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*Led Astray
How easy the human mind and heart can be redirected from the course it is intended to be
upon. The Word, given to us as a study guide to life, somehow, seemingly loses its power
to the words and actions of other beings. I ask myself, "why, "why do we fully
understand what we need to do for ourselves and our children but allow a stranger to our
necessities drag us from a world of priorities into a terrain of lustful desire and
uncertainty?" How does one help another who wishes to not be aided? How painful is it
to watch your friend or loved one fall apart, led astray by sin, greed and disgust? Love
and longevity will always be greater than the quick fix, lying and cheating. Committing
those sins only does damage to your soul, your character and your path. Run away if you
wish but every angle, every direction you look in or travel, reality will be staring you in
the face like a mirror's reflection. Avoid life and live in a imaginary world of your own
where your heart and soul have b een led astray. I just hope you come back on the good
foot one day. With faith, I believe.
So what if we fall from the same tree? Some apples are meant to become free. You
indulge in the same activities and all the while I'm learning, venturing off into a world of
knowledge, uncertainty, surprises, excitement. I don't know how you intend to spread
your fruit and seeds, but I plan on making history. Not for being typical and like you, but
for being completely and uniquely me. You may have seen it before, but not in this way
or form. Fashionable is an understatement for I cover myself with the cloth and cloak of
God. Protected from evil, warm from cold, the antibody to illness, my heart thrives. From