Jesus' Book: Fear Not


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The book is written by Jesus using a human instrument. The book also contains paintings that Jesus created using the same human instrument. Jesus comes to humanity in his book, professing his eternal and unconditional love to each and every human that has ever lived on this planet.

Brian Gaucher

Reading this E-book, I tried to keep an open mind. It was different, a fresh view to an old debate. The one thing, or thought, I came away with after I read. And reread was this. It made sense, and it had the ring of truth. Which is hard to find, in this day & age. It gives one hope. I look forward to Mary Rose's upcoming books. ~brian~

Ken Tylo

If You are on your quest for the truth, Don't pass this one up.

Margaret Hyland

I would give it 5 stars if it were broader which is impossible. However for co-author Mary Rose personally I give it 5 stars. We as individuals necessarily demand answers to many questions & one work can only give a small portion & very specifically. We have read what we have in the past & often expansively or narrowly. Readers can join some more dots with this book. Mary Rose is on the path home. If you compare Mary Rose's/ Jesus' paintings with those of Glenda Green whom Jesus also personally contacted allowing for the different style of painting we (I) find them essentially the same. Make allowance for some coloring variance as our expectations of Jesus vary & he would not want to shock us! Given small differences Mary Rose & Glenda Green's Jesus is one and the same. This is the real Jesus. Allowances made also for some story content as in definitions & much more depending on our own reading background & this is a monumental subject I say "Well done Mary Rose."

Anna Rafferty

The author has shown true association of transforming the belief system from atheism to Christianity. The truth of how the Christian churches confound to facts are in her learning. Wonderful that she found Jesus in the process, as that will allow her to grow in Spiritual strengths. It takes Jesus to got through to God. What is strong in these writings is the fact that how Christianity was learned was not clear as the Bible teaches, that God is God and Jesus is His son. Many churches today teach that Jesus is God. The Bible makes clear that is not so. Jesus is God's son. Jesus is OF God, the same as your son is OF you. Not you! This will confuse many who do not have a strong relationship with God or Christ. Jesus presented God's word for the author and it was not understood what was OF God through Jesus's proclamations. In reading this work, the reader must be able to sort that part out.

Ms. B.

This is not even "Jesus propaganda", as suggested by one reviewer; it is a distortion of ancient and timeless Biblical truths and clearly not inspired by Jesus Christ. I'd like to encourage everyone to read the Bible instead and not be discouraged by the inevitable observation that God does not conform to our ideas and concepts.

Tim Wilcox

I think that if you are a biblical literalist, you would not like this book. I have long ago abandoned the idea that what is taught in church and what is read in the Bible is all true, word for word, so this book was an easy read for me. I would challenge anyone who has a problem relating to a God who tells us He loves us, but gives the condition that if we don't do this or that we can't be with Him, to read this book. You will find that we are not truly separate from Him, we only believe it because that is what we are told. On top of that, the personal story that the author relates of her own life is compelling and tragic. You will see that her faith in Jesus is strong and convincing. I do not think you have to believe she actually spoke to Jesus for you to benefit from the message of this book. If you go in with an open mind, you will find something meaningful in her words. If you go in ready to blast it for not being absolutely consistent with what is read in the Bible, you will not get much from it. The only thing that I found distracting or less than satisfactory about the book is the way it is written. Sometimes she seems to ramble on and repeat herself, but even that seems to convey the frustration, confusion, and fear that she felt during the darker parts of her life. Many people when under stress will repeat themselves so I was not too put off by that. Plus, English is not her first language so that made it also understandable. In the end, I could tell that she loved Jesus and that she felt like it was important to tell her story so that others who were afraid to follow Him because of what is conventionally taught in Christianity would see a different side of Jesus, one that is full of True Love and Compassion for humanity, completely and unconditionally.

Linda Cooper

It only took a few pages to see that this is clearly just "Jesus propaganda" Some of the book is true, as men have over the centuries distorted the bible for their own gains. Most know this already, which provides fuel for skepticism. That being said, writing a book such as this, makes the so-called 'word of god' even more unbelievable than it already is. Someone having "visions" of a new and improved jesus, who is not much like the christian version we have today, just seems ludicrous. My question is, why wouldn't this all-knowing, all-powerful. all seeing god, come and tell all believers they had it all wrong, and give them the real 'revised version' of his so-called word? To pick one, and for that person to write an obscure recounting of what jesus really wants, puts fuel in fires of skepticism. This book is nothing more than delusional fiction used to promote the authors own artwork. There is nothing real or logical about it.

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