Into the Walled Garden HTML version

ma kes to throw a cigarette butt through the open hearse window,
but thinks better of it as one man looks out into his eyes.
This thin white prince walks on with pauper?s steps,
anxious to be the joking hero, desperate to be sleeping in tattooed arms.
An Asian wo man stands on the steps of her house,
quietly, simply, in a house coat, head bowed and looking away.
People look on fro m bus stops with care heavy faces.
Smocked in pink nylon and the grease of chips and battered sausages,
a pretty young girl steps back fro m the road, crosses herself
and tries to smile reassuringly.
A breeze co mes in and soothes hot brows and uncomfortable co lla rs.
Vans, signs, cars and impatient bloody drivers fade away
as the black bound bite their cheeks and blood red lips stop sobs
Walls, Come Tumbling Down
Understand my God…
For I understand yours.
I know.
Believe in my God…
For I know that mine is right.
I understand truth.
I have a book, an old book,
like yours.
I understand my book,
its mean ing, its simplicity,
whereas yours…
just words, loose words.
Some of your words are good.
Somet imes your book is like mine.
Somet imes I understand your book.
But because I am right,
because I believe,
because I understand,
what I do is justified.
Be lieve me , you too will see this.
Understand me, you too will know.
This is good.
What I say is good.
My God is good.
You see how simp le it is.
Understand my God…
I will show you.