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Title: Jason Abbott
Author: Bassam Imam
I consider myself one of the luckiest cats in the whole
world; this is not an exaggeration of any sort. I was born in
Dark City, Nebraska a very friendly place, with a population of
100,000. It has two malls, one of which is large the other is
small. Thankfully, Dark City College brings in another 10,000
residents into town every school year, most of which leave
during the summer and other holidays.
Considering that I am a very intelligent American Tabby
it’s no wonder that I love the school spirit. Drs. William and
Marcia Abbot are my beloved parents. They raised me quite well,
taught me how to be an honest and polite kitty, and to love my
beloved country, America. My parents are successful
psychiatrists who work at the Dark City General Hospital. Our
hospital is so incredible many of the patients therein are from
other towns and cities in Nebraska. A smaller percentage of the
patients are from the Midwest, and yet others are from far away,
including a sleuth of foreign countries.