Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

But because our mind is primitive it assumes that a financial
fear is the same as fear of a wild animal and instantly goes into
survival mode.
Unfortunately this leads us to react to physiological and
psychological fears in the same way: freezing in place, running,
taking action, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, anxiety and
panic attacks (Beaumont, 2007).
And because our fears are psychological we can’t physically
fight them so the brain keeps releasing hormones into the body
until we take some kind of action. When we fail to take action,
we end up with intense anxiety, weight issues and even
How Fear of Your Money Situation Impacts Your Financial
Resulting in the following behaviors:
1. Panic attacks/ depression over money – your fear
escalates into panic as you focus on your current financial
situation. You keep thinking about what to do next and
instead of calming down your fear and anxiety escalate,
constantly triggering a physiological response (including
more hormones secreted by the brain). This leads to
anxiety, then stress or panic attacks and eventually
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