Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

Fear is a good motivator and can awaken courage within
How to Overcome Fear of Your Finances
When I first discovered Buddhism and started meditating my
teacher explained that fear, depression, anxiety, envy and other
negative emotions were first invited into my body by me as
guests, but that over time I had allowed them to become master
of the house.
In a nutshell this means that we’ve trained ourselves to
react to certain objects and situations with fear. The good news
is that we can un-train ourselves.
1. Become aware of your financial fears: visualize yourself
taking charge of your finances. The subconscious mind
can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination
so when you visualize, you’ll automatically go into fear
mode because your mind will believe that you’re really
facing your fear.
Take 3 deep breaths and sit with all the emotions that come
up, notice how you may want just get up and run, sit and
observe without reacting. This simple change in behavior with
regards to your money will send a message to the amygdala and
slowly start to change your behavioral responses in reality
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