Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

What is Emotional Intelligence with money?
Emotional intelligence with money is mastering your
emotions with money so that you can make financial decisions
from a place of peace and calm.
Incidentally that is the purpose of this book: to help you
understand your emotions, how they influence your financial
behavior and how to master them.
Emotional intelligence with money would take the following
1) Awareness of your physical body when dealing with
money: Ancient Greek and Eastern medicine believe that
different emotions are stored in different parts of the body.
These emotions manifest as ailments or sensation in the body.
For example excitement feels like butterflies in the
stomach, anxiety gives us heartburn and that sadness brings a
lump to our throats and tears to our eyes. For every emotion we
feel, there’s a physical manifestation but we’re used to ignoring
it or running from it that we don’t pay attention to it.
Paying attention to all the sensations in your body and
becoming curious enough to sit with them when you’re handing
money, thinking about money or visualizing money, will make
you aware of how money makes your body feel.
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