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The principle he used in sitting for ideas was simply to close his eyes, slow down his brainwaves, visualize the project completed and “ask” the universe

to solve the problem. Firm in the belief that the solution he sought would be his.

The interesting thing was that he intuitively knew that by closing his eyes, relaxing in his favorite chair, and visualizing an invention AS THOUGH

it had already been created, it would become a reality. He “saw” items that

had not been invented. He “saw” them as completed working models.

Remember his quote to a journalist who foolishly called him a genius,

congratulating him on his successes.

Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Edison’s technique is available to you now, to solve problems and to work

creatively. First, provide yourself with the goal and then, follow the four

steps outlined.

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The Ball Bearing Technique

What was especially fascinating was that Edison used to, during these

visualization/meditation sessions, hold in his hand two heavy large ball

bearings about the size of small golf balls.

Closing his eyes relaxed his body, but it did more than that, it slowed his


Edison was in “creative” alpha. Alpha is a name scientist’s use for a

brainwave that is slowed down, much as one’s brainwave slows down in the

approach to sleep.

If you’re unfamiliar with brainwaves let me tell you that you do not have to

understand them.

All you have to believe is that brainwave frequencies vary during our entire

lifetime on a second by second basis. As the brain slows down, the more

intellectually advanced it seems to become. In other words, the more it appears to be connected with the universe.

Alpha is natural, a slowed down state of brainwaves. Creative ideas are often generated when the brainwaves are slowed down and in “alpha”,

which may explain why many people have intuitive ideas when they wake in

the night, while having a bath, or when day dreaming on the beach, walking

in the park, or swimming, because, at that time their consciousness relaxes

and brainwaves slow down and the subconscious then works best.

Normal wide awake state is known as beta. The brain is operating at

maximum physical efficiency, but it is often not in creative acceptance

mode. You may work, play sports, or do almost any physical, eyes open

activity, in this beta state.

The next slower state is a brainwave that operates in a relaxed atmosphere.

Half awake, half asleep, like when watching television on a boring night, or

floating in a bath of warm water. You’ve let the tension go and your brain

has slowed down but you are not asleep. You are not wide awake either.

This is the receptive area. You can be in alpha for half an hour or you can be Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2010


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in alpha in just a second. When you close your eyes, even in a blink, your

mind takes a “breather” and slows down into alpha.

Alpha is an area where you can be very perceptive and receptive of

information. It is an area where “ideas” will come to you. It is an area where you can talk to the universe and have problems solved. In short, alpha is

creative. Full uses of alpha have yet to be realized, but more and more ways

of obtaining information at this level of mind are and will be discovered as

we become homo noeticus and move through the exciting 21st century.

Lower level theta is really slow brainwaves. You are asleep and not aware of

your surroundings, although, there are areas where theta and alpha merge;

where dreaming is common and which can be used creatively. Theta deep

sleep area is a healing level, a restoration level, where the body heals itself during your nightly rest.

Delta is a really slow brainwave. It is unknown if people in really deep sleep are in delta or theta. In a coma, certainly is delta and little in known of the benefits of this state. It may be a suspended “life” state, as people who

wake up after a 10 year coma appear to be the same age as before their

sleep. Yet, their life force seems to have moved along as such people,

returning from a coma of long duration, seldom live long afterwards.

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Edison’s Power

You have the power to use your own intuitive mind power in exactly the

same way of Edison.

Situation 1

You are playing football and the crowd is cheering, the ball is floating

towards you. Your concentration is absolutely intense. Your thoughts are so

focused consciously on what you are doing, nothing can distract you. There

is no way your brainwaves are relaxed. They are on a high frequency beta.

Situation 2

Let’s go to the opposite end of the scale. You are in a deep, deep sleep after working and playing hard all day. You are so deep you are almost in coma.

Your brainwaves are on a low, slow frequency, much lower than alpha. A

brainwave level the scientific boys call theta. Again, a natural level, just as natural as beta (wide awake) or alpha (slightly slowed down).

In theta you are unaware of anything on a conscious level and while little is known of this level, you are not in a creative or ESP acceptance level. It is almost certain that, at this level, your body is experiencing chemical

restoration of the physical; restoration after the day’s strenuous activities.

But it is so deep that it is generally accepted that you do not even dream at this level.

Situation 3

A bright sunny day! A good day to be alive! Aren’t they all? You are walking

down the beach. You feel a little tired so you sit under a shady palm tree.

The waves beating on the shore have a very soporific effect. You close your

eyes and totally relax.

You are in “non-creative” alpha. Day dreaming alpha! A very similar state to

dreaming while being awake, and an area of great creativity when you

master it. For non-creative alpha, as opposed to Edison’s creative alpha is a very intriguing state. It is then, when you let your thoughts “run wild” that Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2010


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you may achieve astonishing inspiration. A problem that has been puzzling

you may suddenly be solved in a “flash” of inspiration. Reason, you are

“alert” to ESP. You are relaxed. You are laid back. Your stresses and

tensions are taking a back seat and your brain is operating in alpha relaxed

and intuitively receptive.

Situation 4

You wake up after a long deep sleep. A clock radio woke you and a catchy

tune was playing. That tune goes through your head all day. You hum it in

the shower. Burst into song in your car. Tap your feet to it in the elevator.

Finally, you get so busy at work in the beta level that you unconsciously put the song aside.

The tune entered your mind while your brain was under the influence of

“slow” alpha brainwaves, and try as you might, the darned thing just went

around and around in your brain for hours, until it left of its own accord. Or you became so busy in beta that your alpha level stopped throwing the tune

at you.

This situation, the waking up in the morning situation, being half awake and

half asleep, is the situation Edison used deliberately.

You might wonder about Edison’s ball bearings?

They were to specifically stop him from falling asleep. He knew instinctively that by creative visualization in the alpha state with a slowed down brain,

he would receive inspiration.

If he fell asleep, his brain would be too slow and he would be wasting his

valuable alpha time. So, if he dropped the ball bearings, the loud click of the bearings as they fell from his fingers and rolled noisily across his wooden

floor would wake him. He would then pick them up and start again.

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Persistence is the Key to All Success

Never short of persistence, Mr. Edison! He is reputed to have completed up

to 10,000 experiments in his search to be the first man in the modern era to

create an electric light globe. He didn’t give up. He never gave up. I pass on the message of his persistence as it separates all in life whom are successful from all who are not. If you wish to use the technique in this manual to

improve your life or simply to make money, be persistent in the application

of the principles.

Practice and never give up.

I have studied brainwave technology for many years and have developed

just enough understanding of brainwaves and ESP to realize how little I

really know. We are fringe dwellers in the noetic age. But the storehouse of

all knowledge is releasing knowledge on a scale unprecedented, and the

more we reach into this storehouse, while in the alpha state, the more we

will learn.

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The Past, the Present, and the Future

Perhaps, you, in your alpha state will be the next person to receive new

knowledge from the universe.

Ever wondered why, electricity was never harnessed commercially until the

19th century?

Ever wondered why we accepted the sailing boat as the number one method

of sea transport for thousands of years?

Ever wondered why the internal combustion engine was never discovered

until the 18th century?

Ever wondered why washing machines were not invented until 1944?

Ever wondered why men wore beards for 10,000 years, because no one had

invented the safety razor?

Ever wondered why man moved out of the dark ages at all?

Well, one of the reasons is that, although all the products necessary to

make an internal combustion engine were always here, although the

elements needed to create commercial electricity were always here, no one

bothered to “ask” the universe for what it was that was needed to move on

in evolution. No one bothered to creatively visualize the “impossible”. No

one wanted to risk the derision that sometimes follows those who want to

think in a bigger box.

People laughed at Leonardo da Vinci, who created a model of a working

submarine and a helicopter 400 years ago.

Friends and family wanted to lock up Guglielmo Marconi, when he told them

he could send messages across the globe without the use of wires. They

thought he was crazy.

Nostradamus had to change all his saying into poems as he was in fear of

being accused of witchcraft.

Here’s the truth. The world was not ready for these products in days gone

by. Because too many feared the unknown! Because the boxes that we call

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“beliefs” were given to us from generation to generation as “truth”, not

given to us as “this is all we know so far”.

The evolution of humanity is now moving at such an astonishing speed that

100 years from now you and I will be looked on as primitives. Just as we

look back only 200 years and see our ancestors as people who lived by the

plough and communicated only by talking.

In the field of mental telepathy, the future is arriving now. You are a part of it.

For reasons unknown, my intuition has always been positive and worked for

me. It has never worked negatively or against me.

Your mind will warn you of danger and guide you into prosperity if you listen to it!

I have received warnings of dangers that are about to occur, before they occurred: and have received intuitive signs that, now is the time to act in an on going situation. You possess this power too.

Once when driving on a wet night on a two lane separated highway, a car

came towards me. Not only going the wrong way on a one way road, but

the driver was driving without lights and very fast. What made me pull

sharply over into the left hand edge just before this happened? It was pure

intuitive mind power.

Another occasion, while driving in the country, my wife passed me a

banana. I dropped it near the hand change gearbox. Rather than reached

for it, I stopped the car and picked it up. On re-starting, I drove round the corner and right in front of me was a 4 car pile up. This was in the country

near Mount Barker, in Western Australia. I had been traveling at 110

kilometers an hour before the banana incident. Nothing would have stopped

this being a 5 car accident, except for me stopping to pick up a dropped


Intuition: Coincidence: A warning: Or all three?

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Be Professional in All You Do

Some years ago I set

out to be a professional


Let me tell this in the

first person as it my own


Being a mathematician

at heart, I am quite successful at this, but eventually the “atmosphere” of

casinos and horse racing parlors (Tabs) lost their attraction for me. About

10 years ago I reverted to my previous passion for playing the share

market, especially the derivatives market and this passion has never left


I have my own piece of futures trading software now and am happy and

willing to help anyone interested in this type of money making venture to

get started. Email me at

The details below are a little of my past history.

The principles of success and intuitive mind powers remain unchanged.

I “play” the horses on one day a week on a Saturday. This then is a

business day for me, and my family leaves me undisturbed with my texts,

my computer programs, the Sportsman newspaper, and racing radio.

When I finally make a selection, I am very selective, usually only playing 3

or 4 horses per afternoon, and sometimes none. I have a little technique

that I find almost infallible.

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The Dice Effect

Firstly, I throw a dice at the start of the day. If I get a 4, 5 or a 6, I know I am going to have a good day. If I throw a 1, 2 or a 3, I know the day may

have its dangers. This dice throwing alone is not everything. It is just

something I do every morning, every day anyway, and my intuitive mind

power tells me whether the spin is a good or a bad omen. Sort of a personal

biorhythm, the control of which tells me I have a 50% chance of the result

being high and 50% of the result being low.

To prove to myself that my intuition is working 100% ok, I have “sat out”

(not bet) on a 6 day and looked at the money I would have won. I have

played (bet) on a 1 day and lost money. But when I bet on a 4, 5, or 6 day,

I inevitably win.

The principle is probably similar to using Tarot cards. What card is turned up is really of little importance. What is important is the “feeling” the

“intuitiveness” you get from the card, or in my case, the numbers I have


It is not the quality of the selections I bet on, they are very thoroughly

thought out. It is my intuition, my ESP working for me, as it is supposed to, that makes me the money.

We live in a world of pessimists and anything that can be done to give

controlled optimism is to be encouraged. I urge you to read all you can on

ESP and develop techniques that you like that will work for you. The more

you know, the further you will go.

We live in more than a physical world. We live in a neuron network of

physical/mental vibrations and when we tune in to these vibrations, life


Everything is a vibration, including you. The frequencies you “attune”

yourself to, will lead you on to fortune. But if you are now NOT where you

want to be, your past will show you that you have “attuned” yourself to

negative vibrations, of which there are more than plenty.

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My recommendation is not to try and let your day be guided by anything as

simple as the spin of a dice but to use other controlled intuitive techniques, of which controlled intuitive mind power is but the first.

Sometimes the vibrations I received from my dice toss time are so bad that

I know it is not a gambling day - Sort of like getting a triple negative

biorhythm. I “listen” to this sense of danger and for that day, I abandon any thoughts of using real money. I become a watcher. Understand this;

gambling is a business to me. I am not out for a thrill or to shout myself hoarse when some animal storms home. I am out plainly and simply to

combine science with intuition, and to make money over any reasonable

length of time. That does include some weeks when I do not listen to my


When I spin the dice, I use techniques I shall shortly introduce to you.

Closed eyes, deep breath, eyes upwards, and intuitive questions? Believe

the answer. Sometimes it comes in the dice, other times from my mental


Let me go into this just bit further.

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The Pendulum Effect

Ok. I have selected Sydney race 4, horse 4, Magic Sign.

On my desk, I have a round curtain rod ring, or it might have been be a key

ring. I don’t know. I’ve had it for years. Only the thread has changed.

Perfectly round, balanced, weighted without any bias. I don’t know what it

was originally. To this ring, I have attached about 20 centimeters of fine

cotton. I hold this cotton so that the ring settles down with no movement

and I “ask” the pendulum if my horse, Magic Sign, will win Sydney race 4. I

close my eyes and ask for guidance, playing the “I sense, I receive” game.

If the pendulum swings back and forward it is a “yes.” I place my bet. If the pendulum refuses to leave the vertical position, I do not bet. This is total

trust in my intuition. You see I “think” this technique works. Remember

Henry Ford.

Understand this is also the “Edison effect” in practice. I have done the steps that require work. The last question is the intuitive one, the one the

pendulum answers.

I have done the physical work required to find the winner. I have

researched the race and come up with a fit horse, who is in the betting

market at an attractive price and who has the correct class and weight

factors to win today. But the pendulum, controlled by universal intuitive

factors that I don’t pretend to understand, makes the final decision for me.

It is invariably correct. It works for me!

The physical pendulum is something intuitive that you must learn to trust,

and if you do trust it, it will always work for you. The hard part is to believe that your intuition is right and not placing the bet if you get the “no”


Like the “I sense” technique that I will introduce shortly, you may get the

feeling that you are making it up. That the pendulum swing is artificial, you might feel that you have done something physically to oscillate it. You

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haven’t! Your vibrations, your intuitive mind power connection has been

asked a question and has given you an answer.

Let Your Instinct Be Your Guide

If the question is about money, and if you value your money; and if you

truly are homo noeticus, the new age man, you’ll always trust your intuition

and let your instinct be your guide.

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The Casino Touch

I was in our local casino one day when I

developed the following technique quite


But first let me tell you: the technique was

already known to me as variance of universal

law. A law that could not be changed or


It was just that I had never considered using it

in a gambling situation. Now I asked myself, why not? But first, here’s an

example of how it worked for me in a business venture.

Business First

About 20 years ago I answered an advertisement from a “gold prospector”,

who was seeking money in deposits of $10,000 to continue his work.

I went to his office and he spun a good story about needing the money to

“prove up” a gold find near Kalgoorlie, which he had already discovered, and

then, when the “proving up” process was complete, forming a public

company. Those with $10,000 or more invested would become preference

shareholders in a new company.

He promised great wealth and told his story well, had a whopping gold

nugget on the table in front of him, which he said was genuine. (Try to keep

your eyes off that!). Also, he had an old newspaper article about himself,

claiming that old time prospectors like him, were able to find gold where

others could not.

A neat story of how share investors who wait for a public company shares to

be offered are too late to make the big profits available to early investors.

He also said that he had been “loaned” the office we were now sitting in, by

an old ex-bush friend of his who struck it rich a few years ago, and then put his money into commercial real estate, part of which was a few office

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blocks. That could explain why he had no phone or electronic equipment.

(Which he did not mention but which I noticed.)

While looking at the chart of the mining lease, I leaned forward, held my

hand as though I was holding two ball bearings, closed my eyes for a

second, and said silently “I sense, I receive” and I visualized on my eyelids, anything that I may be “permitted” to sense” or “receive”.

Firstly: I mentally asked “permission” of universal intelligence to use this technique and got the ok.

Secondly: I sensed the love in the room (in short supply).

Thirdly: I just did it.

Now I didn’t get any words in reply. A heavenly choir didn’t burst into song

and the angel of the Lord didn’t pop up and give me a sign. Nor did John

Cleese suddenly appear and offer to show me the way!

Creative alpha doesn’t work like that. You may get pictures. You may get

colors. You may get clear vision. You may get sensory impressions. You may

feel words. You may get nothing. Or you may get an impression or symbol

or emotional feeling that only you can interpret. Remember, one man’s

mansion is another man’s hut.

Sometimes I get a red light. Sometimes a green one! Sometimes just sense

of yes or no and other times I get very clear mental imaginary, which I have

to interpret myself. Once I saw a clown and interpreted that, as don’t make

a fool of your self. This interpretation was quite correct.

There is no right or wrong. You may be a visual person. You may be a

kinetic or “feeling” person and if this is so, you may feel an answer. You

may be an audio person, who “hears” through your ear senses, the answer

you seek. Whatever is right for you is right for you. There is no right or

wrong. You do not have to sense in pictures. Feelings are fine.

On this occasion, it was a clear stop sign. STOP!!! The red light is always

stop to me. So I made my excuses and left the building. On the way out, I

asked the receptionist at the outer desk, who owned the building? It was a

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pleasure to stop and talk to her. She was gorgeous and charming too. She

did know the answer, and told me it was owned and rented out by a local

insurance company that she named. As there were empty offices, I asked

how I could rent one, and found out that they were “serviced” rental offices, and could be rented by the month or longer. I also found that the old

prospector I had been talking to had walked in, off in the street and rented

only for two months, paying his cash in advance. I thanked her and left.

My intuition, my STOP sign, on that occasion saved me $10,000 or perhaps


The deal may have been genuine, and it just as likely may have been false,

but it was one of those “no come back deals” that venture capitalists would

not touch, as the chance of using up all the venture money on plant and

equipment could so easily result in a situation, where all the capital was

used up, and the “proof” that was being sought never eventuating.

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Listen To Your Intuition

Another time, I was signing up some documents for a franchise deal that I

was very excited about, and which had, I thought, immense possibilities for

success in Australia. I used the same routine.

Again I asked, “I

sense, I receive!”

Again, I got the

warning sign.

STOP. In fact, I got

it so strongly I was

startled and


distressed. I broke

out in a sweat,

developed instant

prickly heat, and felt a bad aura about everyone in that room. However, I

didn’t want to embarrass myself by backing out of a deal I was promised

and committed to. So, ignored my creative intuitive mind power and the

deal fell over and a massive amount of money was lost by me. I failed to

listen to my intuition. In retrospect, I was clearly warned that all was not

well but I ignored the warning.

Your own intuitive mind power! Use it. Trust it. Believe in it. And succeed.

Ignore it and you do so at your peril.

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Any One for Two Up

Two Up is an Australian game played in certain casinos. Two pennies are

tossed up and calls are “heads” or “tails” I love this old fashioned Australian game. I am a fair card counter also and play blackjack well, but I prefer two up and roulette, where 50/50 odds are almost achievable. (Less the house percentage of course).

I now play quite seriously to make a little money, and then I stop and enjoy

myself. These days, I like to make my winnings fairly quickly, then, after I

have made my target $500 or $1000, I tip well and then play the rest of the

games for pure pleasure, but I always make sure I leave the casino with a

little more than I enter with.

I was sitting at the almost deserted two up ring this particular Sunday

afternoon. It was quiet. Just after Christmas. There were probably only 20

people playing. I was quite tired and my eyes were closing. Up came a very

cocky spinner, bragging to his mates that he would spin 3 heads.

Instinctively, I held my fingers in the Edison Position. I closed my eyes,

spread my love mentally around the ring and asked my sensing mechanism

if this was so. All I said was “I sense, I receive”, and looked at the mental screen behind my eyes.

Incidentally, I raise my eyes behind my eyelids and look upwards into the

“sensing mechanism”, while doing this. This time I had a very strong sign

that the man was a loser. I actually got an instant picture of someone falling into a pit. He called heads. He spun one head. I bet $50 and lost. I asked

the question again and again, got the same message. I quadrupled my bet

and he spun a tail. Very nice $200 collects $150 profit. Thank you very


I stayed at that ring for the next half hour. Winning, winning, winning.

I had 100% win strike rate on this occasion, in a game where the odds are

really 50/50 allowing for the odd time that the house percentage of 5 odds (one tail and one head simultaneously) in a row comes up, which is

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probably 5 times per 100 spins over an extended period of time, and a time

when the casino advantage is that they take all.

After that first huge instant success, I went for a break to think about

things. Actually, I was asking if I had the moral right to use my powers in

this way. I thought “yes” and I returned later and decided to play the game

seriously and record my results.

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

“I sense, I receive?” $50

Good grief. I had deliberately made $500 in half an hour. I could just as

easily have made $5,000; add that to the instant $150, I had made on my

earlier play and was having fun. Lots of it!

I raised my bet to $100 and lost. Then I quit for the day.

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Nothing the Casino Could Do

There was nothing the casino could do about it. But note: to avoid “getting

into trouble” as a regular big winner which they do not like, I am always the best mannered person they ever met.

I am always happy, and I take only $500 on most occasions.

Strange that, I am always happy when I make money. Sometimes, I even

sing. I’m the world’s worst singer. I can’t even whistle in tune. I ask myself, if I am singing because I am happy, or am I happy because I sing?

One day I became totally bored, and it was then that it stopped working for

me? I lost two hands and walked away.

Here’s the most important advice I can ever give you about the intuitive

mind power technique if used in a casino or regular gambling place.

“Never drink while you are gambling”. “Never gamble while you are

drinking”. Both may be pleasant activities. But if success in gambling is your aim, then the gambling and drinking do not mix; especially if you intend to

use the intuitive mind power advantage.

The reason is not because your judgment may become clouded, although it

certainly may, but because your brainwaves will not function

efficiently, if your body chemistry is not normal. Even a trace of alcohol or a drug in your body can affect your intuition.

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Your Mind is a Transmitter and Receiver of Energy

Remember the human mind is both a transmitter and receiver of energy. It

must be maintained in top condition to work effectively. A healthy mind

works best in a healthy body. A truly healthy body is alcohol/drug free.

The human body, the human brain, the human mind, and the infinite

intelligence are all interconnected. Like a giant mental hologram, a network

of all that was, is, and will be.

What I had learned was that my sensing

mechanism, which is nothing less than a

vibration, worked on people in my vicinity. I was

able to transmit a question and receive back

information that worked for me. It did not work so

efficiently when I was totally bored. But it worked

fine if I was tired but not bored.

The message was clear.

For me, I must be fresh and work in short bursts.

From the day I discovered this, I have been working that way. My technique

now is to go to the casino and to wander around for at least half an hour or

so. I like my mind to become “attuned” to what it is around.

When the attuning is complete, I play roulette or two up in 20 to 30 minute

bursts. I limit my winnings to $500 or $1000 and I leave the table at that

point. I’m not greedy. Anytime I have won $1,000 I quit for the day, and

simply enjoy myself.

When doing the wandering around, I spread my mental aura of love over

any table I stop near. “I sense, I receive!” and when I get good vibrations, I play. If I do not get good vibrations anywhere, I leave.

Generally, the entire procedure from arrival at the casino to leaving with my profit takes less than 2 hours, and my wife and I always enjoy a meal at the

best restaurant paid for entirely from my winnings.

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The Boredom Factor

This may be a personal thing for me. For you, it may be the opposite.

It may be that the technique will work when you are bored and tired and

not work while you are brisk and alert. Play for a while until you feel what

the best situation for you is.

One of the real secrets of the “I sense, I receive” technique is not to try too hard. Be mentally laid back. Relaxation, even if just for 5 seconds is the


But on that first day I decided to give it another test. The obvious place was roulette with its odds and evens, black and white, highs and lows. All 50/50

chances with the exception of the dreaded “greenie”, which should come up

“about” 3 times per 100 spins. (Actually, 2.7 times) I could allow for that.

Looking at the roulette table, I decided red/black was the way to go as

these colors are spaced out evenly right round the wheel. I looked at the

man next to me who was recording spins. I spread a little mental love over

him via our auras and he became friendly.

I found the croupier was spinning with no apparent bias.

(If you find a table where red is being spun, say 7 times out of 10 by a

particular croupier; get onto red until the croupier takes a break… but that

table bias or spinner bias is totally different story.)

Ok, past research told me that this spinner was not spinning to a red/black

biased pattern, but rather, randomly and was ok. I put my fingers into the

“Edison Position”, closed my eyes for just a second, looked into the sensing

screen thinking only “I sense, I receive” and saw only blackness. I bet black and won. Lucky? Darned right I was. I believe in being lucky. I not only

believe in being lucky but I believe in creating my own luck. This was

creative intuitive mind power luck. The best kind!

Before red came out, I saw a flash like a camera going off. Blackness, I bet

black. Flash, I bet red. Again, I played for 20 minutes, bet small, and won

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$250 more, including a loss on a green. (It was a real slow table, spinning

only about every 4 minutes.) Again, I got bored. I walked away.

This instinctive intuitive mind power advantage is exactly that; an intuition that gives you an advantage that few others will ever know of.

It works because you close your eyes and look “inwards” into the hologram

of inner space, all based on your mental vibrations. Although you may feel

no different, your brain slows down each time you do this. It even slows

down if you blink.

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Trust Yourself - Believe

Closing your eyes relaxes your brain. Slows it, and puts you in touch with

your intuitive self. In whom you must trust.

You know if you

increase the odds from

50/50% to 80/20% in

your favor, you’ve

given yourself a

wonderful advantage.

You are not cheating.

And the great beauty is that no one knows what you are doing. The casino

managements haven’t got a clue. They do not understand for a second the

influence of the mind on human actions and reactions, although they are

well versed in human psychology. You are smart enough to NEVER draw

attention to yourself, or you winning.

Slip, those winning chips into your pocket. Don’t ever have them piled up on

the table in front of you.

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Understanding the Trigger Technique

The Trigger Stage 1

The trigger is what I call “The Golf Ball technique” or the “Edison Position”, where you hold an imaginary golf ball between the thumb and first two

fingers of either hand. Right handed if you are right and vice versa.

Do these as many times a day until you develop a mental trigger.

Use a real golf ball, if you wish to feel a physical presence to create a

mental influence that your mind will remember. Do it often: It is a physical

trigger that your mind will recognize. After a while, whenever you adopt this finger position, your mind will automatically slip into the “I sense, I receive


If you are unfamiliar with mind powers and ESP, then remember the story

of the lady who met the late genius jazz trumpet player, Louis Armstrong,

at Kings Cross Station in London.

“Tell me, my good man”, she burbled “How does one get to Albert Hall?”

“With a grin the great Louis said: “Practice my dear lady, practice”.

Never forget the trigger. You couldn’t ride a bicycle the first time you tried.

You probably couldn’t stand up on a skateboard at your first attempt, and

you don’t become an expert card counter the first time you learn the

technique and watch a shoe being delivered.

Effortless effort is what you need to complete the “I sense, I receive!”

sequence. It is a relaxed easygoing sort of technique that is truly effortless effort, and effortless effort is only achieved by practice.

You may go for a period of 10 years without riding a bicycle. But get back

on board and what you have learned has never been forgotten. You ride

away with practiced ease as though you had been doing it every day. That’s

effortless effort.

When my tiny children were learning how to say elephant, they had a

wonderful time doing it.

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They said everything from “antiful” to “heffalump”. But once learned, the

word elephant became part of their consciousness for as long as they will

live. The days of trying to say it right are soon forgotten.

So, do not be disappointed if you fail to “sense/receive” at your first

attempt. My guess would be you are too tense. Instead, remember Louis

Armstrong’s advice and keep on practicing, until you do it with effortless

effort, and achieve success almost every time.

The Trigger Stage 2

Close your eyes, direct your eyes upward and visualize a “mental screen”

either on the inside of your eyelids or half a meter in front of you, and in

line with the top of your forehead. I personally use an area that is

indefinable. If I want a “big screen” experience, I will visualize a huge movie screen floating just in front of my forehead and slightly higher. If I just want a simple quick answer such as yes or no, I look at the top of my eyelids

mentally and from the inside.

The very act of closing your eyes slows down your brainwaves and puts you

into alpha. By using the trigger with your fingers, and practicing the whole

technique regularly, you will go into “creative alpha”, and will activate the transmitter and receiver of your mind in exactly the way you wish.

All you are really doing is working with natural energy, using vibrations and powers that are your birthright.

The Trigger Stage 3

Relax. Take a deep breath if you wish. Kind of a sigh! Deep breathing with

closed eyes is always relaxing. As you breathe in you may use mini trigger

by “thinking” the word “relax”. That’s all; just think it as you breathe. Ask the universe for permission to use the technique. Assume an affirmative


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The Trigger Stage 4

Direct your intelligence and feel the love around you, and mentally

communicate with your subconscious mind as you think the words “I sense,

I receive” You already know what the question is, is it red or black? Is it odd or even? Is this man telling the truth? Is my partner really cheating on me?

Is this a good situation? Shall I place this bet? Or whatever, then “listen” or

“visualize” or “feel” for a reply.

“I sense” is your mental transmitter and “I receive” is your mental receiver.

Your question goes out with the former and the answer comes back with the


Oh yes! If I get an indication that a man will NOT throw heads and I bet

against him and he spins one head, I do not change direction. These days I

take the cautious approach and play to break even. I play $50, lose: $100,

lose: $150, win: break even.

Remember, this plan works for you just as well if you are a $5 bettor or a

big player. But stay cool. Be relaxed. Stay with the games where your

chances of winning are almost evens. Two up and Roulette!

The Trigger Stage 5

“Look”, “Listen”, “Feel” or “Sense” a reply and learn to interpret the

symbols you receive on your sensing screen.

The Trigger Stage 6

Act on your response. Without action, you have nothing.

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Remember the sense in ESP. Extra Sensory Perception. You have 5 regular senses. Also extra sensory projection and don’t forget ESR (Extra Sensory Reception). Visualize your mind as a transmitting and receiving station for

metaphysical senses. For that’s what our mind is. A transmitter and a

receiver of energy!

In the world of radio and television, a transmitter simply takes the

intelligence it has to transmit, whether that intelligence is a speech, music, data or pictures and transforms the intelligence into vibrations. The

vibrations are transmitted in a form that is unrecognizable to the regular

senses, electronic vibrations. Even as you read this you are surrounded by

radio and TV “vibrations” that you cannot see, hear, feel or sense by any

regular method.

You have to use a radio or TV receiver to take a part of those vibrations,

and tune into the intelligence that is in them. You actually get rid of the

vibrations that carried the signals and reproduce the intelligent vibrations

that you wish to receive. Data, music, speech or whatever, and you then

are able to understand what it was that went into the transmitter in the first instance.

If you want to watch channel 9, you will never see it by looking at channel

7. Oh yes, 9 is there all the time but you are not “tuned in” to the correct


If you are tuned into ethnic television and you really want commercial

channels, you have to change the tuning.

If the mind of a person you wish to communicate with subliminally is

radiating information and your receiver is not tune with him, you will never

read his information EVEN THOUGH IT IS THERE ALL THE TIME.

The intuitive mind power advantage works on this exact same principle. If

you are not tuned in to the correct frequency, you will not sense the

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vibration. By transmitting, you put your mind on the right frequency to

receive and in an instant, it all happens.

By following the trigger stages 1 to 5, you will be tuned in and you will

receive the vibration, the intuition that you wish to receive.

But if you work too hard at it, it will not work. Only by being relaxed and

using effortless effort will it work for you.

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Two Questions

I told a friend about this whole program and asked him if he had any


He only had two:

1) “What if I don’t get an answer?”

2) “What if I am wrong?”

Excellent questions as both of these things will inevitably happen

sometimes. There is no such thing as perfection. There is no such thing as

infallibility. There is no such thing as being right every time. There is no

guarantee that you will interpret the answer correctly.

I am a futures index trader. You know what indexes are. The Dow ones in

USA, The FTSE in UK, The Dax in Germany etc. My plan makes be wrong

about 3 times in 10. Or right 7 times out of 10. A lot of traders think this is an extraordinarily high win strike rate. For information about this please

email me: Michael S. Johnson

Back to being wrong with intuition.

I can do the entire exercise in 3 to 5 seconds and get an answer. Anyone

watching would see me close my eyes and take a deep breath. Nothing

unusual about that, except that I am communicating with the unknown,

asking for guidance, believing I will get it, and getting it; sometimes being wrong.

I am not 100% accurate. But I do find that, by being patient and “attuning”

myself to the casino for a while before betting, and even leaving without

betting if I don’t feel the right vibrations. I have increased the odds away

from the house and into my favor enormously.

The house advantage is often only between 2% and 9% depending on what

game or machine you are playing. So you do not have to get a huge

advantage to be a winner, all you have to do is get an advantage that favors


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At times I know I am wrong. At such times I can either reverse my decision

OR, much better, walk away. ESP can sometimes be elusive. But when it is working for you, make the most of it.

You may be tired and irritable after a hard day’s work. At such a time your

relaxation level may be totally unsuited to such a task as using alpha


On another occasion, you way have just won some money and might be in a

celebratory mood. Such mood may make you relax more than normal, and

the technique may work far better on this occasion.

But if you practice, and keep on practicing, your accuracy will get better and better. Just like riding that bike. Impossible until you can do it, then easier and easier forever. Until you do it with effortless effort.

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Do Not Chase Money

Never ever chase money if having a series of losses. Accept your loss and

walk away.

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The Crossword Puzzle Technique

Have you ever done a crossword puzzle? You probably have. Most people

have at some time. It is an excellent form of memory training as you learn

how to interpret data and remove from your subconscious mind information

that you have stored there.

You’ve probably got to the stage where you spent hours thinking out

solutions, before giving up for the day and going to bed.

Now, isn’t it amazing that if you return to the puzzle the next morning you

are “suddenly” able to do a little more? Those questions that were so

“impossible” last night are possible today. Those questions that you thought

you would never get right suddenly pop out of nowhere and you do a few

more squares.

If you are again unable to complete on this second occasion, the puzzle can

once more be put away, then returned to later, when a further set of clue

considerations give further answers.

This is also how mind powers work. If you are totally unused to using your

mind intuitively, and even skeptical of whether your mind will work for you,

in the ways I have mentioned, I recommend that you start doing jig saw

puzzles as a way to sharpen your intuition.

You are a part of the universe. You have the right to be here. Your birthright is success. It is your right to use whatever information you discover in any

way you wish. You are a hologram of the entire universe and have the right

to receive information from sources known and unknown, whether by

physical means or by intuition.

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Summary of the Intuitive Advantage

The Trigger Stage 1

Hold your hands, (or hand) fingers pointing upward as though holding an

imaginary golf ball between your fingertips, or in the palm of your hand.

Think success.

Do this many times a day until you have developed a mental trigger. Three

fingers, success.

The Trigger Stage 2

Each time you trigger your fingers, close your eyes, direct your eyes

upwards and visualize a “mental screen”, either on the inside of your eyelids or half a meter in front of you and in line with your forehead.

The Trigger Stage 3

Relax. Take a deep breath if you wish. Deep breathing is always relaxing. As

you breathe in you may use a second trigger word by “thinking” the word

“relax”, that’s all, just think it. Think the word “love” and ask the universe for permission to tap into the source of all knowledge.

The Trigger Stage 4

Direct your intelligence and mentally communicate from your conscious

mind as you think the words “I sense, I receive!” You already know what

the question is: Is it red or black? Is it odd or even? Is this man telling the truth or whatever?

The Trigger Stage 5

Then “listen” for a reply. “Look”, “listen”, “feel” or “sense” a reply and learn to interpret the symbols you receive on your sensing screen.

The Trigger Stage 6

Act. Without action you have nothing.

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Important Note 1

I have found that when using ESP, my mental pendulum and other

techniques for gambling purposes, things work better when I am not


This is why I talk to the universe before I begin a session. I put my fingers in the “Edison Position”, close my eyes, and ask the universe for the

permission to use my ESP to make my life better.

I never go out to win more than $1,000. Most times I am happy with $500,

or $100 so my wife and I can “enjoy” the best meal in the house.

I repeat the “ask permission” exercise in reverse after I have finished and I thank the universe for allowing me to use my ESP in such a way. This is

most important.

Important Note 2

Do not make yourself known in the casino. I taught a semi

friend/acquaintance how to count cards for blackjack a few years ago. He

used the basic approach “When it’s low, don’t go” and “when it’s high, reach

for the sky” together with basic count and became so efficient he felt he was

“king of the casino”. Regrettably, one day, after a big win, he was heard to

say that a croupier who made a dealing error was “brain dead”.

Casino management told him he was permanently barred from the casino

for using offensive and insulting language to a croupier. He was escorted

from the casino and told never to return.

It was partly his stupidity in being rude that had him barred. Mostly it was

his arrogance in allowing himself to be “known” as a consistent big winner.

Important Note 3

A recent newspaper article was titled “Card Sharps Banned”. A gang of

cardsharps has been banned from the Sydney Harbor Casino, after

pocketing $400,000.

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The 10-member card counting syndicate worked the blackjack tables for two

weeks and was banned after surveillance by casino security personnel.

Although banned, they do get to keep their winnings.

The article went on to say, that Casino management was tipped off recently

by Melbourne’s Crown Casino and Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast, that the card

counting ring could be making its way from interstate. They had already

been banned from both of these Casinos.

Card counting is legal but gamblers who practice are required to play from

the beginning of each deck and sometimes to bet at the minimum limit.

Card counters generally wait until the deck has been depleted, when they

are more certain of the cards to come, before placing their bet. The gang

broke the rules by having one person memorize the deck up to a point,

using hand signals to convey information to a nearby companion. The

companion would then replace the first player, placing large bets armed

with the knowledge of which cards were to come.

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Anonymity Pays

Hey, hey. If the casinos are paranoid about card counters, and they are,

imagine how they will be about winners, who use their psychic powers?

They will go bananas. So, be an unknown. Be a person who goes to the

casino once a week and walks away with a neat little reward. Don’t brag

about your powers. Don’t attract attention to yourself. Don’t try to win a

couple of hundred thousand dollars. As soon as you get into that league,

you’ll draw attention to yourself; they will find a way to ban you just like my pupil who was rude to a croupier.

I always find it surprising that casinos do their best to get high rollers into the casinos and does everything in their power to have these big players

play as much as possible, (and lose as much as possible). The casinos that

play mathematical percentages can take their hundreds of thousands off the

high rollers, and keep them. But if a card counter comes in and makes

regular income, they will ban him and the real reason is because he is

winning too much.

That’s fair? No it’s not. But they are the rules we must play by. If things are not really fair? If the advantages are stacked in favor of the house, and they always are, don’t fall overboard by rocking the boat. Play Cool. Play quietly and you will have the neatest quietest form of income ever devised and you

will have it for life. It is far, far better to collect $1,000 a week and be

anonymous, than to have a huge win and get the royal order of the boot!

The casino may well know that you are a small winner. But they won’t

bother you if you are a happy smiler.

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Look at the Mathematics

If 10,000 people a day visit a casino and the “average” loss to the casino is $45.00. (It’s usually much more) That’s $450,000.00 to the casino or $3.15

million a week. Now, they aren’t going to get upset if half a dozen players

walk away twice a week with $500.00 to $1,000.00 or even if they do it

twice in a single visit. But they will know.

Every chip at every table is accounted for. They know who wins and who

loses. They know which tables lose and what time they lose. They have

surveillance cameras that they can look at any time, as well as people

watching the tables from overhead at all times. They are in the serious

business of winning money. SO ARE YOU. So be smart. Play it cool and you

can keep on keeping on doing what you like doing best, winning.

Bet quietly. Bet discreetly. Make your $500 or $1,000. Enjoy a little of the

casino’s hospitality, and leave quietly without bragging or drawing attention to yourself. If you so much as become known as a winner to the people

around you, you will attract followers. If this happens, leave the table

immediately. Better still leave the casino. Don’t get banned. Being allowed

to play continually is just as important to your future, as using the intuitive mind power advantage technique. No point in having a technique if you

aren’t allowed to use it.

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An After Note

Sometimes the “I sense, I receive” will work when you least expect it to. I

suspect that I have my sensing mechanism so finely tuned for so long that it

was switched on all the time.

One day, I was sitting in a coffee shop, talking to a person that I knew only a little. We met on the street and decided to have a coffee. The discussion

was about how many wars are being waged in the world at any one time,

and if this figure is higher or lower than it was 50 years ago. Without

realizing, I was sensing him; I asked him “How come you got shot in the leg?”

Well, he went as white as Caspar the ghost, and said “How do you know

about that?”

“Don’t be alarmed”. I said. “I’ve trained myself to have a little psychic

awareness and I guess the subject we were talking about brought a thought

of your wound to your mind and I simply read that thought”.

“Well, I don’t like people reading my mind”, he snarled, got up and walked


Now, I’ve seen this acquaintance several times since then. He won’t speak

to me. He won’t have a coffee with me, or a discussion. Pity that, as I

enjoyed his company.

His reaction is simple. He doesn’t trust what he doesn’t understand. His

mind, on this subject, is a small closed box. He is not prepared to suspend

his disbelief and broaden the size of his box. So, he remains what he is, and will always remain so.

People distrust things that they do not understand.

Jesus used healing and love powers for the benefit of all around him. Those

who didn’t understand him brought about his downfall. You see, people feel

threatened by things they do not understand and may react, sometimes in

the most vicious ways.

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Through the ages, witches and warlocks and others branded with these

names have been put to death, simply because, in many cases, they have

used natural powers, and these powers have been misinterpreted by lesser

people who chose not to understand. People who decided a mob mentality

was preferable to a civilized mentality.

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What One Person Can Do, All People Can Do

When you have developed your powers, and you can do this now, for you

have access to the most wonderful technique available to humanity, don’t

do a lot of bragging. Just keep your own counsel, and know that you are

homo noeticus, new age man, 21st century man. Understand that what one

person can do, all people can do. You simply learned to do it sooner. You

are homo noeticus, the new age man. You have an intuitive mind power

advantage the rest of humanity will never suspect. Use it well.

Lastly, my personal wish to you: I’ve given you the power, now:

Live Long and Prosper

Michael S. Johnson

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