Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

How to Overcome Guilt about Having Money
1. Notice when you’re giving away money out of guilt or a
desire to be like others: if you find yourself apologizing
for your wealth, hiding your wealth and pretending to be
like everyone else, you’re probably feeling guilty about
having money. Notice when you’re giving away money, not
from a place of gratitude but from a place of guilt and
pause and sit with the emotion.
2. Give yourself permission to be wealthy: use affirmations
to let your subconscious mind know that it is safe and
morally right for you to be wealthy
One affirmation I use is:
“I am worthy of all the good in this world and allow
myself to be super wealthy”
1. Question your limiting beliefs that make you feel guilty:
when we question the mind, we see the truth and as the
old saying goes: the truth shall set you free.
Sit with your guilt and observe it. Ask yourself: where
does this guilt come from and wait for the answer. The root
cause of every emotion is a thought and once you release the
thought, the emotion it causes will also be released.
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