Its Human Nature HTML version

The views expressed in this publication are solely the opinions of the author and are
in no way directed towards any individuals or intended to cause any negative
sentiment. With that said, I hope you can relate…
*The Preface.
So whe re do we begin? Literally, how do you place a start date stamp on your life?
Before you even take your first breath someone is thinking about you. Someone is
trying to figure out whe n to create you. Someone is wondering whether or not
you're going to be a male or a female , successful or a lost cause etc., There are folks
who are in your corner. There are also certain individuals who spend their time
plotting your de mise before you exist, from the moment you take your first breath
and throughout your beautiful gift of a life. How will you utilize your right to life,
liberty, creation and imagination? This is just a collage of my thoughts. Enjoy!
*Collage of Thoughts
We cannot fear the unknown, we can only embrace it as it comes. An invisible line they
may draw to divide us but, together, we can conquer all of the world's puzzles. Pain is
followed with pleasure as sure as the sunshine follows the rain. Those who manipulate
reality shall see the world through filtered vision. Their soul's window will close,
blocking off from which it is supposed to see. The light in which the believers and
achievers are blessed with is a heavenly glow upon each eye exposed to it. The devil is
like sinking sand and the Lord is the extended hand that cannot and will not let you fade
into the grains of sin. Time invested is time wasted unless you understand that time is