Its Human Nature HTML version

unlimited, infinite and knows no ending. Living life to the greatest potential isn't exactly
living great for there is always better, more passionate days and moments to endure. Life
is what you believe it to be. The beauty of life is for me and when I'm dead, done and
gone…life, as beautiful as it is, shall go on.
*The Journey
They never said it would be easy, this path we travel with the natural cycle. Learn as you
grow I was told, but even as I acquire more knowledge the fact remains that I hardly
know a thing. Nothing ever remains the same, from love to war, summer to winter, it all
is ever-changing every moment of every single day. O ur heroes break our hearts with
letdowns and disappointments, but the Lord preaches forgiveness. Sometimes they
redeem themselves with time, often we do not lay the sun upon their backs again until its
too late, glorifying them in death for their accomplishments in life. Whether accidental or
intentional we are brought into this world with a load to carry. The most obvious fact is
we're destined to die, to whither away back to the sands in which we came from. The key
to it is living. It is about living as much of a joyous, fun, faithful experience as possible as
we travel this journey, letting go and losing so much along the way. From friends to love
ones, from love to knowledge, from passions to abilities, we lose it all to build up our
characters, to nourish our souls for the so called massive revival in the sky. So the world
can say to you and I, "job well done". I yearn to leave my legacy, I aim to reach you, not
much that I can teach you other than to express yourself. Speak your mind. Share your
heart. Let my words be like music upon your ear. Enjo y your journey.