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them out.
l Don't let other people access your email account. Never give someone else your
password when it comes to your email accounts. It's difficult enough for you to keep tabs on
your internet security, much less trusting other people to keep it safe.
Internet Security- Why Should You Use a Firewall?
What is a firewall and how it will protect your internet security?
A firewall is usually part of the internet router and basically works by passing traffic between
secure and insecure areas.
There are to kinds of firewalls: proxy servers and packet filters. Proxies are generally
more expensive than packet filters.
Computers are identified by IP numbers a firewall can tell if a source is legitimate by comparing
it to a set of rules that it employs. With a packet filter, the firewall won't let in sources that do
not pass the rules. It more or less stands guard over your computer and won't let things pass
through that do not adhere to its standards.
While firewalls are meant to keep things coming in, in some rare cases it can actually prevent
users from getting out as well. This can be frustrating when you are trying to visit a site that
you know is secure but for some reason your firewall has a problem with it and won't let you
access it.
If this becomes a major hindrance, you can reconfigure your firewall settings. Of course, if you
are part of an Intranet, such as at a place of business, there is little that you can do unless
you, yourself, have access to the main computer and passwords. If you do have access,
however, you can always add the site that you are trying to access as a 'safe site” so that the
firewall will let you in in the future.
You can purchase internet security programs that contain firewalls. It is best to do some
research on them first to get a good feel of what you are purchasing. Some are created superior
to others. If you get a good program, it should also come with some adware and spyware
blockers as well, and perhaps an anti-virus program. Of course, most good anti-virus programs
also come with firewalls.
Although people often bemoan firewalls and the fact that they try to keep people out of sites that
are sometimes legitimate, they can be a great way to protect your computer from harmful
attacks. If you own and operate a business and have employees accessing the internet they can
be especially helpful, too. It can be difficult to protect your internet security when you are dealing
with multiple internet users. It's hard enough being safe yourself!