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After a little while they found their first signs of human life. Jem was the first to spot it
– a great big metal thing, about twice their size with a hole at one end. It looked like an
enormous tin can and smelled just like cooking apples.
"There's something in there,” noticed Aelyn as they walked around it, inspecting their
find closely. Sure enough, when the little elves looked closer, they saw ants marching
in, taking turns collecting some of the sticky stuff that lay in a puddle at the bottom and
marching back out again. Aelyn was about to climb inside to see what the sticky stuff
was when Jem suddenly noticed how sharp the edges of the hole were.
"Look out!" shouted Jem.
"Whew, thanks mate," said Aelyn. "I didn't realise how dangerous this thing was."
"No problem," answered Jem. “These humans must be pretty awful to leave such a
treacherous thing lying around." They left the ants to their endless task and continued
on their way, not very impressed with humans so far.
After a brief rest under a tree and some delicious lunch, Jem and Aelyn continued.
They had not gone far when Aelyn noticed some smoke rising up from over a nearby
hill. They walked quickly to the top and peered over the other side. They were
dismayed at what they saw.
"What a mess!" exclaimed Jem.
"Whew, and it stinks too!" said Aelyn holding his nose.
"That must be the town where the humans live," said Jem as he started walking towards
"Do we have to?" moaned Aelyn.
Jem and the Humans
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