that I endured by Jeff and his buddies. At least then, my body was still whole and intact. I was lucky not to have ended up pregnant or with a serious STD.
Jody, I’ve been having very horrible nightmares! I’m seeing monsters and villains, some of them are trying to hurt me while others are mocking me because I’m about to lose my breasts. Also, I’m seeing gigantic cancer cells in my dreams. They’re always trying to catch me. Naturally, I always run away. The thing is that I awaken panting and sweaty. It’s like I really did run away from them.”
“Cynthia, I know that you’ve been having nightmares. You’re right. For you, the problem at hand is an even bigger challenge than the gang-rape.
Cynthia, I’ll start asking around the animal kingdom for information about another portal. Remember, it’s only a select few who can enter anyway. So, the animals have nothing to lose by telling where the portal is.
Cynthia, I love you! Don’t ever think that I’d ever be callous and not feel for you. Hopefully, I shall find this portal and we will enter it in one piece. When we exit this dimension and enter another dimension your cancer cells will cease to exist.”
Cynthia and I had a very long walk together. There was possible good news on the horizon.
Jody took notice of a raccoon that was stuck on the fork of a tall tree. It looked like there was no way out for him, unless he received help.
Cynthia and I approached the raccoon then offered our aid. He accepted.
“Hey guy, do you need some help?”
“Please help me! If I don’t descend this tree soon, they’ll kill me! Many humans hate raccoons. We’re only one step above rats and mice.”
“Here, just stay put! Jody will scale the tree and keep hold of you while I stretch my arms up in order to cushion any fall that you may have; sorry I wasn’t trying to be a pessimist. But I am a realist.”
I scaled the tree then Cynthia extended her arms as she said.
Thankfully, a short while later the raccoon was on the grass smiling up a storm. Boy was he happy!
”Girls, my name is Casey. I’m a young, highly intelligent raccoon. Like my mother told me, I need to be patient and clever in this world. Otherwise, the ‘animals’ will eat me up. It’s true, dumb people are almost always taken advantage of by one person or another.
Now, you helped me! I feel obligated to help you. But first, we must enter the park and sit in a neutral corner.
Cynthia and I followed Casey into the park to a nice secluded corner. We were sitting near some bushes, behind the children’s monkey bars. From our vantage point we could see others but they’d have a very difficult time seeing us.
“My name is Jody Wilson and this is my best friend in the whole world Cynthia Corbett.
We need your help. We don’t want you to do any manual labor for us. We just need some information regarding interdimensional travel.
Cynthia and I have kept this little secret from the public in this dimension. However, we have now hit a rock and a hard place, both at the same time.”
“Cynthia, I noticed that you and Jody have bloodshot eyes, not from allergies or a lack of sleep, but from crying. I sense that you are very ill; most likely cancer.”
Raccoons, like many other animal species have a remarkable ability to sense illness. I’m glad that I’m a cat. Anyhow, we continued our chat with Casey.
“Casey, I’m at the end of my rope! I have a very serious case of breast cancer. I must have surgery soon or else it’ll spread throughout my body. Once that happens, my doctor told me that there’s no cure or an effective treatment. My cancer is something out of a horror movie! If you know anything about a portal or whirling tunnel please tell us now!”
By now, Cynthia was crying her brains out. She was also hyperventilating.
“Look, girls, there’s a secret rumor in the animal kingdom of Montreal that there is a passage to other dimensions. I know that it’s somewhere near southwest Montreal. You have to walk to an abandoned area.
You’ll be transported to a path that’ll lead you to a giant castle. Mind you, when you are able to see the path, you are in another dimension.
I’ll ask around. But you must do your part too.”
“Thanks a lot! Cynthia and I will always remember you! Long live raccoons!”
Cynthia and I waved goodbye to Casey then left the park. Although we were happy to have heard the good news, we were still realists. Good news without any backing is of no use to us. For all we knew it could have been a baseless rumor. On the contrary, it could have been a legitimate story.

Several days passed without any luck whatsoever. We kept what Casey told us on temporary hold.
Cynthia and I decided to go to a clinic in the downtown area to see a surgeon. Maybe, there was a last minute improvement in the surgical procedure; or anything miraculous for that matter.
We entered the clinic at 2:45 P.M. in dire straits. This was it! If there was nothing good on the horizon we’d try to leave this dimension. Neither of us accepted Cynthia’s living her life as a breast-less woman. If so, I would be forced to see her go mad. I would follow in her footsteps.
Cynthia asked me to take a seat while she tried to squeeze and appointment with a surgeon.
“Hello, I want to see a surgeon, please.”
“Madam, do you have an appointment?”
“No, but it’s an emergency.”
“Madam, I’m sorry but you can’t see Dr. Carmella Andrews. She only accepts patients by referral and with an appointment.”
A curly blonde haired woman in her early thirties approached Cynthia then whispered something into her ear. Whatever it was, it did the job.
By now, the people in the waiting area were all attentive to what was happening with Cynthia. Most of them appeared sympathetic to Cynthia’s cause.
“Jody, I’m getting my appointment! Please follow us into Dr. Andrew’s office.”
I followed them into the office then leaped onto a nearby chair. I wanted a ringside seat to what was about to ensue.
Who’s your family physician”?”
Dr. Wilmington is my family physician.
My name is Cynthia Corbett, and this is my beloved friend Jody Wilson.”
Dr. Andrews left her office to get Cynthia’s file.
“Jody, Dr. Andrews is a wench. Look at her. She doesn’t know how I feel. She’s all perky-breasted, beautiful, and well-to-do. She probably has ten boyfriends.
Jody, I’ll go further! She probably slept her way through school. I don’t believe that this wench has any problems. She probably sleeps ten hours a day and eats whatever she wants. Her mommy and daddy probably silver spooned her from infancy.”
Dr. Andrews abruptly entered her office then slowly closed the door.
“Please give me a couple of minutes to look at your file notes. This way I can give you an honest and objective medical opinion of your case.”
Cynthia and I waited for what appeared to be a hundred years. I could tell by the expression on Dr. Andrew’s face, she was worried and anxious. Indeed, there was only bad news on the horizon. Cynthia was sweating bricks. I understood.
“Cynthia, I’m very sorry, but you’ll have to have a bilateral radical mastectomy very soon! Your cancer is the kind that spreads rapidly. In fact, it’s indicated in your file that you were told to have the surgery soon.
Now, I will make my recommendation: Please have the surgery within a few days. I’m very sorry about this. I can give you pamphlets about what you should do before and after surgery; also, follow-up medical and mental support. There are other women out there who have your problem.”
“Dr. Andrews, you tell me to have the surgery within a few days! You don’t know what I feel like! You don’t understand! You don’t care about me! You’re a surgeon; naturally you’ve been calloused and toughened-up!”
Sometimes humans bedazzle me. What followed was extremely unusual, even for Cynthia and me.
Dr. Andrews stood up, walked over to Cynthia, cuffed her cheeks with the palms of her hands and then kissed her on the forehead.
After a ten second delay, Dr. Andrews stood up, walked to a far corner, and then removed her shirt and bra.
At the time, Dr. Andrews had her back turned to us. So we couldn’t quite understand what was going on.
Then Cynthia motioned me to get up and leave with her. We thought that Dr. Andrews had lost it. However, when she turned around it became apparent that she was a loving woman who cared very much about Cynthia.
“Girls, can you see my invisible breasts? Well, can you?
I had a bilateral radical mastectomy four years ago. As you can see, all I have are giant slash-like scars where my breast used to be.
I stuff my bra before I leave home. Each time I hope that nobody will notice that it’s all stuffing and nothing else. Sometimes, humans can be extremely cruel.
Yes, Cynthia, I do know what it feels like to live without breasts. And no, I didn’t sleep my way through school. I studied my brains out.”
Dr. Andrews began to cry. So did Cynthia. It was a very sad moment, indeed.
After the smoke cleared a bit, I recommended a group hug. Thankfully, my request was answered.
Cynthia and Dr. Andrews embraced, and I leaped up onto their right side just above their shoulders. At least for the time being, we were one.
Sadly, I got a first-hand look at Dr. Andrew’s scars. I wondered what she looked like before the operation. The thing is her breasts were obliterated. There was no way of knowing what her breasts looked like pre-op.
When our group hug ended, Cynthia began to hyper-ventilate and cry profusely. When she hugged Dr. Andrews she got a very close look at the scars and what they felt like. Cynthia was terrified beyond belief. So was I!
“Dr. Andrews, thank you for being supportive and honest with us. Not to mention, showing us your big secret. You are a wonderful physician!
Dr. Andrews, if they ever come up with a method to re-grow breasts I hope that you are the first one to get a pair; really! Jody and I will never forget you!”
We left the clinic sniffle-nosed and red-eyed, but with a stronger will to find a solution to our problem.
Cynthia and I went back home and watched television for a few hours. Afterwards, we ate then went to bed early. We were exhausted from a day full of high emotions.

The next day, Cynthia and I took a very long walk through the hilly part of Westmount. Three hours later, we found ourselves in a state of utter exhaustion. As such, we walked back home.

By the time we returned home hunger and thirst had set in. “Cynthia, what do you want to eat for supper?”
“Jody, I’m famished! Let’s have burgers, fries, pop, and

apple pie for dessert; a good Canadian meal.”
Cynthia placed four lean hamburger patties on the skilled.
The level was set on medium in order to give her time to chop up
some pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and get out the
ketchup, mustard, and ‘light mayonnaise’.
While Cynthia was frying the burger patties on the skillet
my salivary glands went into explosive bursts! I’ve always been
a lioness for burgers. What cat wouldn’t be?
A short while later we sat down to eat at the kitchen table.
I sat on my special kitty chair. Either way, our meal was very
enjoyable. Cynthia and I chatted while eating, and afterwards. After our meal we felt a little queasy. So, we drank some
high caffeine pop. Thankfully, it gave us much needed perking. At 9:30 P.M. we washed up then sat in front of the
television set. Cynthia inserted a DVD containing a horror film
in it.
The horror film was about human and animal zombies; even cat
zombies. I loved the movie! Why can’t Hollywood producers make
more animal monster movies?
For two whole hours, our eyes were fixated on the television
screen. If we hadn’t eaten earlier, I would’ve opted for pizza. After finishing the movie we dozed off for a couple of
hours. We were so tired getting up was a terrible chore. But
after our rest we went to bed.
We awakened at 8:00 A.M. the next morning. Unfortunately, I
was awakened by Cynthia’s crying. Our happiness escapade the
night before was over. Now, we were back in the real world. “Cynthia, don’t worry! I promise you that I will do whatever
is possible to find a way out of this predicament!”
After an hour of calming Cynthia down, I told her that it
would be better for us to try to find another portal separately.
In essence, we could do twice the work as we did together.
Shockingly, Cynthia took my request the wrong way!
“Jody, you don’t love me! You want to stay away from my
crying fits! You don’t care about me! You’re cheating on me! You
have another secret friend; maybe a wench or a cat!
Jody, how could you tell me that you want to spend your days
and nights without me?!”
“Cynthia, I love you! Please don’t think that I’m trying to
evade you! I want each of us to work separately in order to
touch bases with all options.
Please listen to my advice! I’m a cat! I know better!” “You know better than a breast-less chicken?!”
“We each have our own knowledge bank in our heads.” Thankfully, that was enough to convince Cynthia of my
benevolent intentions.
Cynthia left our apartment while I was thinking of a game
plan. It was good because I had to be alone to think well. After twenty five minutes of pondering I decided to leave
our apartment.
For the first thirty minutes of my walk I made no eye
contact with anyone. But then, while I was walking on
Maisonneuve Street west, I came across an unusual-looking cat.
Somehow, he smelled different than the typical cat. Kind of like a cat who was from a lost continent; really. Also, he was a bit
larger than the average cat, and had unusual gray eyes. As soon as he noticed that I was eyeing him he grinned at
me. I returned the grin. However, his grin was more like that of
a chimpanzee’s; anxiety and fear.
Why would that chimp fear me? I asked myself. Well, I had to
investigate. The cat in me wanted to know.
“Hey, wait a minute. I’m going to cross the street then have
a word with you, if you don’t mind.”
“Actually, I’d be honored to speak to you. But please,
understand that I’m a bit apprehensive.”
Upon crossing the street, I took notice of the cat’s ears.
They were pointy. This cat wasn’t built like a lynx, except for
his ears. They were too spiked to be from any species of cat
that I ever knew about.
“Where are you from?”
“Kitty, I’ve been in this world for three days now. I’m
afraid that the police will discover my presence then arrest me.
Kitty, you must believe me! I’m from another planet. How the
heck I got here is a mystery to me. I’m not even an earthly
feline. Actually, I’m from the planet Vulkan. That’s why my ears
are pointed.”
“Golly I knew it! But don’t tell anyone else! There are many
people on this planet that’ll try to make money by turning you
in. I figure the reward for someone like you couldn’t be less
than a million dollars.”
“Gosh I don’t have a home to stay in! Do you know anyone in
this city who wouldn’t mind having a pointy-eared cat in their
“Yes, I think that my best friend Cynthia would love to have
another cat in the house. I think she’d love you!”
“What is your name my friend?”
“My name is Jody Wilson and my roommate is Cynthia Corbett.” “My name is very difficult o pronounce. So you can call me
Spock. That’s what some teenagers were calling me yesterday
“So be it! I’ll tell Cynthia that your name is Spock. Oh, do
you have a family name?”
“No, I only have a first name.”
Spock and I walked back home. The trip took us roughly half
an hour.
As soon as we were within a block of the apartment building
it began to pour. Instantly, we sprinted to the lobby door then
entered the apartment building.
Spock followed me to the elevator. Afterwards, we waited
patiently for one of the four elevators to take us to the
Thankfully, the elevator doors opened soon afterwards. We
leaped into the elevator then pressed the appropriate button. As soon as we arrived on our floor, I asked Spock to follow
me inside the apartment.
After we entered the apartment I called out to Cynthia. She
responded instantly.
Shockingly, Cynthia was in the nude when she entered the
living room. It looked like she was going to lose it soon. I’m
talking about mental illness.
“Jody, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” “Cynthia, why don’t you go back into our bedroom and put
something on.”
“Jody, I can dress whatever way I choose! These are my final
days of being ‘breasted’. Hereafter, I’m walking around in the
nude! And nobody can stop me!”
Spock grinned at Cynthia then asked me to follow him into
the kitchen.
As soon as we entered the kitchen he requested a complete
fill-in on what was going on. He knew that there was something
terribly wrong in the air. Any animal, whether from this planet
or another, knows that humans dress up. They don’t walk around
in the nude; even primitive peoples in the forests wear the
“Jody, what the heck is going on with your friend? I can
sense that she’s in incredible pain, agony, torment, fear,
anxiety, depression, apprehension, anger, shock, frustration,
bewilderment, baffled, vengeful, and confused. What is going on
here? May I attempt to help?”
I filled Spock in on the details. He recommended two
possible solutions. The first proposed solution was a Vulkan
mind meld. The second was finding a door to another dimension. I
opted for the first one, and if it failed we’d go for the
I didn’t have many options or much time. Cynthia either
needed a solution, fast or she had to have the horrible surgery.
Beside, Spock re-assured that he knew what he was doing. “Jody, I’ve performed countless Vulkan mind melds on our
planet. Please be confident in me. Rest assured I will do my
I’ll attempt to hypnotize Cynthia, then brainwash her to
fight her own cancer cells with her own cells. I know it kind of
sounds complicated, but let’s give it a try.”
“Both of you are conspiring against me! You’re ignoring
We returned to Cynthia faster than the speed of light. Now,
we had a game plan. As cats, we instinctively knew what actions
to take. We’d have to knock Cynthia onto her bed, then pin her against the mattress with incredible might and tenacity. Sure, she’d probably struggle a bit, but this is when Spock performs
his Vulkan mind meld.
We convinced Cynthia to take us back to the bedroom. As soon
as we entered, I leaped onto her, causing her to fall onto her
bed backwards.
Without waiting a second, I leaped up onto her bed, then
pinned her arms so she couldn’t fight back or have a seizure. Spock leaped up onto the bed then began his mind meld. I underestimated Cynthia’s resolve, bravery, and tenacity.
She struggled for fifteen minutes until relenting from
Spock was now able to ‘join minds’ with Cynthia. After he
had her open up completely and calmed down, he told her to be
stronger in her resolve to fight the cancer, and to order her
white blood cells to attack and kill every single cancer cell
without any mercy whatsoever.
Spock ordered Cynthia to forget everything that happened
except the command to fight the cancer cells. She wouldn’t
remember being ‘mind melded’. In essence, Cynthia would assume
that it was her own white blood cells that did the job. As soon as Cynthia came to she opened her eyes. They were
bloodshot. Spock and I waited attentively to see what was going
to happen.
“Look, I’m going to the disco! I want to pick up a dozen men
and have my way with them. How does that sound Mr. Vulkan mind
I want you out of my house, immediately! You’re a lynx! I
could have you trapped and killed! I’ll call the police if you
don’t leave immediately!”
“Wait a minute! I’ve performed this mind meld routine dozens
of times. This was never the outcome. Why are you behaving like
this? Maybe, you’re on drugs.”
No, I’m not on drugs! You claim to have performed the mind
meld dozens of times. With who have you performed this procedure
“Actually, I performed the procedure on Vulkan cats. I
figured that it wouldn’t make much of a difference.”
“You are a little sewer rat! You pinned me against the bed,
by force and without my consent, then you tried to brainwash me!
I struggled, but that didn’t stop you! Maybe I should have the
police come over and arrest the both of you for physically
assaulting me!
Jody, as for you, how could you hurt me in that manner?!” Cynthia fell onto the carpet then cried her brains out. This
time it was much worse. She started to shiver and
“Cynthia, please believe us! Our actions were done out of
love and friendship! We love you dearly! Spock volunteered his
services because he wanted to help you! He wanted you to be able
to destroy all of the cancer cells in your breasts! Every single
one of them, without any exception whatsoever!
Cynthia, please stop crying! Let’s search for a portal into
another dimension. Spock’s kind of like us. He was catapulted
into our dimension while eating his lunch.”
“Cynthia, Jody’s telling the truth! I love you too! Please
accept our apologies and help us with our next option! I’d
really like to get to know you! In fact, I’d like to live with
you two wonderfully beautiful girls!”
Cynthia stopped crying and hyperventilating. She eyed us
with her now bloodshot eyes. She shifted her eyes from me to
Spock, back and forth, over and over again. I didn’t know what
to think of it.
“Look, I want you to understand something! Although your
intent was good, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, pin down a woman to a bed
against her will, and especially if she’s struggling like crazy
to get free! You guys are lucky I’m not a wench. If I was a
wench, the police would’ve been called.”
We apologized to Cynthia several more times then we waited
patiently for her to completely recover from the Vulkan mind
After fifteen minutes of dead-calm Cynthia stood up, took
several steps, then fell onto the carpet.
Shockingly, she had some sort of seizure. We waited for
fifteen seconds before deciding to call 911. Luckily, her
seizure began to subside by then. It was an unusually short
Spock and I comforted Cynthia as best we could. When she
came to it was clear what had happened.
“Guys, I’ve been under immense pressure from my breast
cancer ordeal. Furthermore, you mind meld escapade brought back
very painful memories. Yes, Jody, the memory of my gang-rape by
the fraternity brothers, led by Jeff.
What did you think? I could be pinned to a bed, and that’s
it. No problems whatsoever. Also, Dr. Donnelly prescribed some
special medications for me; for my cancer condition and for my
extreme stress.
If we don’t find a way out of this predicament I will
certainly go insane. Or, I may end up hurting myself. I won’t
tolerate living as a breast-less chicken. Furthermore, I want to
get married someday. Who the heck out there will marry a woman
with half of her womanhood chopped off?
Guys, no man would ever marry me under those circumstances.
In all fairness, I would never marry a man who had no genitals.
It’s cold, but true.
Tomorrow morning we must begin our search for the hidden
portal. I think that every city has at least one of them. Spock, don’t tell anyone that you are a Vulkan! You’ll
either end up in a shelter, psychiatric veterinary hospital, or
in a ‘special laboratory’. The latter will happen if you are
ever discovered to be a real-life Vulcan. They won’t treat you
with dignity and respect like Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Now, I must hit the sack. I advise you guys to do the same.
We have a long day ahead of us.”
We hit the sack for twelve hours straight. Spock awakened
first. He fixed himself a sandwich, chips, milk, and pop. By the
time I entered the kitchen he’d had his last morsel and gulp. THE GIANT CASTLE

Spock made himself home from the very first morning in our apartment.
The days passed by with no improvement in our predicament. We were contemplating Cynthia having the surgery. After all, she had two good friends who would never judge her on the basis of her post-op appearance.
Then a break came! We were walking in Old Montreal on a Sunday evening when we heard a whisper coming from the shadows of an abandoned building.
There aren’t too many of those in Old Montreal, as it is a high tourism area.
“Guys, I heard that you were looking for a portal. I know where you can find that portal. But I want you to approach me very slowly and in your case young woman, hands to the side where I can see them.
Also, I want payment for my services. I want 96 slices of cheese, Kraft Light. I will not accept any other brand. Also, I want some while Arab cheese; the kind of cheese that they make in the Fertile Crescent area. I want one large block weighing no less than five pounds. Finally, I want two loaves of sliced bread and twelve pita breads, white or wheat I don’t have a preference.
If you can give me the aforementioned, I’ll give you accurate directions to the portal. Please, no tricks! I’m an honest rat!”
We slowly approached the rat then stopped within two feet of him. We waited for him to say more to us.
After a short pause the rat formally introduced himself.
“Guys, my name is Rocky ‘the enforcer’ Caligula. My family line goes back to the Roman Empire. We’re proud of our heritage. That’s why I don’t do any free favors for anyone; even my mother.
Now, you must understand that the portal cannot be entered by anyone; only special individuals who know for certain that they can enter it. If you’ve entered it before it’ll be safe to re-enter it. However, once when you enter the portal there’s no way of knowing what dimension or time you’ll be entering.
The portal I’m referring to is led into by a carved out trail. You walk the trail up a curvy hill to the giant castle. Entering the giant castle may be tricky. But as soon as you enter the giant castle you must then find the doorways. Each doorway will lead you into a specific dimension. How many doorways are there? Almost infinite! Further than the naked eye can see.
You three smell different. I sense that you’re dimensional travelers or something of the sort.
Now, do you want to have this business transaction? Or shall I go away and absolutely never speak to you again, ever!”
“Rocky, we can get you whatever you want! I need to leave this dimension very soon! I have a horrible case of breast cancer! Both of my breasts will be ‘chopped off’ by the surgeon if I don’t leave this dimension!
Furthermore, this whole predicament is aggravating my memories of the gang-rape that I was forced to endure in college. I can’t endure a bilateral radical mastectomy! I’ll either go nuts or I’ll start cutting myself again.”
“Wait, there’s more! I know that there’s something else that you’re hiding.”
“Okay, I’ll start sticking my finger down my throat again. I’ll become double sickly!”
“I tried the Vulkan mind meld on Cynthia. Unfortunately, she didn’t improve any.”
“Rocky, Cynthia’s telling you the truth about her cancer, gang-rape, and finger-in-throat problem. I’ve known her for quite some time now. Also, my mother first met Cynthia during those troubled days.”
Surprisingly, Rocky began to weep. His eyes became bloodshot then his tears began to drop to onto the ground like ‘minibombs’.
Rocky then began to hyperventilate. We were afraid that the situation would turn into an emergency.
Fortunately, Rocky managed to pull himself together a short while later.
“Guys, forgive me for being such a tough rat. I don’t want anything from you.
Cynthia, you’ve been through so much. You shouldn’t have to buy your way to another dimension. You can have a freebie.
You must wait until late at night, preferably after you’ve been all rested up and have eaten, drank, and gone to the restroom. Your mind must be on the problem at hand. There can be no diversion whatsoever!
Walk east from here until you’re in a factory-warehouse area. From there, keep your eyes wide open. Since you guys are inter-dimensional travelers the mist will appear.
Follow the mist until it gets to the worn path. Then look very carefully. There should be a giant castle on a hill. Mind you, once when you enter the pathway there’s probably no way back. If by some chance one or more of you can’t enter the path it means that you must enter another portal or the path can’t take in three persons at once.
If you’re the person who’s left out, keep coming back or find another portal.”
“Rocky, do you recommend that we continue our search tonight?” asked Cynthia.
“No. Go to the portal tomorrow. You must be alert and ready. A good night’s sleep should do it.”
Before we left the area Rocky walked away briskly because he didn’t want us to see is ‘emotional side’. I guess even rats can feel sympathy for a woman who may lose her breasts. That’s more than I can say for many within the human species.
Anyhow, we walked back home without stopping anywhere. We were getting sleepy and a hungry; a bad combination at that. Which of the two do you satisfy? If you do one, the other is partially sacrificed; at least for the time being.
As soon as we entered our apartment Cynthia disrobed then sat on her Lazy Boy chair.
Spock and I had to correct Cynthia’s behavior, there and then. Otherwise, she may have done the routine in a mall or a public street.
“Cynthia, please go to the bedroom and put something on! It’s not right or moral for a young woman to sit in the living while nude. It just isn’t!
Furthermore, you must take into consideration the feelings of your two roommates.”
“Jody, you don’t love me! I just want to know what it feels like to be a complete woman! Soon, I will only be a partial woman!”
“Cynthia, of course I love you! I love you so much, it’s unimaginable! I just want you to be happy and to behave normally! Please put something on!”
“Jody’s right! Cynthia, please put something on! It’s inconsiderate to be in the nude like that. You’re not an animal! You are a human being! Humans must wear clothing!”
Cynthia broke down in tears. She understood that her behavior was abnormal. Even under the circumstances.
A short while later Cynthia went to bed. Cynthia and I decided to chat for a little while before hitting the sack.
“Spock, what do you think will happen to Cynthia if we don’t find a way out of this problem?”
“Jody, I think that she’ll go nuts. I don’t think that she can survive without her breasts. I don’t blame her. After all she’s been through, any more pain and something will have to give. Something very serious, that is.
Starting from tomorrow, we must go into overdrive. We must find the path and the castle. It’s of the utmost importance, not just for Cynthia but also for us. Remember, we must also think about ourselves. Technically, this isn’t our true home. What I mean is this planet and dimension.
Jody, let’s get a good night’s sleep. We have a very difficult and demanding chore tomorrow.
Spock and I slept for twelve hour. We were sharply awakened by the screaming and falling down of Cynthia. Apparently, she’d had a night terror.
“Please don’t send me to the butcher! Please don’t mutilate me!” shouted Cynthia.
Spock and I comforted Cynthia as best we could. We asked her to lie down on our bed and to close her eyes. Meanwhile, Spock and I leaped up onto our bed then placed our paws on Cynthia’s stomach. I was on her right while Spock was on her left.
We had to perform emergency talk therapy. Also, we massaged Cynthia’s abdomen in the process.
“Cynthia, please close your eyes and try to relax. Everything will be all right.
Now, believe us when we tell you that a solution to your breast cancer problem will be found today. We shall defeat this nemesis one way or another.
Cynthia, please open your eyes and come to the kitchen with us so we can enjoy a nice brunch.
Cynthia I love you dearly, as my mother did likewise. Now, you have a third friend who loves you; his name is Spock.”
Cynthia followed us to the kitchen then sat down without incident. Luckily, the fridge was full of good food.
Spock and I prepared scrambled eggs, waffles, juice, milk, toast, and coffee. Mind you, there was much syrup, margarine, and jam on the kitchen table.
Upon finishing breakfast we were satiated to the rim. The three of us burped. We couldn’t help it.
We cleaned up the kitchen table then asked Cynthia to do the dishes. For a brief period of time she appeared to be improving. Spock and I appreciated that.
After finishing our chores we left our apartment with one mission in mind: FIND THE PORTAL TODAY!
Upon exiting the apartment building the door man gently intercepted us.
“Hi guys! Cynthia, are you all right? You appear gaunt and very depressed. Did anyone try to harm you?”
“Nobody harmed me except the cancer cells in my breasts. I wish I could scoop them out of my breasts and throw them into a fire!
Please tell your female relatives that it is imperative to have an annual breast exam. Also, regular self examinations are essential.
Apparently, my case is very serious. I hope that they come up with a cure very soon!”
“Gosh, I hope that you’re cured soon! I don’t want anyone to go through that hell.”
We said our goodbyes then proceeded to walk to the apparent ‘portal area’.
Our walk to the portal area was stressful, indeed. Cynthia fell onto the ground six times. Spock was crying. I was burning like fire from inside out.
Upon spotting the first warehouse we placed ourselves on red alert. Now, spotting the mist was our primary objective. The mist would lead us to the path, which would lead us to the giant castle, which would lead us to the portal; hopefully.
We walked through the area for roughly thirty minutes before spotting what appeared to be a mist.
Instantly, we froze in amazement! Afterwards, we carefully approached the mist only to find that it was a steam outlet.
After recovering from our shock, we decided to waste no time and resume our search.
A full hour later, we saw what appeared to be a large mist roughly a block and a half west of us. This time, the mist wasn’t coming from the ground. It was floating in the air. Furthermore, it moved in a slow but calculated manner.
Naturally, we picked up our pace and followed the mist, making sure to close the distance between us.
We decided to keep twenty feet between us and the mist. It was large, massive, and intimidating. I’d never seen anything like it before.
We ended up following the mist for ten blocks before the mist entered a foggy area. I instinctively knew that we were fast approaching the giant castle. If we entered the area, there’d be no turning back. Spock and I loved Cynthia too much to accept her breast cancer. She’d never accept it either.
We carefully followed the mist as it continued to enter deeper and deeper into the foggy area.
Eureka! Now the giant castle was slightly visible. Although we couldn’t see the entire outline it was there!
I took several more steps in the direction of the giant castle when I suddenly hit what appeared to be a giant, invisible wall.
I fell onto my side and was out cold for roughly a minute. When I came to I noticed that Cynthia and Spock were behind the invisible wall; a barrier. Apparently, I couldn’t enter the area. Something in my biochemistry forbade it.
“Jody, please come here! I can’t live without you!”
“Jody, listen to Cynthia! You guys are closer to each other than to me. I’m a newcomer!”
I tried to enter the invisible wall a dozen more times, all to no avail.
“We’re leaving the area. We can’t leave without you! I don’t care about my breast cancer! I must be with you, Jody!”
“Please don’t leave the area! You must go! This is the way things must be! If you leave the area I’ll run away and never speak to either of you again for the rest of my life! Please Cynthia, you and Rocky must follow the path and enter the giant castle! Please don’t kill me by having your breasts chopped off by the surgeon!”
Cynthia fell onto the ground then started to cry. Spock was in utter shock. However, he gave me a cat signal indicating signifying that I was correct; Cynthia could never return to this dimension.
A few minutes later, Cynthia stood up, all teary and redeyed, and spoke her final words to me.
“Jody, do you love me?!”
“Yes, Cynthia, I love you! And I also love my deceased mother and Spock. You three individuals will always be in my heart! Please follow the path that is directly behind you all the way to the giant castle. Then, enter it and find the portals!”
Cynthia and Spock turned towards the path then walked away, slowly and calculatingly. They were like Galapagos turtles.
I eyed them until they slowly disappeared into the mist. No doubt, they were following the path to the giant castle. Hopefully, I would follow them. But not then!
It was a dichotomous day. On the one hand I was terribly saddened to know that my best friend in the whole world and a new friend were gone, perhaps forever. On the other hand, I was happy for Cynthia. Her breast cancer would no doubt be completely eradicated as soon as she found the giant castle and entered whatever portal was there.

It was very long walk back home. All I could think of was Cynthia, Spock, and finding a new friend. I’ve never been good at living a loner’s life. I need at least one close friend in my life at all times. Otherwise, I’ll fall into a major depression.

As soon as I entered Sherbrooke Street West, I entered an ice cream parlor. Luckily, I always carry much money in my pouch. Otherwise, I’d go nuts!

I entered the ice cream parlor with my head lowered to the ground. Somehow, it didn’t seem normal for me to be in there all alone.

I ordered a large ice cream Sundae with all the toppings except for chocolate, of course. After paying for my order I went to a table in near the window and sat down in an elevated seat.

A counter worker was kind enough to bring me my order. I wasn’t in a fancy restaurant. People take their order directly from the counter worker then either leave or take a seat. Judging from the way the counter worker behaved, I think that he suspected that something was wrong. I couldn’t sustain a long smile. Every time I tried to my saddened facial muscles would automatically give in. I was too bummed out to fake it.

As I was eating my ice cream sundae I was suddenly interrupted by a woman’s voice.
“Hi Jody, what’s going on? I heard that you’re all alone now. Can I join you?”
“Sharon, how are you? Yes, you can join me! I’m in the mood for a long chat with a friend.”
“Just wait a minute! I’ll get an ice cream sundae for myself. Do you want anything?”
“No, I’m content with what I have.”
I waited for Sharon to get her order. Actually, I wasn’t going anywhere. My order was an extra-large with everything extra, except for no chocolate.
However, there was something unusual. How did Sharon know that I was all alone? Was it because of my gaunt expression? Or maybe it was something else?
I let it go for the time being. It wasn’t a serious matter to ponder about. I needed a good friend to lean on. I was in dire straits; two of my beloved friends have left me. Sharon was a decent person.
“Jody, look at my ice cream sundae! It looks exactly like what yours did before you ate half of it. Jody, do you want to come over to my place after we’re done? And tomorrow we can go to the park then the library. After tomorrow we can go to the Eaton Center to have a nice meal. The following day we can go to the movie. It’ll all be on me! You don’t have to carry any extra money in your pouch; how about that?”
“Gosh that sounds very nice. However, I’m kind of tired. I’d love to do all of the aforementioned activities that you talked about. I need several days of rest.
Cynthia and another friend named Spock left for good. I need time to recover from this tragedy.”
Sharon and I chatted for roughly an hour before parting. However, we gave each other our phone numbers, emails, and home addresses.
I went home in a slightly improved mood. Although I had a good friend in Sharon somehow she seemed a bit too loving and possessive. I wasn’t sure, time would tell.
As soon as I was within a few feet of our apartment building I remembered something very important. Cynthia had pre-paid three months of rent for our apartment. Afterwards, I’d be on the streets. I came to rely on her to carry me through life.
As an intelligent cat, I should’ve known better. Well, I entered the apartment building carrying one more problem on my already strained shoulders.
As soon as I entered ‘my apartment’ I crashed out. There was nothing to stay awake for, at least for the time being. Thankfully, Sharon was interested in me. Maybe, I could live with her after the three months expired? I wondered.
I slept for many hours, without any let-up. I went in and out of the dream state, constantly remembering Cynthia and Spock.
I awakened the next morning at 10:00 A.M. to the sound of the telephone ringing.
I let the phone ring six times before answering it. I had to leap onto the kitchen table to reach the phone.
“Hello, how may I help you?”
“This is Sharon, your second best friend in the whole world. I hope to become your best friend soon.
Jody, I’ve been thinking about you non-stop from the moment I met you and Cynthia. You are an incredible cat; cute, goodlooking, intelligent, adorable, energetic, believable, successful, accurate, amazing, and just right for me.
Jody, do you want to come over today? I’ve have a couple of giant slabs of steak in the fridge. Also, I have French fries, salad, milk shakes, pop, and French apple pie.
Jody, please come over immediately, if you can!”
“Yes, Sharon, I’ll come over, but not immediately. I have an errand to perform. Afterwards, I’ll be on my way to your place. Please give me your new address. You did move didn’t you?”
“Yes, baby, I still I moved! Please come over! I need someone special to talk to. I’ve had a few terrible nights in a row. I’ll tell you about it when you get here.”
Sharon gave me her new home address then we said our goodbyes. Although I was happy to hear Sharon’s voice, she appeared to be a bit possessive. Not like a possessive spouse, a lot nicer. But still, I had to be cautious for the time being.
In reality I didn’t have an errand to perform. I wanted to ponder about my new relationship with Sharon. I barely had enough time to truly understand what’d happened to Cynthia and Spock, let alone have a new best friend in the whole world.
I waited for fifteen minutes before washing up and then taking off.
As I walked through our apartment building lobby I noticed several onlookers who were also tenants of the building eye me sharp-witted, confident, loveable, active, productive, trustworthy, with bedazzlement. I guess they were wondering where my second half was. You know, Cynthia Corbett.
Suddenly, one of them, a chubby woman in her fifties who was uglier than sin popped the question that was on her mind.
“Honey, how are you doing? Is everything all right? Please answer me! We’re not trying to hurt you.”
“Cynthia moved to Toronto. She doesn’t want to come back here again. She’s happy with her friend. If I hear from her I’ll tell you.”
“Honey, my name is Agatha Lawson. Please take care of yourself. I live in apartment number 1205. If you want to come over for a chat do so. I’m dead serious!”
I thanked Agatha then continued my trek to Sharon’s place. Every step that I took increased my guilt; I felt like I was somehow cheating on Cynthia. I mean like, we were supposed to be best friends in the whole world. I was a bit confused about the matter at hand.
I decided to ponder about it at a later time. I was famished and very thirsty. I needed a steak and all the other foods that Sharon had promised to serve me.
Six blocks later, I was within forty yards of Sharon’s apartment building.
I walked towards the main entrance then paused for a few seconds. It was remarkable! What I saw before my eyes was a first class apartment complex. I had my eyes on it.
Maybe living with Sharon would be the right thing to do. I’d have to wait and see how our friendship worked out.
I pressed the buzzer then waited patiently for Cynthia to answer.
I heard nothing but a buzzing sound coming from the door. I knew that that was my cue to enter. So I did.
A short while later I was on the eighth floor. As soon as I leaped out of the elevator I took notice of Sharon eyeing me from the opposite end of the corridor.
She motioned me to come so I ran to Sharon. She extended her arms towards me in a loving manner. So I leaped onto her chest then gave her several kisses on the cheek. She in turn kissed me between the ears then petted my sides. I liked that!
Sharon carried me into her posh apartment then gently placed me on her blue living room carpet.
I rolled over onto my back to allow Sharon to pet my stomach. Thankfully, she got the message.
“Jody, please sit in the kitty chair at the kitchen table. I’ll fix us a couple of steaks and I’ll prepare the rest of our lunch. All you have to do is be here with me. Jody, I love you!”
“Sharon, I love you too!”
I waited patiently for Sharon to set my lunch on the kitchen table. By now I was drooling like a starving Bengal tiger. If I had to wait much longer maybe I would’ve bitten Sharon’s legs.
Finally, my food arrived! I was famished, but also excited. Nothing in the world could’ve distracted me from my delicious, incredible-smelling, and beautiful food!
Sharon and I put ketchup on our steaks and French fries. Also we put pepper on our French fries.
I’ve never been a cat who adored steak sauce. Mind you, many people love steak sauce.
“Jody, how’s my cooking?”
“Sharon, your cooking is absolutely wonderful?!”
“Jody, do you miss being without Cynthia and Spock?”
“Yes, I’m burning up inside. It’s so bad I can almost call 911!
But at the same time I’m very happy and thankful to be with you. Thank you for being there for me! I mean it!”
“Jody, you can live here with me. If you ever have problems paying your rent or if you want to move, yours truly will come to the rescue.”
“Thanks a lot, Sharon!”
“Jody, do you love me?”
“Of course I love you?”
“Do you love me more than you love Cynthia?”
“That’s not a fair question. I haven’t gotten over her departure yet.”
“Sorry, then who’s prettier me or her? Jody, I want you to be totally honest with me!”
“Don’t tell anyone. I think that you’re a bit prettier than she is.”
“Jody, I love you more than anyone else on this entire planet!”
Sharon and I finished our incredible lunch then we cleaned up. Something didn’t seem right. My feline senses were alerting me to something possibly dangerous.
Sharon’s demeanor and voice changed. Although it was a subtle change, I detected it.
Sharon opened up the fridge then removed a large carton of milk. After pouring a large quantity of milk in a glass and a bowl she told me that she had to get something from her bedroom.
Unusually, she left the kitchen carrying my bowl of milk. I wasn’t sure at first, but maybe she didn’t want me to drink my milk before she did.
I cropped up my ears then listened attentively to Sharon’s footsteps. She entered the restroom. Why, I didn’t know.
A short while later Sharon returned to the kitchen with a big smile on her face. Somehow, it seemed like an artificial façade. Something was going on here, but what. I’d have to stay alert.

“Jody, have a vanilla milk shake! I think that you’ll really love it! Please don’t refuse offer!”
“Sharon, I’m full to the rim! I can’t eat or drink anything at the moment. Besides, I’m feeling kind of sleepy.”
“Jody, look, please drink the shake then you and I can sleep. I have a king size bed fit for four humans.”
I capitulated. After pouring the milk shake into a large mug, Cynthia opened up a cupboard then removed a straw. Before I knew it, the straw was in my mug.
After seeing my shake and smelling it, hunger re-hit me like a ton of bricks.
I sucked on the straw with full force. The milk shake was incredible tasting. Oh my, if humans could only know how tasty milk is to cats like me.
After finishing my milk shake I burped very loudly. Immediately, I apologized to Sharon.
“Honey, you don’t have to apologize. I love you more than anyone in the whole world.”
Sharon had a predator expression on her face. More specifically, a cat’s expression when she’s eyeing a small prey animal.
Sharon and I went to the bedroom then hopped into bed. That’s when grogginess hit me really hard. I’d never felt that sedated and tranquil in my whole life. A short while later, things got blurry.
That’s when Sharon made her move. She hoisted me onto her chest then she cupped my face with the palms of her hands.
In order to relax me she kissed me between my ears and spoke to me softly. That’s when I discovered what she was up to.
“Jody, I’m sorry but I had to do it! I dropped 5mg of POTION X into your milk shake. POTION X is a truth serum. It’ll sedate and tranquilize you. Also, the chemical contents of this very powerful potion will lower your defenses. That means it’ll work on your neurochemistry.
Jody, I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Please answer them honestly without taking any consideration of how I’ll feel about your response.
Jody, do you love me?”
“Sharon, I love you, but not one hundred percent yet. You’re getting there, but you need to be my friend for a longer period of time and you must open up to me, completely.”
“Jody, do you think I’m drop dead gorgeous?”
“Sharon, you’re a very beautiful, young woman.
“Jody, do you think that I’m a very intelligent person?”
“Sharon, yes overall, but sometimes you behave like an airhead.”
“Jody, who do you love more, me or Cynthia?”
“I love Cynthia more, but you’re catching up.”
“Jody, am I prettier than Paris Hilton?”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“What about Evangeline Lilly?”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“What about Kristin Kreuk, the pretty ‘cat face’ woman?”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“Jody, am I as pretty as Angelina Jolie?”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“Jody, am I as pretty as Erica Durance?”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“Jody, am I as pretty as that wench who works at the Westmount Public Library named Sandra Spalding? You know exactly who I’m talking about.”
“You’re as pretty as she is.”
“Jody, do I have a cat face?”
“Sharon, you’re batting a thousand. Please don’t destroy your perfect score!”
“Jody, I hope that Cynthia never comes back. I want to be your undisputed best friend in the whole world. I want us to be a happy Canadian family.
One more thing Jody, I want you to forget everything that I’ve said to you.”
Everything that Sharon had worked except the ‘forgetting part’. Although I was helpless to lie, I was fully aware of what was going on.
I slept like a baby. Sound asleep with one dream after another. Gosh I was losing my cat sleeping ways.
I awakened the next morning dry-throated and famished. It may have been the POTION X and my long sleep.
I noticed that Sharon wasn’t at home. Maybe she left to get some groceries or something. I had to investigate.
After getting out of bed I went to the kitchen then checked the fridge door to see if there were any written messages from Sharon. Thankfully, there was a message on the board. Apparently, Sharon had gone to the supermarket to get some groceries. She’d left at 9:00 A.M. It was 9:45 A.M., meaning that she’d return soon.
Until then, I had to calm myself down. I was ticked off at Sharon for drugging me. The only way to fully recover from my ordeal was to perform a sweet act of cat vengeance.
For the following fifteen minutes I pondered about my act of revenge. Eureka, I figured it out!
The act would be committed as soon as possible in order to feel good. Furthermore, the act in itself was important. I needed some valuable information from Sharon anyway.
Sharon returned a short while later with five bags of groceries in her cart. I helped her remove many of the groceries then placed them either in the fridge or in the kitchen closet.
“Jody, did you have a good night’s sleep?”
“I certainly did! I slept like a baby. I must’ve been exhausted or something. How about you? Did you get a good night’s sleep?”
“Jody, I also slept like a baby. I got up once to use the restroom. That’s when I decided to stay up, shower, and get some groceries. You and I are big eaters.
Jody, I bought much vanilla ice cream, vanilla filled cookies, and vanilla cake with icing. I hope that you like these tasty foods. Do you know that there are people and animals out there that would give an arm and a leg to eat like we do?”
“Yes, I certainly know that. But there’s also something else that many people would give an arm and a leg for. It’s for honesty between loved ones; between friends and people who are living with each other.”
I noticed that Sharon’s face reddened and then paled. I changed the subject immediately. I didn’t want her to suspect that I’d remembered what she did to me. Otherwise, my advantage would dissipate. Cat’s vengeance is sweet, but only if it’s successful and doesn’t lead to retaliation by the other party.
I told Sharon that I was very hungry and thirsty. In response, she fixed me a nice breakfast consisting of two fried eggs, sunny side up, toast, jam, milk, juice, water (of course), and coffee.
A short while later we decided to go to the Pepsi Forum and hit a couple of movies.
We left Sharon’s apartment and headed straight for the Pepsi Forum. However, we were briefly delayed by the manager of the apartment complex. We were in the lobby getting ready to leave the building.
“Sharon, can I have a word with you?”
“Yes, Mr. Bannister, you can speak to me.”
“It seems that you paid me an extra twenty dollars on your rent. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or there was a reason for doing that.”
“No, when I wrote out the check I was in a big hurry. I was going to a movie near the McGill area. I don’t like to miss any part of a movie, especially the beginning or the end.”
“Thanks for clearing that up for me. I’ll deduct twenty dollars from your next month’s apartment bill.”
Sharon and I cut through Sherbrooke Street then entered Westmount Park. As soon as we got to the east end of the park we walked on Maisonneuve Street heading due east.
While walking on Maisonneuve Street we passed many individuals walking their dogs. All of the dogs were relatively well-behaved except a German shepherd bitch.
Thankfully, she and her master were on the other side of the street walking in the opposite direction.
The bitch lunged in my direction then began to bark, growl, and snarl. She looked like she was out for blood!
Sharon and I continued walking trying to look like we were ignoring the bitch. No doubt, she knew that we were afraid of her.
As for the owner, she didn’t seem to care. She was morbidly obese, uglier than sin, stunk, and walked like a bear. I don’t think that she lived in the neighborhood.
It was only when Sharon and I were near Greene Avenue that we felt safe and secure. Although I must admit, the bitch was still trying to attack us. I could hear her maniacal voice.
Dogs that are extremely aggressive pose a potential threat to humans and animals, especially children.
As soon as we entered Westmount Square we decided to sit down and relax. We were no longer in the mood to hit the movies. The bitch had elevated our pulse and blood pressure.
After sitting on a brick bench for a short while, we were approached by a custodian. He was Hispanic-looking, over sixty, and chubby.
“Girls, how are you doing? I’m very happy! This is my last day of work! Tomorrow, I will be officially retired. No more waking up early, cleaning poop and urine in bathrooms. Mopping and sweeping floors. And worst of all, getting bad looks from people.
I’m a very hard worker! Damn it, I don’t like it when people think that custodians are lazy!
Girls, we do hard work. Last week I had to mop and remove dog poop from the floor; over there in the far corner. Somebody walked his/her dog in this clean mall then allowed his dog to poop here. This is bad for our image. Not to mention the smell and complaints from unsympathetic patrons. Sometimes I’ll come across a man or a woman who thinks that I’m here to serve their every whim! I’m sorry for dropping all of my problems on your heads. It’s just that I’m retiring.”
The custodian broke down in tears. He fell on his knees then began to slobber like a hungry St. Bernard. Although it was a comical sight, Sharon and I did feel sympathy for the man.
“I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Roberto Martinez. I wish you two a very pleasant day! I have two and a half hours until my shift ends.”
Roberto walked away and that was the last time that we ever saw him.
On another matter, I was still brewing for vengeance. I didn’t forget what Sharon had done to me.
We decided to stay in Westmount Square for another hour. Then we’d go back home.
During the whole hour of our chatting and sitting in Westmount Square I was planning my revenge upon Sharon; smiling at her as though everything was all right. I really had her fooled.
“Sharon, let’s go home! I feel like watching a little T.V. and then having a snack before we hit the sack; how about it?”
“Jody, let’s do it!”
Sharon and I got up then headed home. Our walk was very enjoyable. There were people scattered on both sides of the street, smiling, some of them walking their dogs. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone walking a cat. Otherwise, there was no incident.
As soon as we entered Westmount Park Sharon asked me if I wanted to go to the Westmount Public Library. I answered in the affirmative.
Cats know the importance of hitting the books. Smart cats survive longer than dumb cats; that’s the honest truth.
We entered the library then headed for the elevators. Thankfully, it was relatively quiet. Normally, in many libraries the librarians have the loudest voices; really!
As soon as the elevator doors opened, an elderly woman exited the elevator. She paused for a few seconds, smiled at me then continued her trudging.
As soon as Sharon and I were on the upper floor, we walked over to the nearest computer.
“Jody, I want to look up something about relationships. It’s not because I’m without a husband, and have a cat as a best friend. It’s also not because I can’t have a normal relationship with any man. REALLY, JODY, I’M NOT CRAZY!
Jody, I want to acquire more knowledge about relationships. I think it’ll be good for both of us. After all, one day you may find the right tom cat. Until then, I demand to be number one for you!”
At that point I briefly pondered about human behavior. It seemed like many of them weren’t all there. I mean, they had issues, or were plain ole sick.
I wanted to know exactly what was bothering Sharon. This was another reason for me to use a large dosage of POTION X on her. I had to wait it out for an hour or two.
Sharon found a good book about relationships. We ended up sitting in the corner away from everyone else. I got up several times to browse through the book shelves.
Sharon’s behavior was making me quite uncomfortable. Every time she read something that she agreed with, she laughed. When she disliked something that she read she burst into tears.
Apparently, someone complained to the library workers about Sharon’s unusual behavior.
A library worker exited the elevator then approached us directly. Instantly, I recognized her! It was Sandra Spalding!
“Jody, how the heck are you? I haven’t seen you in quite some time now!”
“Yes, it’s been some time now. I’m all right. This is my beloved friend Sharon Peabody.”
“Hi Sharon, how are you?”
“I’m fine, thank you! And don’t forget that Jody’s mine and nobody else’s!”
“Sharon, don’t worry about anything. I’m not trying to invade your turf. Jody’s an incredible cat, and we’re best friends in the whole world!
You see, I don’t have to invade your territory because Jody’s not there. She’s in my territory now! Got it?”
Unbelievably, an argument ensued. Although it was short, what came next was worse.
Sharon and Sandra began fighting. It began with a push then escalated into punches and wrestling.
When the two combatants were on the carpet I decided to end it quickly.
I leaped in between the two combatants then pried them apart. I made it clear that they had to stop fighting immediately, or else we’d get into big trouble with the library administration.
“Jody, I love you! Remember the secret that I told you? Remember what I did for you and Cynthia? Remember the fleshy android?”
Sandra walked away proud as a peacock. She knew that she’d hit a nerve with Sharon.
Sharon started crying again. She couldn’t believe her ears. I kept a very big secret from her. Worse yet, it was conveyed to me by another woman.
“Jody, you were right! Let’s go home! However, you were also wrong! You kept a secret from me! You kept it with that little wench!”
“Don’t worry! I’ll tell you what the secret is. But don’t freak out on me! Please don’t do that!”
After I told Sharon the secret about the fleshy android her eyes lit up like light bulbs. Then she explained to me why.
“Jody, I know that the secret place burned down, but can you help me find a fleshy android? Look, I don’t need him for anything physical. I’ll only need him for love, comfort, and praise.”
“Sharon, I just remembered something very important. Dr. Hirsi was very money hungry. When he told Cynthia and me that we’d have to pay ten thousand Canadian dollars his eyes became blood-red.
I think this man will do anything for money. Sharon, I know that you’re very rich. So, if you want a fleshy android for yourself you have to come up with the whole amount in cash. There should be no trail of our purchase, whatsoever. Otherwise, the Montreal Police will come by our apartment with a warrant to search your apartment. In addition, if they find what appears to them as a fleshy android we’ll both end up behind bars. You’ll end up in jail, while I end up in a stinking animal shelter.”
Sharon wiped the tears from her cheeks and face then went to the restroom. As soon as she exited the restroom we proceeded to go to her apartment.
A short while later we entered Sharon’s apartment. I still hadn’t forgotten about my vengeance. It was coming up soon!
“Sharon, before we hit the sack I would like to get you some chocolate milk to drink. It should help you relax before sleeping. Also, I think that considering our strenuous day, you should drink a whole liter’s worth.”
“Jody, I love you! You’re so right! Please bring it to me! I’m going to slip into my night gown then head for the bedroom.”
As Sharon went to her bedroom I ran to the kitchen, poured one liter of chocolate milk into a mug then gently placed it on the kitchen floor. Afterwards, I ran to the restroom, leaped up onto the sink and then opened the cabinet.
I carefully grabbed the POTION X container then leaped onto the floor. I ran to the kitchen then poured 1000 mg of POTION X into the chocolate milk. I understood that it was a major overdose but I needed my full revenge and I Wanted to dig in deep into Sharon’s psyche. Mind you, I wasn’t trying to be snoopy. I had Sharon’s best interests in mind; really!
A blink of an eye later, I returned with Sharon’s chocolate milk and POTION X. Of course, I didn’t dare tell Sharon about the POTION X.
Thankfully, POTION X is tasteless and scentless. Thankfully, for me, that is. Unfortunately, this powerful drug can be used for terrible purposes also. Mixed with a bit more tranquilizers and/or sedative and you end up with a gang-rape.
Not me, I wasn’t using POTION X for evil purposes. I was only getting my cat’s revenge.
I entered Sharon’s bedroom carrying the mug with my forepaws and hopping like a kangaroo in order to move about.
“Sharon, please reach over and get your tasty chocolate milk. I don’t think that I can hold it any longer.”
“Jody, you’re a swell cat! I think that you and I can be friends forever. In fact, if you ever need a new home, move in with me.
Sharon took her chocolate milk then began to drink it. I made sure to put some malt into it to make it taste better.
I leaped onto Sharon’s bed then watched attentively as she drank her chocolate milk. Believe me I didn’t take my eyes off of that chocolate milk.
As soon as Sharon finished her drink I climbed onto her chest and waited. Although Sharon appeared to be confused by my actions, I stayed put. Nothing was going to get in my way!
Within a minute the effects of POTION X were beginning to be manifested. Naturally, that was good news for me.
I began my questioning in earnest. There was no time to waste.
“Sharon, do you why did you put POTION X in my drink the other day?”
“Jody, I love you so much! I had to know more about you. I needed to be re-assured that you also loved me. I’m normally not a snoop but I had to know if you cared about me more than Cynthia. I hate competing with another woman; especially if she’s beautiful.”
“I want to know why you aren’t married. What happened to you when you were a child? Did someone hurt you?”
“No, it’s not that … I’m feeling very groggy.”
“Sharon, I know that you’re groggy. But I must have my answer!”
When I was back at home in Vancouver my kid sister and Anna, our gerbil conspired against me! While I was studying my buns off in high school, my kid sister was partying up a storm. Naturally, I was receiving all of the A’s in school.
Because of my study habits I had no time to play with either my sister or our gerbil.
One evening I was studying like crazy for a biology exam when my gerbil asked me why I never played with her. I told her that I wanted to go on to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.
I also told Anna that I didn’t like her. I knew that she and my sister were laughing at me behind my back. The worst thing that those two wenches did was accuse me of having ‘LOCKED THIGH SYNDROME’. They told me that I was going to die a virgin, never getting married or falling in love with a man.
Jody, they broke my heart a hundred times over!”
“Now, tell me what you think of me and how I can hurt your feelings. Please understand that I must have the upper hand at all times in our relationship.”
“If you stop loving me I’ll die!”
“Okay, Sharon, I love you!
Now I don’t want you to ever be mean to me. I want you to treat me as nothing short of being your equal.
Furthermore, I reserve the right to ask you to move to Vancouver; with me by your side.”
“Jody, I’ll do anything that you want! Please don’t make it a habit to mention Cynthia’s name in front of me. Except if it’s an emergency. I don’t like to compete with other women.”
Somehow, I suspected that Sharon had a big secret stashed in her head. I had to find out what it was!
“Sharon, what’s the other secret?”
“Jody, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. Also, I followed you, Cynthia, and Spock when you when you were following the mist.
I saw and heard everything! I saw the mist, path, and traces of the giant castle.
Jody, I was hoping that you would split up from Cynthia. I didn’t want that little wench to move in on my territory. I hope that you never see her or Spock ever again. That way, we can be best friends forever. Also, I know about the fleshy android catastrophe.
Jody, please find me a good fleshy android, if you can. Or find me a human who’ll give me what I truly need and want.”
“And what is it that you want from your man?”
“Jody, I don’t want anything physical. I just want him to love me, treat me kindly, respect me, be trustworthy, never cheat on me, never raise his voice to me, never beat me, provide for me, help me in my chores, to always smile at me, and to not expect me to make love to him. I just want someone to tell me that he loves me, often! I want him to hold my hand in public. And I want him to come back to Vancouver with me for a week or two so I can flash him in front of my sister and Anna the wicked gerbil!”
“Sharon, there’s only one kind of man in this whole world who fits that description; a fleshy android. I’ll try to get you one. But remember, the secret place burned down recently. I don’t know if Dr. Hirsi can ever duplicate Rocky.”
I realized that the dosage I used was way too high. I was getting a weird feeling about Sharon.
“Jody, why do you break my heart so often?”
“Me, I never broke your heart! I always treat you with the utmost respect!”
“Jody, sometimes you ignore me for someone else. I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s not another woman.”
“Sharon, don’t worry. I won’t stop loving you as long as you love me more than anyone else in the whole world.”
“Jody, I can’t keep my eyes open.”
“Sharon, you can go to sleep. And one more thing, I want you to remember everything that we did. And I want you to be very frustrated about the whole affair.”
Sharon and I closed our eyes and fell asleep like babies. It was nice knowing that I got my revenge.
I awakened to the sound of the apartment door opening then closing. It wasn’t like Sharon to slam the door like that. Maybe she was pissed off at me. I had to investigate the matter at hand.
I leaped out of bed then ran to the apartment door. After opening it I ran to the other end of the corridor. Cynthia was zombie-faced and knocking on peoples’ apartment doors.
Upon reaching Sharon I noticed that she was still in a drugged-limbo-state.


After knocking on an apartment door a middle-aged, chubby man in overalls opened the door. He eyed Sharon intently. I knew exactly what he wanted. Too bad, I wasn’t going to let him have it.

“Hi, can you please love me! Sir, I’ll do anything that you want, just love me!”
“Sure thing honey, I love you dearly! Now come inside quickly, so that cat standing beside you won’t get any ideas about getting a free meal from me.
“Kitty, I want you to walk away and forget everything that you saw and heard. Got it?”
“I can’t do that! My beloved friend needs me! I’m not going anywhere until you let her go! Also, I’ll call the police on you! I know what you have on your mind! You’re a dirty, rotten, naughty, person!”
“Kitty, I’m crying my brains out. Now go away or else.”
I had use physical force to prevent Sharon from being taken advantage of.
I leaped onto the chubby man’s chest, which by the way was dangly and blubbery, then smacked him across the face four times. Thankfully, he went down for the long count.
Afterwards, a Siamese cat who was cowering in the corner presented himself. He appeared frightened and had a black eye. Now, I was furious! Someone had punched a cat the eye!
Animal abuse, in this particular case, cat abuse, is always wrong.
“What happened to you?”
“John is really a good guy. See, sometimes I play around too much and end up bothering him.
Being a Siamese cat I’m too energetic for most adult humans. I’m good for kids, not chubby, middle-aged persons.
A short while ago I spilled a mug of water onto John’s trousers. That’s why he punched me in the face. Otherwise, he’s a decent person.”
“Is this the only time that he’s ever struck you? What about verbal abuse or neglect? Does anyone else live in this apartment?”
“Yes, John has struck me in the past. But you must understand that I was misbehaving. Also, he has called me some nasty names. But he can control his temper better than Agatha.”
“Who the heck is Agatha?”
“Agatha is John’s wife.”
“What has she done to you?”
The Siamese cat began to cry. Then he froze in fear as soon as he heard the elevator door open. I guess he thought Agatha was returning.
Luckily, it was a pizza delivery man.
As soon as John came to I threatened to call the police if he ever spoke to Sharon again. Also, I told him that the police will be called if he ever harmed the Siamese cat again. And that I would personally break his neck if he did so.
As of that moment, the Siamese cat was part of our new family; three loving members, a human and her two cat friends. This is what the typical North American family should be like.
“Let’s go to Sharon’s apartment. Sharon, are you all right?”
“Yes, but I feel a bit groggy.”
I convinced Sharon to wobble back to her apartment with us. In reality all that she needed was a few hours of sleep for the POTION X to wear off.
We entered Sharon’s apartment then escorted her back to her bedroom. As soon as the Siamese cat and I were certain that Sharon was safely tucked into bed we slowly exited the bedroom, making sure that the door was closed behind us.
“Please follow me to the living room. I want to get to know you.”
“Certainly, but are you certain that John and Agatha won’t try to harm or kill me? In the past they threatened me with bodily harm if I ever tried to run away or tell anyone about their horrible abuse.”
“Don’t worry. But first I must formally introduce myself; my name is Jody Wilson. My friend is Sharon Peabody. She’s from Vancouver.
Nobody will harm you! I promise! Sharon and I are against human or animal abuse. What those monsters did to you was wrong and against the law.”
“My name is Toby Barton. I’m from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I was snatched away from my owners during kitten-hood. I was sold for twenty dollars to John and Agatha Smith. They were the ones who forcefully took me away from my home province.
I’ve endured a lot of pain and punishment. To be honest with you I was contemplating using extreme physical force in selfdefense, then running away. Sometimes, a cat must fend for him/herself.
Anyway, I’m thankful to be part of your family!”
Toby and I ate a large meal together then watched television for three hours.
After watching our third series, Bones, we heard mumbling coming from Sharon’s bedroom. Naturally, we went to see what was going on.
As soon as I opened the bedroom door we got the shock of our lives. Sharon was dancing with her shadow, in the nude. Apparently, I had to wait at least several more hours before Sharon went back to mental homeostasis.
“Jody, what happened to your friend Sharon?”
“Oh, she’s really tensed up these days. She’s trying to find a good school to attend. She’s planning on going to graduate school of biology. She loves animals, especially cats.
Toby, please go to the living room and watch some television. I’ll take care of Sharon.”
Toby went to the living room then sat down and turned on the television.
Meanwhile, I was next to Sharon, trying to get her back as she was before. In the back of my head was the thought that Sharon may not recover. That would be a horrible nightmare!
“Sharon, please stop dancing with your shadow and put something on! Please do as I say, now!”
“Honey, can’t you see that I’m busy dancing with my husband? You’re being a party pooper.
Do you want to join us? C’mon, don’t be shy now!”
After fifteen minutes of pleading I finally convinced Sharon to stop dancing with her shadow and to put something on.
Afterwards, I told her to get back to bed. I figured a few hours would do the job.
I left Sharon’s bedroom then went straight to the living room where Toby was. I sat on the Lazy Boy chair next to Toby. We had some deep conversing to do.
“Toby, I want to be honest with you. I don’t know how long we can keep here with us. You are probably micro-chipped; meaning that a scan will prove that you ‘belong’ to John and Agatha Smith.
If they call the cops we’ll have to return you to them and Sharon and I may pay stiff fines.
Going back to your previous filthy owners is totally out of the question. What we can do for you is the million dollar question.”
“I know what you can do for me. And I know exactly how you can help me.
This is a big secret! Please do not spread the word. However, if you ‘must’ tell a human or an animal you can.
Jody, I’ve done much research on this topic. Plus, I have friends who can attest to a real Animal Underground Railroad. The animal underground consists of humans and animals who volunteer their free time to ‘save’ animals from abusive homes.
Their job is to find the particular animal a loving home before removing him/her.
Members of the Animal Underground Railroad have already found me a good home in Windsor. A middle-aged, wealthy couple, want to take me in.
All I need is a ride to the Bus Station near Berri Metro Station. They’ll pick me up and drive me to Windsor.
Unfortunately, I need to make a quick getaway from the Smiths. I was forewarned by both John and Agatha that any attempt at escape will result in a horrible punishment. I believe that they are more than capable of committing this kind of heinous act.
Jody, you saw how ugly John was. Believe me, Agatha is much uglier.
They made most of their money by organizing dog fights in Canada and the United States.
They wear their good clothing and are all showered up whenever they leave their apartment. Otherwise, they’ll be evicted. As you’ve noticed, this is a first class, posh apartment complex.
Jody, please help me get my ride! I want to move to Windsor! Besides, I’m an Anglophone! I want to see ‘STOP’, ‘GO’, ‘EXIT’, and so on. I can’t change my spots! This is the way I am!”
“Toby, I’ll speak to Sharon as soon as she gets back to normal. Until then, you must stay in this apartment unless we’re able to sneak you out without detection.
I don’t trust that John Smith fellow! He looks like a hardcore criminal.”
Toby and I entered Sharon’s bedroom then crept to her bed. Luckily, she was sound asleep.
We slept for several hours before we were awakened by Sharon. I was relieved to see her in good spirits. I learned my lesson the hard way; use the correct dosage.
Toby was still a bit groggy so I advised him to close his eyes and sleep a few more hours.
Sharon and I left her bedroom then headed straight to the living room. We then sat down and I explained to Sharon Toby’s predicament. Expectedly, she agreed to help Toby as soon as he awakened. Wow! That was a shocker! I figured she’d wait a few days to help.
“Jody, I feel a bit odd, like I’ve been ‘tranquilized’ or something. Did I eat anything unusual yesterday?”
“No Sharon, you certainly didn’t. I think that you have a minor case of the flu. I think it’ll go away in a few hours.
Trust me! I’m your best friend in the whole world. I’d never take advantage of you.”
“Jody, you’re the most incredible cat in the whole world! One more thing; Jody, do you love me?”
“Yes, Sharon, I love you!”
On that point Sharon closed her eyes and slept for a couple of hours.
Meanwhile, Toby had awakened. I waved him over to the living room. At first, he thought that I wanted him take a nap on the living room sofa.
After conveying the good news to Toby he leaped up into the air then did a double flip. It was the most incredible act of athleticism I’d ever seen.
Anyhow, as soon as Sharon awakened, Toby and I began to converse with her about the Animal Underground Railroad and what kind of strategy we should use.
“I have three contacts in this city. But first, Sharon, I want you to call my future guardians in Windsor.
After you’ve spoken to them you can call our special contact. He, along with two canines will meet us the night of my departure.
We always depart at night. Daytime departures are too risky. Even a small cat like me can’t hide in the night. For one thing, if I open my eyes even once, the reflector in my eyes will shine like a star.”
Sharon didn’t waste any time whatsoever. She wrote down the telephone number of Toby’s future guardians. And then she called them up.
Thankfully, they were delighted to hear from Sharon. It was too good to be true! However, it was true!
“Guys, Tom and Linda Marshall were thrilled to know that Tobey was going to be leaving Montreal for Windsor tomorrow evening.
Guys, it was either tomorrow evening or in two weeks time. We have no choice in the matter. Another thing, we must act soon because our worst nemesis will no doubt call the police about his missing cat. And guess who they’ll question first?”
Tobey gave Sharon the phone number of a ‘secret member’ in Montreal. The password was LION-ABC. She’d have to recite each of the letters and the dash in perfect order. No second chances! The Animal Underground Railroad members were cautious and careful. I couldn’t blame them.
After Sharon called the ‘secret member’ she wrote down some important details pertaining to the next evening’s rendezvous.
The ‘secret member’ was to meet us the next day at 10:00P.M in Old Montreal in an isolated and dark place. This place was so secretive we were forbidden to utter the location even to ourselves. Actually, each of us was sworn to keep the secret.
The three of us took a long walk through Westmount. Our exit of the apartment building involved Sharon hiding Toby inside her shoulder bag. He was to stay quiet until we left the area and Sharon gave him the okay.
We couldn’t take any chances with the Smiths. Toby’s black eye was a blunt reminder.
The three of us decided to watch cartoons for a few hours. Things were very tense, indeed. Toby’s eye was hurting him. In fact, he had three separate crying fits. Sharon and I had to comfort him.
“Toby, don’t worry, everything will be all right. I know that your eye is hurting but I promise you this will never happen to you again!
Sharon and I have taken an oath to help you with every means at our disposal; even if we have to break the law!”
“Toby, Jody’s telling the truth. Now, I want you to leap up unto your auntie’s lap so she can cuddle you in her arms.”
Toby leaped up onto Sharon’s lap. She in turn, held him tightly.
A few minutes later, Toby began to cry again. Sharon slowly stood up then carefully placed Toby on the living room carpet.
I couldn’t quite understand what she had in mind so I waited patiently to see.
Sharon left the living room then headed straight to the kitchen. Once there, she pulled out an old baby bottle and washed it thoroughly.
After washing the baby bottle Sharon filled it with warm milk. It took about ten minutes for the whole process. Meanwhile, Corey was still crying his brains out. It seemed like Corey was going to have lifelong emotional problems. How many other companion animals have endured this same fate?
Sharon returned with a baby bottle in her hand. It was full of warm milk. Although my mouth was drooling like a hungry saber toothed cat’s I knew that the milk wasn’t for me. It was for Toby.
Toby grinned as soon as he took notice of the baby bottle. He instinctively knew that it was for him.
Sharon sat down on her lazy boy chair then she waved Toby over. Instantly, he leaped up onto her chest then waited for Sharon to make her move.
Sharon slowly inserted the sucker into Toby’s mouth. Thereafter it was all smiles. Toby was a temporary baby for Sharon.
After thirty minute of sucking, Sharon noticed that the baby bottle had emptied.
We decided to eat a fish, fries, salad, apple pie, and pop dinner.
It took Sharon thirty five minutes to fix us our dinner. It was perfectly done. Like a professional chef.
“Guys, just give me a minute to place your bowls and plates on the kitchen table. Thankfully, we have much more food in the fridge. In that regard, help yourselves until you are completely satiated. Tomorrow will be a big day, indeed.
After eating dinner we decided to take a short walk; lucky for us.
As soon as we left the apartment complex parameters we noticed the presence of many Montreal Police patrol cars. Something was wrong.
We continued to walk for several more blocks until we came upon an elderly man walking his Golden Retriever. His dog appeared very happy and healthy. He had a shiny coat, polished teeth, trimmed claws, an expression of content, and was the proper size and weight for a specimen of his breed. No doubt, he had a good pedigree.
As for the old man, he was his right hand was used for his cane, while his left held his dog’s leash.
We crossed the street, approaching the elderly man and his dog directly but cautiously. We didn’t want him or his dog to think that our intent was wicked.
“Sir, what is the problem around here? We noticed that there are many patrol cars on the streets. Has something terrible happened?”
“Madam, there was a brutal murder in an apartment complex nearby. A middle-aged, fat man was killed by his cat. I think his name is Toby. As for the last name I can’t remember.
At least one of the victim’s neighbors has stated that there have been problems emanating from his apartment in the recent past.
I think that the victim’s cat should be apprehended immediately.
The greater Montreal metropolitan area is a nice place to live in. Our crime rate is considerably lower than its counterpart in the United States.
Here in Westmount we should be able to walk at night without worrying about being attacked by a vicious, killer animal.
Worse yet, there’s a rumor going around that there’s some kind of underground activity for criminal cats and dogs. They’re given transport to other cities. This is unacceptable! My dog Andy and I are on full alert. If we see the murderer I’ll pull out my cell phone and call the police, without any delay whatsoever.
That killer cat should’ve been thankful for having free room and board. Not to mention the tender, loving care that he received.
Some people and animals are thankless. Now, what is the victim’s wife going to tell her in-laws? That her beloved cat turned into a Frankenstein-Dracula monster?
Now, people in our beloved country will be afraid to bring in any more cats into their homes. Why couldn’t that little monster have just run away or something?”
“Mr. Dollard and I have been walking through these beautiful and quiet streets for three years now. This is the first time ever that I’ve placed myself on red alert.
Have you seen guys seen this killer cat?”
“No, actually my human and cat friend decided to take a walk together for protection. With three of us, I don’t think that this ‘killer cat’ will try to harm me or Sharon. As for ‘Ricky’ he’s already got a black eye caused by a vicious feral cat.
Thanks a lot for the enjoyable conversation! We wish you guys the best of luck in your lifelong endeavors!”
We walked away from the elderly man and his dog terrified of being exposed at a later time. They could easily put one and one together to realize that Toby was the real McCoy.
We walked back home as quickly as we could. We didn’t want to be seen by anyone until Toby was long gone.
Shockingly, on our way home we saw a total of seven patrol cars in the vicinity. We’re talking about a few blocks of walking.
As soon as we entered Sharon’s apartment room we fell onto the living room carpet. The stress of it all exhausted us.
Unfortunately, a few minutes later, we got the shock of our lives.
The police began to pound on the door! It was a terrifying experience.
“This is the Montreal police! Open your door immediately! We mean it! Any delay in your response will give us the right to break down your door! This is an emergency!”
“Guys, hide! Go to my bedroom and enter my closet. Inside, you’ll see a vague square shaped outline. This is a secret doorway. After you open it do not forget to close it. Otherwise, the police will discover your whereabouts and we will be in big trouble! Do not show yourselves until I personally give the okay!”
We did exactly as Sharon told us to do. Within a jiffy we were tucked away in a nice, cozy hideout.
Sharon opened the door for the police officers.
“Are you Sharon Spalding?”
“Yes officer, I’m Sharon Spalding.”
“You need to have a seat and let us search the premises. Here is our warrant.
It is believed that you are harboring a dangerous killer cat name Toby Barton. We have his picture, profile, and a good description given to us by Mrs. Agatha Smith.
Mrs. Smith has told us that Toby murdered her husband in front of her.
You have one last chance! Is Toby Barton in your apartment?!”
“No officer, Toby Barton’s not in my apartment! I’d never lie to the Montreal Police!”
The police searched Sandra’s apartment for roughly thirty minutes before leaving.
As soon as the police left Sharon’s apartment she notified us. Thankfully, she didn’t break her silence. If she had, I too would’ve been arrested. I would’ve been charged with aiding a fugitive, and/or aiding in the murder of John Smith.
The rest of the night through the following evening was extremely stressful.
At 7:30 P.M. we ate a light dinner, washed up and then called our secret member to verify our rendezvous.
Thankfully, everything was fine! However, there was an addendum to our schedule.
Two canines who were secret members would accompany us to a meeting place near the bus depot. Everything had to operate according to the secret member’s orders. After all, we were amateurs.
A short while later we heard a scratching sound on the apartment door. I scented two dogs. They were tough, wellconditioned, and confident; exactly who we needed as escorts.
Sharon peeked through the peep hole then slowly opened the door. In came two dogs, a German shepherd and a Doberman pinscher. The German shepherd was a neutered male and the Doberman pinscher was a spayed female. This is good. If they’d been fertile, things could go crazy at any moment.
“Guys, we need to leave immediately! I’m Karl Bruner and this is my friend Gretchen von Hofmann. We were born in Hamburg, Germany.
We have an ‘underground’ there also; humans and animals working together to help poor, abused animals. You wouldn’t believe how many animals are probably being abused at the moment; way too many!”
I forgot something. Could you please give us something to eat and drink? We’re starving!”
Sharon fixed Karl and Gretchen a nice dinner. Thankfully, they ate and drank well. Unfortunately, we were now running short on time.
With no time to wash the dishes, we exited Sharon’s apartment and began our trek to the secret location near the bus depot.
Toby was placed in a knapsack fastened on Karl’s back. He had to be hidden from the public’s eyes. Not to mention, the Montreal Police.
We briskly walked due east on Sherbrooke Street. Although the street is generally busy or semi-busy nobody would ever suspect us of being that manifest in our actions.
We crossed Atwater, then Guy, then McGill without any problems. It wasn’t until we were within one metro stop that a patrol car pulled over in front of us.
Thankfully, the officer ordered us to walk into a side street. Apparently, she wanted to do her job efficiently without the gazing eyes of passer-bys. I understood that.
“Guys, go over there and don’t you dare try to run away! When you are parallel to that pole, stop walking, and don’t try anything funny, or else!”
We did as we were told. A short while later an obese woman ‘strenuously’ got out of the patrol car.
Judging from the expression on her face, she was looking for trouble. I figured she didn’t have her donut and coffee fix for the day.
“Madam, I want to see some identification!”
“Here you go.”
“Miss Peabody, what are you doing with these two dogs and this cat? Furthermore, I got a tip that you’re aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive.”
“I’m taking a walk with my two dogs and my cat.”
“What’s in the knapsack?”
“Nothing’s in the knapsack, officer.”
“I reach into it here, or we all go to the station and I do it there. Mind you, if you make me miss my evening donut and coffee snack, I’ll get really personal with each and every one of you. Believe me, you won’t like it!”
At that moment, we thought that it was all over. Thankfully, Toby’s a very feisty and intelligent cat.
As soon as the officer pulled him out of the knapsack, he froze.
“Gosh where did you buy this stuffed cat from?”
“Oh … my dear … like … umm … we bought him from Zellers. They were having a sale on stuffed animals last week. I love cats and dogs. Too bad, they didn’t have any stuffed dogs available. Apparently, they were sold out.”
“Okay guys, listen, there’s a killer cat on the loose! He’s extremely dangerous! His name is Toby Barton and he won’t hesitate to kill you! Like the way he killed his loving guardian John Smith.”
The officer left us bedazzled and confused. We couldn’t believe that she didn’t know that Toby was a real fleshy being. Anyway, we didn’t have any time to ponder about the situation.
We continued our walk to the secret location near the bus depot.
A short while later we found ourselves standing in the secret location. It was a dark side street with nothing around but dilapidated and abandoned buildings. We got the creeps just being there. In fact, one of the places looked like the Munster’s home.
Ten minutes later, we took notice of a young woman wearing conservative dress approach us. She approached us from a dark corner. It’s like she was eyeing us or something.
We weren’t sure what to make of her, so we stayed put and let her make the first move.
“Guys, I received and encrypted code from the soon to be owners of Toby Barton requesting that I meet you first. Then, if I’m satisfied that you’re legitimate, I’ll clear you.”
“I vouch for them. Toby’s right here! You see his black eye? He’s the real McCoy. And she’s his best friend and guardian. Sorry, I forgot your name.”
“I’m Sharon Peabody. I’m from Vancouver. I’m only here in Montreal for a short period of time.”
“Karl, I trust your judgment. You are well-respected in the Animal Underground Railroad. That’s why I came so quickly. As soon as I was informed that you and Gretchen were escorting Toby I knew it was legitimate. However, protocol requires that I always take precautions, no exceptions.”
“Toby, is there anything you want to say before you leave your friends?”
“Yes, Jody, do you love me?!”
“Yes, Toby, I love you!”
“What about me!”
“Oh, yes, I love you too, Sharon!”
Although it was a sad parting of ways, it had to be that way. Toby had to move to Ontario and the rest of us had to scram.
Sharon and I assumed that the police were still on Toby’s trail; if we only knew what was in store for us.
Sharon and I decided to take a side street back home. We were tired and hungry.
Thankfully, Montreal has many good side streets for people who don’t want to be seen. However, you must walk these streets at night, when it’s dark.
Montreal is a big city with a big and active population. People in this city like to walk and enjoy life, even during the winter months.
As soon as we got to the McGill Metro Station area Sharon and I decided to grab something to eat at Burger King.
As soon as we entered the restaurant I glanced over at Sharon. She had the look of hunger drawn on her face. So I didn’t waste any time.
We stood in line for several minutes before we got to order. We ended up ordering two veggie burger trios, super sized fries and super sized diet coke with no ice; also everything extra on the burgers.
Sharon grabbed a handful of ketchup packets then several pepper packets.
We like our fries ketchup-filled with enough black pepper. It tastes better that way.
A short while later, Sharon and I sat in the corner next to a window. It’s nice having a view.
While we were enjoying our meal we chatted about several different topics and issues. One of them caused us to briefly skirmish.
“Jody, why can’t ‘they’ learn our language? Why can’t they be like us? I began to learn English as a toddler. I can’t believe that the world can’t learn our easy language.”
“Sharon, I think that ‘they’ are saying the same thing about us.”
“Jody, stop being a negative ion! I’m a positive ion, and when you contradict me you become a negative ion! I know a thing or two about physics. I read ‘Physics for Dummies’.”
After that brief skirmish we apologized to each other then continued eating.
After we finished our delicious meal Sharon threw away the trash that was on our tray then we descended to the lower level. We went to the restrooms. Inside, we cleaned up.
After leaving Burger King Sharon and I decided to go straight home. No side streets, just straight home on Sherbrooke Street.
I took us thirty minutes to get within a block of the apartment complex.
Shockingly, there were Montreal Police officers, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Agency) officers, with many patrol cars in front of the apartment complex. Thankfully, there were many onlookers. We slithered in between them like regular fixtures.
After scanning the area, Sharon and I approached a boy wearing a blue cap.
“Excuse me, what happened here? Did someone die?”
“No, all I know is that there’s an APB (all points bulletin) out for Toby Barton and an accomplice. In think they killed someone.”
“Thanks for the update. Your parents did a good job in raising you.”
The boy grinned at us before we walked away.
Sharon and I knew that we had to either leave the country immediately, or leave the dimension.
“Jody, we must disappear! I can’t leave Canada! I don’t have a valid passport and I certainly don’t have a final destination in this dimension! We must go back and find the mist. Thereafter, we must follow the path and enter the giant castle. From there, we can worry about where to go.
The Canadian criminal justice system is taking a verbal pounding from the citizenry. Too many criminals aren’t facing justice. And too many victims aren’t seeing justice. I think that they’ll set an example with us.
Who are we? We are a single white female with her beloved cat. We’re just right for an example.”
“Sharon, let’s go there immediately! However, I highly recommend that we use dark side streets. As of now, we must assume that the entire city of Montreal is swarming with police, RCMP, and CSIS!”
It was apparent that there would be no mercy upon us. Perhaps they ‘officers’ had a shoot on sight order.
Sharon and I slithered away from the large crowd then descended one of Westmount’s large, hilly streets.
As soon as we were on the peripheral of Sherbrooke Street, we looked both ways then ran across it as fast as we could.
We decided to walk on Maisonneuve Boulevard heading east through Westmount Park. Thankfully, there were hardly any people around and it was relatively dark.
A short while later we had a close call with a Westmount Security van. Sharon and I were near the baseball field when we spotted a security van with high-beamers on. Also, the passenger was high-beaming the area with a powerful hand-held light.
They were driving slowly through the area, like they were searching for a fugitive.
Sharon and I hit the deck immediately. We didn’t dare utter a sound or move. Thankfully, the security van was gone in a jiffy. I don’t think that the two security officers suspected that we were in the park. They were only following orders and touching all bases.
Sharon and I got up then continued our walk to the ‘mist area’.
We reached the general area a short while later. That’s when we were forced to turn into bloodhounds and sight hounds. We kept at it for several hours. Then we noticed that dawn was fast approaching. We couldn’t be seen in daylight. We’d be dead ducks. Furthermore, the mist would become almost invisible by then.
As we were walking through the area, Sharon took notice of a squirrel perched on a tree who was eyeing us. We decided to approach her and try to receive some help. Being that she lived in the area it was logical to assume that she’d seen the mist before.
As soon as we got to within ten feet of the squirrel she gazed due south and pointed in that direction with her foreleg.
Eureka! We saw the mist. We quickly thanked the squirrel then ran to the mist.
Luckily, we only had to follow the mist for a few minutes before we saw the path and the vague outline of the giant castle.
We each took a deep breath before entering the path. As soon as I was going to take my first step, Sharon blocked my path with her extended arm. Initially, I thought that she had second thoughts. However, I soon realized that she had something else on her mind.
“Jody, do you love me?!”
“Yes, Sharon, of course I love you!”

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