Internet Security Tips and Information HTML version

On Windows, you can go to “Windows Update” under the “Start” menu it will update security
patches for you. This is necessary because holes are formed on the Internet frequently and
while you might be protected this week, that doesn't guarantee that you will be next week.
4. Protect your passwords
While it is easier to use your same password, or a variation of it, for all of your accounts, it is
safer not to do so. When forming your password, it is better to use a combination of letters
and numbers. Also, never give your password out to anyone and resist the urge to store them
on your computer. From time to time, change your password on your important accounts that
contain personal information or financial information for added internet security.
5. Install a firewall.
A firewall blocks unwanted access to your computer. Some systems, like Windows Vista,
have firewalls built into them. You can also download others.
Internet Security- Downloading Music off the Internet
Today, most people have downloaded music off of the Internet. Not only is it convenient, but it
is also fun and very inexpensive. In the past, if you liked a song you either had to wait until it
came on the radio to record it or you had to go out and buy the entire album. Not only was this
expensive, but it could be a hassle, too, if it was the only song off of the album that you wanted.
Downloading music, however, costs less than $1 per song in most cases. It also downloads
quickly and you can burn it on a CD for your home or vehicle. However, downloading music
off the internet comes with internet security risks as well.
When a peer to peer (P2P) site is used, each person's computer acts as a host for a song
or download. After installing software, a person can decide if they want to only download
from other people or let other people also get into their computer and download from them.
Obviously things like this can cause problems where internet security is concerned. By letting
other people into your computer to download music, other things on your computer are also
at risk from being taken as well. This is especially true if a good hacker gets in control of your
computer. Files might be stolen, or deleted, or a virus can get into your computer and infect it,
causing you to lose everything. Not really worth it for a couple of free songs.
There is another problem with downloading music in this way as well. Music is copyrighted.
When you download it without the artist's consent, you are basically stealing. It is punishable by
law. You have probably heard of pirated music or pirated movies before.
A common argument is that artists are already rich and downloading a couple of songs shouldn't
matter. However, it does matter. Artists, by the way, don't really make that much money off of their
CDs. For a $13 CD, some of the profit goes to the songwriter, some to the record company, some
to the musicians that played on the album, some to the distribution, and