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Jem and the Tiger Lily
by Jamie Harbison
Jem skipped along the path towards the river. He was especially happy because that
very day, all the elves of Wilderberry Wood past their tenth birthday were gathering
flowers for the competition being held at the Spring Festival the following day. That
year would be Jem’s first and he was more excited than he had ever been in his whole
entire life. Even Nefar who was the naughtiest elf of them all, would be entering.
Whoever could find the biggest and most beautiful flower to present before King Julius
would be the winner. First prize was a humungous silver trophy, and an invitation to sit
at the Royal Table next to Princess Kia during the Spring Feast. Jem thought that was
about the best prize anyone could win.
Not long before, Jem had discovered growing behind an enormous leafy fern, the most
amazing Tiger Lily he had ever seen. Each time he went to look at it, it seemed to grow
bigger and more beautiful. He was on his way to cut it down to take home for the
competition. About half way to the river, just before the bottlebrush bush, he met
Gander, the orphan mouse.
"Hiya Jem! How are your Mum and Dad?" he asked. "Have you had your breakfast yet?
I'm so hungry. Did you bring me a peanut? Goodness, what a lovely day it is today..."
babbled Gander. Before Jem could even answer, Gander, who was such a chatterbox,
started off again, "Where are you going? Are you looking for a flower too? Did you
know that Aerin and Buddy went over to the farmhouse looking for dandelions? Ooh, if
they get caught they will be in so much trouble. I wonder if naughty Nefar is with
"Sorry Gander, no peanuts, got to go!" interrupted Jem quickly. He hurried off before
Gander could start nattering again and left him talking to himself.
Jem and the Tiger Lily
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