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No Journey Back to Prison
A voice in his mind reminded him that it's not over until it's over--until the final
chapter has been written. The other voice told him to prepare for the journey
back to prison. The hands of the clock in his small room appeared to wave
goodbye to the hope he had fought so hard to keep for a future in the free world.
The social worker had begun to encourage him shortly after his case was
assigned to her. She had done everything in her power to help him find
employment so that he would not have to make the journey back to prison. Now,
it was up to a higher power. He had heard of the miraculous true stories of
others who were the recipients of the salvation of God. But, that morning he had
opened his eyes to the day on which the trip back to prison was scheduled. It
was all over--or was it? Read this true story of the intervention of God for
As Seth filed off the big, gray bus along with the others arriving in Waterloo,
Iowa at the Mohawk Half-way House for Men, he thought, This is it. I'm not
going back. Waterloo is going to be the place where I get my new start.
Seth was tall--six-foot, three inches. He had celebrated his twenty-seventh
birthday in prison a few months earlier.
Seth had been raised in Dubuque, Iowa. That's where all of his school chums
and running buddies lived. His Burt Reynolds looks had brought him much
attention from the ladies--young and old. It was also the place where he, along
with some of his buddies had started his life of crime.