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How Fear Affects Behavior
Ekman (2003) described fear as one of the 7 universal
emotions, characterized by open mouth, open eyes, retracted
lips and raised eyebrows.
Evolutionary psychologists, Cosmides and Tooby (1997),
argue that our “modern skulls house a stone age mind”. What
this means is that even though our external environment has
evolved to the point where we can now use computers and other
modern technologies, our minds are still solving day to day
problems the same way our ancestors solved them 10,000 years
ago. We’re still hunter gatherers at mind (not just heart).
So when our brain perceives any threat, large or small it
instantly assumes that our very survival is under attack and
reacts with a flight or fight response.
The amygdala sends messages to different parts of the brain
that control breathing, motor function, autonomic responses and
hormones to get you ready to either run or fight.
The problem is that ten thousand years ago the root cause of
our fear was physiological, like facing wild animals, but as we’ve
evolved our fears have become more psychological like fear of
our finances.
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