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Invest2Ex i t
“This book is a must read for the Angel Investors who wish to have proitable exits.”
John Mactaggart
Chairman, Australian Association of Angel Investors
“ Every entrepreneur seeking to work with outside investors should irst stop, read
Invest to Exit, and then proceed. Angel investors and venture capitalists want a part-
nership, a spousal relationship while they grow scalable companies – but there must
be an exit, a separation agreement at some point of the investment relationship. Tom
McKaskill provides the blueprint for discussing and analyzing those exit options and I
recommend both parties use Invest to Exit as a guide.”
John May
Chair Emeritus, Angel Capital Association, USA
Co-author, “Every Business Needs an Angel” Crown Business:2001
“Tom McKaskill’s insights into the ‘art of the exit’ provide a great roadmap for all
Angel and Venture Capital investors. In a misguided investment world that relies too
heavily on IPOs, mega-exits and too much quantitative analysis, McKaskill has taken
an enlightened and straightforward approach to a topic that should be foremost on
startup investors’ minds.”
Joe Platnick, Pasadena Angels, USA
“After reading Tom’s latest E book, Invest to Exit, I not only have a deeper under-
standing of what an angel investor should be looking for in an investment but it has
given me a mind shift on how I think about an exit strategy for my current business
and any businesses I might invest in..”
Michael Valitutti, Angel Investor, Gold Coast, Australia
“Tom provides explanations of how to connect the fundamental drive for an exit to
strategy in each phase of investment, management and exit. His easy to read, conver-
sational style leads the reader to challenge cherished preconceptions, consider new
approaches and develop better strategies. This is a valuable read for the irst time
entrepreneur or investor, as well as for those of us with more experience.”
Jordan Green
Founder/Chairman Melbourne Angels,
Co-Founder/Deputy Chairman
Australian Association of Angel Investors