Jaded HTML version

Here I was, settled alongside my children. Both sat down, each of them by
my side, Darren on my left and Chloe on my right. I caressed both their heads
gently. These were the twins I had always dreamt of having, now grown.
Their eyes glimmered. I got a sudden memory lapse. It took me way back
into time, the moment when humans were almost exterminated. The thought of
them living up to this day was a wish coming true. I was once a normal girl who
had normal needs, until the day it all changed. As time went on I changed, as well
as everything around me. The world was already a place dented with violence,
death, war and injustice but no one could ever think that it could be worse than
this. Things changed when everything became even more frightening and the
person I had loved the most changed too.
Vampires had always been mythological creatures, but an eye-opening
occurrence change our perspective on these creatures when all of a sudden, they
invaded our world.
* * *