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Emotions from a Buddhist Perspective
Buddhists believe that emotions are what we give to a
physical state that we find to be pleasant or unpleasant
(Jayatilleke, 1976).
Our emotions are physically felt in our bodies. Whenever we
feel a good sensation we label it as pleasant and when we feel
an unpleasant sensation we label it as such.
Our idea of what constitutes a pleasant or unpleasant
sensation is based on our past experiences, which drives our
behavior in the present and eventually becomes part of our
personality (Jayatilleke, 1976).
This theory goes even further to state that we actively seek
out people, things and situations that bring up pleasant
sensations and avoid anything that arouses any kind of
unpleasant sensation within us.
In fact we become attached to anything that gives us
pleasure and will even engage in destructive behavior to
experience this pleasure.
An example of this is using drugs to feel happy or
procrastinating to avoid work. We happily do this because we
consider happiness a pleasant sensation and work an unpleasant
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