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So what is guilt?
According to Greek medicine guilt is stored in the heart and
can agitate all the other vital organs.
The Merriam Webster dictionary defines guilt as morbid self-
reproach often manifest in marked preoccupation with the moral
correctness of one’s behavior.
Guilt is closely related to shame and usually stems from a
belief that we’ve harmed or wronged others and that others
know this.
For example if you grew up in a family where money was
scarce and you suddenly start making tons of money and living
an amazing life, you could find yourself feeling guilty for the
abundance you’ve created (survivor’s guilt).
You’re also likely to feel guilty about having money and
making money if you believe that having money is going against
your tribe or your view of yourself (believing that you’re
unworthy of money).
How Guilt Affects Behavior
A study by Takahashi et al (2004) found that guilt activates
the medial pre frontal cortex and the visual cortex in the brain.
The study concluded that guilt is a self-conscious emotion that
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