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sharp so the blow almost toppled the flower straight away. Nefar was about to swing
once more when suddenly Jem sneezed.
It was Nefar's turn to get a fright and drop the axe. It landed with a smack, right on his
baby toe.
"Ow!" screamed Nefar, jumping about, holding his poor foot. Jem wanted to laugh out
loud but he had another sneeze coming.
"ACHOO!" splurted Jem again. As he took out his handkerchief to wipe his nose, he
looked up at the lily to see what was making him sneeze. Nefar's mighty chop had
shaken the flower so much, it had made some pollen fall out and flutter down like
yellow snow all around them. He was about to sneeze yet again when he saw something
that made him very frightened indeed.
It seemed that Nefar had forgotten the golden rule (that every good elf should know)
about cutting down flowers: Always, always check for bees.
"Bee!" screamed Jem as he scrambled away. The bee looked very annoyed at being so
rudely disturbed. Nefar was too busy rubbing his sore toe to take any notice of the
warning. The bee was already in the air and hurtling towards him at a tremendous
speed. Jem got up in a flash and ran straight towards Nefar, crashing into him. The
elves tumbled along the ground and landed with a thump against a tree. Nefar was about
to punch Jem on the nose for pushing him over but as he lifted his fist, he saw the bee
whoosh past the very spot where he had been standing only seconds before. Nefar's fist
dropped to his side and he looked at Jem in astonishment.
"Y-You saved my life," he stuttered.
Jem and the Tiger Lily
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