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Jem and the Humans
by Jamie Harbison
Early one morning, just as the birds of Wilderberry Wood started their song, Jem woke
up with a wonderful idea. He would go and see if he could find any humans. He had
heard lots about them in stories but had never actually seen any. The older elves in the
village did not seem to think much of them but Jem's mother had once taught him never
to judge another elf before walking in his slippers. He wondered if that went for
humans as well. He decided that on that very morning, he would find out for himself.
He was in for a wonderful adventure.
During his breakfast he asked his Dad about them.
"Where do humans live, Dad?" he asked.
"Well Jem," his father answered, "A few of them live on the other side of Deepstone
River but over there, beyond the hills, is a town where hundreds of them live."
"Can we go and catch one Dad?" Jem asked.
"Oh no," chuckled his father. "They are about a hundred times bigger than the biggest
elf. What would you do with such a thing?"
"Really Dad? That big? What do they do all day then?" he asked.
"Being so big, Jem, they are very clumsy and go around breaking things mostly,"
answered Dad. "Why Uncle Morris told me that just the other day, he saw some of them
wearing these daft yellow hats, smashing a perfectly good house to rubble."
"Why on earth would they do something so silly?" asked Jem.
"Nobody knows, my son. It's a mystery."
Jem and the Humans
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