Introduction to Emotional Intelligence with Money HTML version

Law of Attraction: The Role of Emotions
in Manifesting Our Lives
Abraham Hicks, the leading teachers on the law of attraction
argue that your emotions are vibrational interpreters that help
you understand the physical world.
They claim that you should only take action when you’re
feeling calm, balanced and happy because taking action from a
place of fear and conflict will only lead to undesired outcome.
Because according to the law of attraction you shape your
life through your thoughts, words, emotions and actions. This is
the law of cause and effect: negative thoughts and emotions
(cause) can only create a negative outcome (effect).
You are the creator of your own reality and your external
environment is a reflection of your internal environment because
what you focus your attention on persists.
If you want to attract wealth into your life you have to focus
your thoughts on abundance, talk about abundance and take
action that attracts wealth.
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