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What Jem did not realise, was that hiding behind the thorn tree close to where Gander
was standing, was the naughtiest elf in the Kingdom, Nefar who could not be bothered
to find a flower of his own. After Jem had left, he slipped out from his hiding place and
crept closely behind, making sure that he was very, very quiet.
As Jem got deeper into the woods, it got darker and colder. He was not scared though,
because he had been that way many times before and he was a very brave elf. He was
nearing the grove of ferns when he heard a twig snap, close behind him. He turned
around quickly but to his surprise, saw nothing there. He stood with his ears pricked
and his nose in the air for a moment but decided it must have been a rabbit or a squirrel.
After all, there was nobody following him, was there? When he got to the ferns, he
found the gap between the two largest ones and, after taking a quick look around to
make sure he was still alone, ducked through.
Nefar peeked out from underneath a pile of rotting leaves, relieved that Jem had not
seen him. As he did, he saw the tip of Jem's hat as it disappeared among the fronds. He
crept out of his smelly hiding place and tiptoed towards the same gap through which
Jem had just gone. As he stepped through, he saw just why Jem had been so excited to
get there. Before him, towering way above his head was the most enormous Tiger Lily
in the world. He gasped so loudly that it gave Jem a start. Surprised, Jem dropped the
axe that he was pulling out from under his belt. It fell to the floor between his feet.
"What are you doing here?" cried Jem.
"Oh, just out shopping for Tiger Lilies," sniggered Nefar.
"Well you can't have this one, its mine!" said Jem defiantly. "I saw it first!"
"We'll just have to see about that," said Nefar and in the blink of an eye, he grabbed the
axe off the floor. Nefar took a mighty swing and struck the stem. Jem's axe was very
Jem and the Tiger Lily
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