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"Let's make Dad some tea and then we will see if he has anything planned for today,"
said Mom as they walked into the kitchen together. Mom got the cups and teapot ready
while Jem put the milk and sugar on the tray. He was too excited to carry it without
spilling so he had to let his Mom take the tea to the bedroom.
"Can I go in now?" pleaded Jem, waiting anxiously by the door.
"Knock first," said Mom, not wanting Jem to forget his manners. He knocked loudly on
the door and waited breathlessly for his Dad to answer.
"Is that the birthday boy?" asked his Dad through the door.
"Yes it is!" grinned Jem.
"I think you should get in here then," replied Dad. His words were barely out of his
mouth when Jem flung the door open and jumped on the bed. He cuddled up to his Dad
as Mom came in and carefully set the tea tray on the bedside table.
Jem was sure they got him a present but he did not say anything because his Mom had
taught him never to expect anything from another elf, even if it was your birthday. He
just sat there next to his Dad, brimming with joy.
"What is that behind the cupboard there, Jem?" asked Dad with a smile.
"Where?" asked Jem eagerly. He bounced off the bed, nearly knocking the tea tray
over. He looked behind the cupboard where Dad was pointing and found his present,
carefully hidden. It was wrapped in shiny green paper with a great big orange bow. It
was long and thin, and felt strange underneath the wrapping. He opened it quickly,
tearing the paper and dropping the bow on the floor as he went. When he saw what it
was, he whooped with delight: a brand new fishing rod! It was exactly what he had
wanted. It came complete with a reel, line and a fully loaded tackle box. There were
sinkers, floats and hooks of all kinds in there and Jem was overjoyed with his gift.
Jem’s Birthday
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