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Why Conservatives and Leftists Think so Differently
Copyright© 2010 Rooster Bradford
CHAPTER 1: Getting to know the Author
CHAPTER 2: Liberal and Conservative
CHAPTER 3: Examples of Left Thought
CHAPTER 4: Illogical Consistencies
CHAPTER 5: The Worst Inconsistency
CHAPTER 6: Leftist in Profile
CHAPTER 7: Conservative in Profile
CHAPTER 8: Source of the Difference
CHAPTER 9: Problems of the Brain--An Overview
CHAPTER 10: Social Autistic Dysfunction
CHAPTER 11: The Common Sense Test
CHAPTER 12: The Chronology of Hominids
“God has favored our Undertaking.?
Above the Pyramid on U.S. Dollars
DEDICATION For: Sally B. O‘Layne I want to dedicate this book to my Mother, the
first Leftist in my life. Without her, I would not have made a lifelong quest to find out
why Leftists and Conservatives think so differently about Government.
MY THANKS TO: ?With a little help from my friends.?
Thomas Cooper who helped create the Cover My wife, for her help in proof reading and
formatting the book. C. Lawrence, who also proof read and helped in our self-publishing
of this book. My friends, who have shared a thought or two on the subject. My sincere
?thank you? for all you have done.
Who what and when
My name is Rooster Bradford. I am one of the few who knows where he was conceived.
Knowing where one is born is common, but the moment of conception is seldom known.
My assemblage began on a beach in Carpinteria, California. I know, most of you wonder
why in the world such a happening is important. My Mother is the reason for this book.
She had to tell me where I was conceived. She was a Leftist and knowing her very well
was the catalyst for my life time search for an answer to the question: What is the reason
or reasons a Leftist and a Conservative think so different?