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How Envy Affects Your Finances
“Envy is an insult to oneself.” ~ Yevgeny Yevtushenko
We all know how nasty envy can make people, but what
other emotion can drive us to accumulate debt as fast envy can?
According to Greek medicine envy is stored in the gall
bladder and gives rise to bile. Allowing our envy to fester can
eat away at our gall bladder.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines envy as a feeling of
discontentment, resentment or longing aroused by someone
else’s fortune or luck and is characterized by displeasure in
ourselves and our possessions.
How Envy Affects behavior
Envy is an important aspect of natural selection because it
keeps competition alive, which keeps us progressing as a
species. Whenever we feel envy, we think the thought “I want”
and that usually gives rise to the question: “how can I get?” and
it’s this question that drives us to either create or destroy.
Waller (2004) argues that “competition lies at the heart of
natural selection” and that ten thousand years ago in our stone
age days we were living with our tribe and competing fiercely
against other tribes for resources. The winners got rid of the
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