Jesus Christ Atheist


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Book Description

Contrary to popular opinion Jesus Christ did not teach monotheism. The Jews already had monotheism and had worshipped only one God a thousand years before Jesus was even born. Believe it or not Jesus taught Atheism.


It is amazing how someone who neither understands scripture, nor the historicity of the Bible and its accurate transmission throughout the centuries can go on for so long with a convolution of facts that would make the most skillful fiction writer jealous.

jason crawford

To claim Jesus taught atheism is one of the most self serving, lie filled ideas I have ever heard. He spoke of love toward your brother, neighbor, and even your enemy, but most of service to the FATHER. anyone who has read any one of the gospels can tell you that. You can either believe "what works for you," or you can search out the truth. I recommend the Case For Christ. its the story of an atheist investigative reporter who set out to disprove Christianity, and became a Christian based on evidence from historical sources.


Hannah Orion

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