Island of Bliss HTML version

Just one day - sometimes, that’s just about enough time to hold an eternity in it.
As the rays of sunlight seem to take off, in just one second, there is enough time to live
and love for an entire eternity. In one moment there can be enough intensity to equal infinity
itself… if you know how. If you can feel it.
Ramos was slightly aware of that, but his thoughts were light and airy as the ship was
approaching the shores of the sunny island. He could feel the breeze, warm and soft, tickling
him under his white shirt, ruffling strands of hair in his eyes, as he glanced toward the steep
edge of hills surrounding the distant shore of the little island, soaked in the summer sun and
carrying the scent of vineyards, orange trees and olive leaves. He wasn’t thinking of time that
day when he arrived on the island. His mind was a mixture of stranded thoughts about his
ancient Greek roots, lost in an age of legends and myths, and the bright day ahead, awaiting
with promising shores of vacation. He could remember from childhood vague family talks
about some far away ancestor that originated from one of those little islands scattered along
the Mediterranean Sea. Yet his mind was easily distracted by the view and the energy of the
water. The air was filled with splashing drops of salty waves. He could feel some familiar
welcoming sense of belonging, as the ship was getting closer to the land. As he was standing
on the deck, in full sunlight, there was something in his appearance, perhaps the dark hair, the
powerful shoulders and the glistening eyes that made him look like one of those ancient
athletes painted on pots and vases. But more than that, there was something deep in his soul -
a thirst for life, a fire burning to capture the moment, a need to enjoy each second to its full
extent that made him feel he belonged there somehow. He deserved the magic of the island.
It felt as if it was there that life displayed to its full intensity the best of what it could
offer; and he was ready to enjoy the moment, the unrepeatable opportunity of being exactly in
that place, in that one place at that time. He almost didn’t realize how much he was already
enjoying the presence of the orange trees and vineyards, scattered on the dry heated land of
the little island, the soft welcoming atmosphere of solitary bliss in a corner of the world where
nature had complete freedom to become wild, unrestricted and charming at the same time. As
the ship made contact with the shore, he didn’t even wait for the sailors to throw the rope and
stairs. He jumped directly on the edge of stones that appeared white and long washed by sun
and waves.
“Wait a minute sir!” he heard an alarmed voice behind, and he smiled and looked
around, enchanted by the view, as the sailor was bringing his bag across the ledge, eager and
almost anxious to get rid of the luggage.