Invasion of Privacy HTML version

Walking in the yard behind my house, I saw something glowing; it was green and about the
size of a baseball. It looked as if it was made of glass, but when I tried to touch it, it wasn’t there.
My eyes told me that I had my hand around it, but I couldn’t feel it. I carefully rolled the object
onto my open palm and lifted it up to get a better look. Bringing it closer, I heard a noise that
sounded like the beating of hummingbird’s wings. As I gazed into the glowing orb, it became
clear, and I could see inside.
At first, I could only make out colors and shapes, but I was slowly able to see mountains
covered with a thick, bright white substance that at first looked like snow. As my eyes focused, I
could see that it was millions of pulsing organisms. Each of these plant- like creatures appeared to
be an exact duplicate, but on closer inspection, I could see that they had distinct differences.
Whereas one would have a short, slender protrusion that opened and closed repeatedly, the next
would appear to have a rounded hole that was flat and remained open.
I felt like I was in a dream. I closed my eyes and shook my head. When I opened my eyes
and looked around, I was standing on the mountain, surrounded by the white creatures. Shocked,
I dropped the orb and I was back in my yard. I ran into my house and stood at the window,
shaking and gasping for air, looking at the object still glowing in the grass.
“What in the hell was that?” I said aloud, “I must be losing my mind.” I went to the
refrigerator and grabbed a beer. I sat in a chair and stared out the window.
“Okay, just calm down and think; it had to be my imagination.” Even while I was saying it, I
could recall the smell of the place; it was a strange mixture of sulfur and cherries. “You can’t
make that up, nothing smells like that.”
I knew that I would go back to pick up the orb again, but first I had to think. I began pacing
the room, trying to gather my thoughts. The object fell from space and is able to transport anyone
that holds it to another planet. “That’s insane!” I tried to think of another explanation. It’s a
crystal ball that puts a spell on anyone who holds it and makes you see into another world. “Oh,
that makes more sense,” I said to myself sarcastically. There wasn’t any way to make sense out
of what happened, so I decided to go back outside to have another look.
Stepping out into the cool spring morning, I looked around and had the feeling of seeing
things for the first time. I saw the gentle swaying of the trees as they danced in the breeze and
heard the chirping of the birds as they called out to each other, expressing their joy of the arrival
of spring. Maybe I shouldn’t mess with something that I didn’t understand. What if I left this
world and couldn’t come back? But when I knelt by the glowing orb and heard its gentle hum, I
felt drawn to it and without any hesitation, carefully scooped it up and sat in the grass, gazing
into it.
I was standing on the mountain again, and I somehow knew that the creatures were called
Prantholimins. The smell of sulfur and cherries was their scent. As I slowly moved through the
field, they made a chattering sound, and they parted to allow me to pass. Looking up, I saw a
large bird circling above me, seeming to watch me as I moved through the field. The bird was
easily twice my size and was getting closer with each pass. As I watched in awe that something
so big was able to move so effortlessly through the air, it landed near me. My first instinct was to
run but instead I stood perfectly still as the large creature walked slowly towards me. As it