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14. And Jill Finds It Out
Jill worried about it more than he did, for she was a faithful little friend, and it was a
great trial to have Jack even suspected of doing anything wrong. School is a child's
world while he is there, and its small affairs are very important to him, so Jill felt that the
one thing to be done was to clear away the cloud about her dear boy, and restore him to
public favor.
"Ed will be here Saturday night and maybe he will find out, for Jack tells him everything.
I do hate to have him hectored so, for I know he is, though he's too proud to complain,"
she said, on Thursday evening, when Frank told her some joke played upon his brother
that day.
"I let him alone, but I see that he isn't badgered too much. That's all I can do. If Ed had
only come home last Saturday it might have done some good, but now it will be too late;
for the reports are given out to-morrow, you know," answered Frank, feeling a little
jealous of Ed's influence over Jack, though his own would have been as great if he had
been as gentle.
"Has Jerry come back?" asked Jill, who kept all her questions for Frank, because she
seldom alluded to the tender subject when with Jack.
"No, he's off for the summer. Got a place somewhere. Hope he'll stay there and let Bob
"Where is Bob now? I don't hear much about him lately," said Jill, who was constantly
on the lookout for "the other fellow," since it was not Joe.
"Oh, he went to Captain Skinner's the first of March, chores round, and goes to school
up there. Captain is strict, and won't let Bob come to town, except Sundays; but he don't
mind it much, for he likes horses, has nice grub, and the Hill fellows are good chaps for
him to be with. So he's all right, if he only behaves."
"How far is it to Captain Skinner's?" asked Jill suddenly, having listened, with her sharp
eyes on Frank, as he tinkered away at his model, since he was forbidden all other
indulgence in his beloved pastime.
"It's four miles to Hill District, but the Captain lives this side of the school-house. About
three from here, I should say."
"How long would it take a boy to walk up there?" went on the questioner, with a new
idea in her head.
"Depends on how much of a walkist he is."