Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

When we’re frustrated about the money we have, we make
different investment decisions and may be more risk averse,
than when we’re feeling hopeful about money.
These emotions that we feel in the present are affecting our
financial future and have the power to keep us trapped in a
financial cycle.
How could applying emotional intelligence (EQ) to your
money, help you make wiser financial decisions?
Many teachings in economics, psychology and spirituality talk
about the importance of mastering our emotions in order to
make wise decisions.
Mastering our emotions and being emotionally aware will
help us make wiser financial decisions and lead us to financial
Understanding your emotions and how they drive your
financial behavior is important and is the first step to changing
your relationship with money.
When you know how different emotions affect you, you can
teach yourself to observe them before taking any action and
reacting to them. This will ensure that you take financial action
only when you’re calm and objective, which will lead to
favorable financial outcomes.
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