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"Can I go and see them Dad, can I please?" asked Jem. Not very happy with the idea,
Jem’s father told him that humans did not know anything about elves and could be very
dangerous. Jem begged and pleaded with his father who eventually gave in.
"As long as you're careful and you take someone with you," said Dad finally. With
that, Jem quickly finished his breakfast and ran down to Aelyn's house. Aelyn was his
best friend in the whole world and he would not dream of going on such an adventure
without him. After much persuasion, Aelyn's mother also agreed to let them go, but not
without a stern warning.
"They are mean and nasty things, those humans," she said. "If you get in their way,
they're likely to squash you like a bug. As long as you promise not to get into any
trouble and you're both very, very careful, you can go."
"We promise," sang Jem and Aelyn together. Aelyn's mother gave them both some
mushroom sandwiches and dwarf apples to eat for lunch, and she packed a small bottle
of dewberry juice in case they got thirsty. So off they went, headed for the hills in
search of humans.
Excited, the young elves skipped along the path and wondered what they would do
when they found what they were looking for.
"Let's catch one and make it our prisoner," said Jem. "With such a big slave, we could
make it do anything!"
"My Mom said that they are so stupid that they do more damage than good," Aelyn
warned. "So we will probably end up doing more work cleaning up after it."
"They must be an awful nuisance then," thought Jem as they came to the edge of the
forest. "Well, we'll just have to go and see," called Aelyn as he ran ahead across the
meadow. Jem raced after him.
Jem and the Humans
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