Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

requires us to deduce and understand what others are thinking
and feeling.
So we only feel guilty about something because we have
been socially conditioned to feel guilty about it. Beuamont
(2006) states that guilt will cause us to behave in one of 3 ways:
1. Take responsibility for the perceived wrong and
show remorse by paying restitution, apologizing
and making reparations
2. Deny that we’ve done anything wrong
3. Feel shame for our behavior and also criticize
How Feeling Guilty About Having Money Affects Your
Financial Behavior
I love hip hop, but I particularly love how the majority of
hip hop stars spend the first part of their career trying to
convince everyone that they’re still the same, still ghetto, down
like that and that money and fame hasn’t changed them.
After a few years, these hip hop stars start losing their fame,
some declare bankruptcy, some get arrested and some OD. What
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