Into the Walled Garden HTML version

sweet charity animated,
this is dislocation,
broken threads, flu x,
painless, a closing in,
numb with e xc ite ment,
and in a thirty foot swell,
doggy paddling.
The good ‘ole USA is in my head
It?s big, the word, a whole damned scream,
this sugar coated, soft-iced doughnut ring,
hanging heavy on a gold linked chain,
swaying along on Marine bro? bling,
and some soul brother, super sized
on pepper jack, mayo to go, gu m chewing,
has hijacked public broadcast radio,
WLKF-Zee is playing wall-to-wa ll Green Day,
in Pontiac twin carbs, a ll whacked up, De Ville
and paint jobs, guitar riffs in b lazing Chevrolets,
and I want to thank my cous in twice re moved,
and Pastor Bob, who?s care takes the pain away
fro m re modelling, suction, rec lin ing pool side,
hurricane shutters and bale bonds in the US of A,
and I have sports TV, man, pu mped on steroids,
yeah, fucked up yanks are robbing banks,
smacked and blitzed, hands on heads,
motherfuckers, „cos Nike rules…
…I don?t pray, and I know that there are good folk
out there, it?s just that this freakin? cement works
ma kes me want to believe in a vengeful God.
1000 Miles Per Hour
a moveable feast
of time and place ,
taken fro m any source,
any location, any writ
measured on a clock face
or by a burning candle,
rolls over land and sea