Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

How Emotions Affect Our Behavior
Emotions are triggered by a situation, object or person. Our
emotions affect our behavioral patterns and our assessment of a
situation, person or object.
According to psychologists emotions are physiological states
of arousal related to a person, situation or object and help us
survive. They believe that emotions are connected to our
beliefs, cultural backgrounds and our drives whilst also
influencing our behavior.
Evolutionary Psychologists, on the other hand, believe that
emotions are a sub program of the brain that evolved to help us
solve adaptive programs as we continued to evolve. Specific
situations, trigger specific emotions, which in turn trigger
physiological and behavioral reactions to ensure our continued
survival as a species (Cosmides & Tooby, 2000).
Ten thousand years ago our emotions helped us survive by
securing food, the number one resource we needed to be able to
survive. Today money is that resource that we need to survive
and we are still using our emotions to procure it and secure it.
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