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Internet Security- Parental Control Software
Keeping your child safe is one of the biggest challenges that parents face today. Good
communication is an excellent tool and necessary when it comes to warning your children about
dangers that they may face. However, sometimes it takes more than just good communication
when it comes to protecting your child online.
Although you can go through the process of putting your family's computer in a common room,
looking into the Facebook and Myspace accounts from time to time, and talking to your child
about the risks of posting personal information, risks still arise.
The fact is that sometimes your child will be subjected to adult material, or material that is
otherwise inappropriate for children, by mistake. There are some pornography websites
whose addresses are very close to popular websites with the same name. Sometimes, the
only difference is whether it is .net, .com. or even .gov.
One of the things that you can do to protect your child's internet security is to install parental
control software. Although it might seem extreme, a parent will do whatever it necessary to
protect their children.
So what can parental control software do?
l Create alerts. You can be notified at once through either text messages, phone calls,
or e-mails when someone in your home visits an inappropriate website.
l Time controls. These are good because you can actually set a pre-determined
amount of time that your child can spend on the Internet. Of course, when their time runs out,
they can still access other features of the computer such as word programs which they might
need for school purposes. A common complaint that parents have is that their child spends
too much time on the Internet.
l Usage Logging. With this feature, you can produce and review logs of your child's
internet activity. You can see what websites were visited, logs of Instant messaging chats,
as well as the various programs that were used during the Internet session.
l Content controls. These allow you to choose what types of content, such as
adult content, that you want your child to avoid access to.
l Program controls. Program controls control the access to certain programs such
as downloading music files or other files that could be dangerous.
l All in one solution. Look for an advance piece of software that has all its bases
covered. Email recording, Content filtering, and Keystroke logging are among the most
There are many great products available. To save you some time I have provided a link to the
software I use personally. Click here
Internet Security- Online Safety for Your Children
Every parent wants to keep their child safe. Protecting your children when they are on the Internet
is no exception to this. While you don't want to think about people harassing your child