Intro to Ebay and Sourcing Guide HTML version

Welcome, you made a great decision to purchase! I appreciate your business!
You are on your way to a great start for a new business or a jumpstart to more success in your
current business.
You will learn lots of things it took me years to figure out! We’ll start with a basic overview of
buying and selling on eBay. Lots of tips and tricks I learned along the way will be revealed. Then
once you sell some items at auction and get a little cash saved up, you can open a store and really
get going!
One of the biggest problems eBayers have is finding sources of products to sell for a profit. You
will get a comprehensive list of wholesale vendors that are happy to work with small businesses.
They have low minimum purchase requirements and accept credit or debit cards for payment.
This list goes a step further than any wholesale list I’ve seen. These are actual manufacturers, not
middlemen. Also, I have personally spoken to these reps and they will be happy to do business with
you. You get consistent information for each vendor including:
1. Who they are.
2. What they sell.
3. Their terms.
4. Contact Information.
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