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Published: 5 years ago

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Fictional drama with US Air Force and Diplomatic workers based in Turkey, presented through a clever mix of intrigue and humor, with African Americans and others up to their necks in international intrigue.

mac pope

will email it! go to (


where can i get the whole book? my husband is from Izmir :)

Mac Pope

I wrote about Izmir when I was there for two years, a Moslem place with ancient Christian churches and graveyards, girls in short skirts and no veils, bars serving all night and pizza-class pork and cheese flatbreads along with prehistoric coins made to order same day. From my rented flat I took in the history and mystery around me; Izmir was once Smyrna, from the Bible, a Moslem city conservative Turkey calls the "whore at the shore" Still, tourism and US military presence enriches Turkey and while Izmir is not strictly Turk, it's still "Turk-ish"


Mac S. Pope

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