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Internet security-Signs That Your Child's Safety Might Be Compromised
Although you do everything you can to protect your child, sometimes things get past parents
and your child's internet security protection is compromised nonetheless. So how will you
know if there is something going on with your child? The following is a list of signs to watch for
that might indicate your child is suffering from internet related concerns.
1. Your child turns off the computer the minute you walk into the room. They might have been
catting with their crush or significant other, or been been chatting with their best friend about
something that they thought should be private. Or, they could have been looking at an
inappropriate website. For this reason, you might want to invest in a tracking tool that creates
logs of your child's internet activity that you can review.
2. Your child receives standard mail or packages from people you don't know. It is possible that
they ordered something online. Ask them and then check your bank account or credit cards.
However, sometimes predators do get online and pretend to be something that they are not. In
some cases, they send their victims gifts in order to get them to become beholden to them.
Open any packages that you weren't expecting. In some cases, it is better to ask for forgiveness
than permission.
3. You find pornography on your child's computer. While it was true that growing up you might have
sneaked a look at Playboy or something similar, Internet pornography can be difficult to get a grasp
on. It is rampant and much of it is fairly different than the almost chaste images seen in Playboy.
Some of it is also “deviant” pornography that includes bestiality and even child pornography.
Therefore, the content should be monitored and communication should exist.
4. Your child becomes withdrawn. Sex offenders and other people who prey on children do
their best to upset family interactions. If your child tells them a problem that they are having at
home, the person will often try to make that problem appear larger in order to make the child
more upset at the parent or sibling in an attempt to drive a wedge through the family itself. This
is to gain more control of the child.
5. Your child spends a lot of time on the computer, especially at night. Invest in a time
control device that limits the amount of time they can spend on the internet at once.
Internet Security- Protect Your Business
Although you often want to protect your children from harmful things on the web that can
threaten their internet security, you might also be concerned about your business. There
are several types of software that be purchased in order to help protect your business.
So what can these various types of software programs offer in terms of protection?
l You can use a filtering program that in some cases can block dozens of categories at once.
You can also customize your filtering in order to choose what types of content you