James Roosevelt Starks and Ida Marie Bowers HTML version

NOTE: There are several gra mma r and misspelling errors; these are
kept in the record fo r the use of preserving the originality of the
I, Ja mes Roosevelt Starks, was born 20 Jan. 1901, in Det roit, Red
River, Texas. My father‟s name is James Louis Starks. My mother‟s
name is Sarah Jane Wallace. I was the youngest of six children, five
boys and one girl: Elzie Lincoln Starks, born 5 Oct. 18 83, Ellis
Washington Starks, born 4 July, 1885, Willia m Arthur Starks, born
19 Sept. 1887, John Logan Starks, born 13 May 189`1, and Pea rl
May Starks, born 22 April, 1894. My father was a farme r by trade.
My father and mother joined the Church of Jesus Christ 24th May
1905. I was only a sma ll child. My father d ied when I was only five
years old. I can‟t remember but very little about my father. One
thing I re me mbe r was my father liked to read and I liked to stand
between his knees and look on the paper while he was reading. After
my father‟s death, my mother moved to Kelsey, Texas, where there
was a branch of the church so she could be with the saints and be
able to attend church. When I was only 15, my mother passed away,
leaving me a lone. I took what little money I got from my mother‟s
estate and went to school as long as the money lasted, which wasn‟t
very long. I lived with my sister, Pearl and her first husband,
Willia m H. Matthews, for a wh ile and worked for him. Then I got a
job working on the farm fo r a man by the na me of Joe Hill, at
Co mme rce, Te xas. I worked there for two years. I got up in the
morn ing fed the horses, ate my breakfast and was in the fie ld before