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This is a truly inspirational story.
The story of MJ : a man who was determined to make it as an entrepreneur . . . the trials,
the tribulations, the setbacks . . . and finally - the glory!
The first time I read it I was captivated - there were so many similarities with my own life
(we're even the same age!) that I was amazed.
But this is more than just a story, as you will see.
It highlights important lessons for succeeding online - and it will open up new ways of
thinking. The first time I read it, I had difficulty sleeping that night - my mind was just
buzzing with the new possibilities.
Note: Although MJ has “bared his soul”, he is a private man. Therefore we have protected
his identity by calling him MJ.
How to use this
At suitable points in the story, we've interjected to highlight something important : a key
success trait or maybe a way of thinking.
At other points, we've highlighted key tools & resources you can use to 'accelerate' your
journey to becoming an Intrepreneur.