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8. Don't post any racy or revealing photographs of yourself. This is sure to draw the wrong kind
of person-and not one that is looking for a relationship with anything serious in mind. In
addition, try to choose a screen name that isn't too revealing either.
Internet Security for Teens and Tweens- 10 Tips to Keep You Protected
There are a lot of safety risks out there for teens and tweens who use the Internet. However,
this doesn't mean that they have to stop using the 'Net. Instead, they should use good
judgment and try to make wise decisions. The following article lists some helpful tips to keep
your teen and tween's internet security protected.
1. Don' let your username say too much about you. For instance, don't make it your name and
age, like Susan16. Instead, make it something that doesn't say much about your name, age, or
sex. Keep it as neutral and vague as possible.
2. Don't ever post your social security number, driver's license number, phone number,
home address or credit card information on the internet. If a friend asks you for your number
on Myspace then either email them a private message or wait until you see them in person.
3. Don't add friends on the Internet that you don't know. People often misrepresent themselves
and pretend to be something they are not. It happens all the time and they are very good
about it. Don't think that you will know the difference.
4. Never agree to meet someone in person that you have met off of the Internet. If you are part
of a group and someone wants to get together to discuss something that sounds legitimate,
have a parent go with you and meet in a public place. Never substitute a friend for a parent.
5. If you have concerns about someone who is harassing you on the Internet, tell an
adult. Cyber stalking is being controlled these days and awareness is growing.
6. Make your profile private so that only the people you know can see your information and
7. Do some research on sites before you sign up for them. Don't just join them because
everyone else is. Learn how they work before you post anything.
8. Don't store your passwords on your computer. It can make hacking easier.
9.If you purchase something with a credit card, ensure that you are using a secure server.
This should be noticeable by a little emblem on the bottom right hand side of your screen.
10. consider not using your full name when you join a site. Not posting your last name is a great
preventive measure when it comes to Internet security.