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Quick Way To Wealth: Selling Other People's Products
The quickest and easiest way to start out is by selling other people's products.
They've already been created and, providing you choose your products carefully, you can
be up, running and profitable in a very short space of time.
Longer term, once you've found a profitable area, you may consider creating your own
product to sell. But that's by no means essential when you start out.
Many people have made a full time income selling other people's products. You can too.
Before you spend time, money and effort promoting a product, it pays to investigate how
big the market is and how much competition you'll be facing.
For instance, it may seem like a good idea to sell weight loss products but you'll be
competing with everyone from Weight Watchers through to the latest miracle pill that is
advertised on direct mail shots. Whilst it is possible to make money in very competitive
markets, I personally find it a lot easier to look for smaller, narrower markets where
there's less competition.
For instance, in the weight loss market this might be people who need to slim before they
go on their beach holiday. You've then got a much more precise market to tackle. You
could do something like "Weight Loss Secrets to Drop 2 Sizes Before Your Vacation".
A lot of people start out with the idea that they can sell make money products. These can
work but again the competition is fierce. You'll be competing with some of the best
copywriters on the planet. They've got gigantic email lists, their subscribers trust them
and they will also often get offered a higher percentage for these very reasons. It's also
not easy to promote a product that will make your fortune overnight when your own story
hasn’t got to that stage yet. The lack of congruity in your story will come out in your
replies to customers, in your adverts and anything else you write to promote the product.
If you choose to promote internet marketing products, it's best to actually follow through
what the product you are promoting teaches and then write your own story. Include the
downs as well as the ups – this will make it more believable. Maybe write a blog with
your daily experiences. Then weave in affiliate links to the products you're using.
This means your choice of product is important.
Ok, you can always change your mind later (and sometimes it's a good idea to do this)
but it pays to do some research on your chosen area first.