Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
with Money
"How to master your emotions and
change your financial behavior"
Emotions are the link between your thoughts and your
behavior: you think a thought, you feel an emotion and then you
take an action.
The emotion you feel at any present moment is an indicator
of whether you’re thinking a good or bad thought and will let
you know, very fast, if you’re about to take an action that will
make you proud or rue the day you were born.
Being emotionally aware helps us understand our thoughts
and our limiting beliefs and helps us take the action we need to
change these thoughts and with that our actions.
Imagine this scenario: You want to make more money and
save money but find yourself thinking about your credit card
debt which makes you feel slightly frustrated.
You give into your frustration and before you know it, you
start having thoughts about being unemployed and being unable
to pay the mortgage which makes you anxious, and leaves you
depressed. The more depressed you get the less motivated you
are to make money. A month later you receive your bank
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