Invasion of Privacy HTML version

Justin decided it was time for her to go. They’d been together for a long time; it wasn’t
going to be easy, but he knew it was the right thing to do. She used to be so dependable; now he
never knew what to expect from her. Lately, there had been times when she didn’t even make it
When he first saw Lucille, it was love at first sight. He knew that she was perfect for him. It
took a lot of planning and effort, but eventually she became an important part of his life. All of
his friends and co-workers were envious; she was beautiful. When Justin recalled the first time
they were together, it still made him smile. It was a warm summer morning when he and Lucille
went on a long drive in the country. He had planned the whole day, and all of his dreams were
fulfilled. He couldn’t believe how comfortable she made him feel. They spent the whole day
together, and Justin was happier than he’d ever been before. He couldn’t imagine getting by
without her.
Things were great for the first few years, but then something seemed to go wrong. Lucille
started getting needy, and Justin was tired of always having to alter his plans because of her
problems. Time had taken its toll on Lucille. She wasn’t able to satisfy Justin’s needs, and he’d
noticed that Lucille wasn’t getting the looks she used to. It wasn’t that Justin was shallow, but he
enjoyed the attention he used to get when he was with her. There were othe r fish in the sea, as
the saying goes, and Justin found Lucille’s replacement. She was stunning, and he knew he was
going to be happy again.
Today was the day he would start a new life without Lucille. He didn’t say a word to her: he
didn’t have to; he could tell she knew it was over. He took her downtown, to the place where
they first met. With tears in his eyes, he took her keys and handed them to the salesman.